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ATCF Ch 44 Part 2 – Students’ Savior: Dual Boot (II)

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Shen Mian said bluntly: “Someone must have reported on us.”

Teacher Qian chuckled, “Not too bad. In fact, the complaint is only about Jiang Li and Wang Simin. As for you two, I just checked it just in case and got an unexpected harvest.”

Shen Mian and Tang Rou: …

Teacher Qian’s gaze moved between Jiang Li and Wang Simin, “The two of you have good grades but violate the school rules by bringing phones to school. I could turn a blind eye to that. However, you both played games loudly late at night, seriously disturbing the sleep of other students, which was your wrongdoing.”

Wang Simin immediately countered, “The only game on my phone is Sudoku. How can there be noises! Teacher Qian, you can check if you don’t believe me.”

Teacher Qian doubted, “You want me to check your phone?” Didn’t kids these days care much about privacy?

Wang Simin was defiant, “I’m not dating or whatever anyway, so you can check my phone however you like!”

Teacher Qian: …

Hey, it’s normal for students to not date during school. Why’s this kid speaking so self-justifiedly?

Teacher Qian pondered for a moment. Then, he took out the key from his pocket, opened the drawer, and asked Wang Simin to collect her mobile phone. Wang Simin promptly unlocked the device and let the teacher check its content.

Teacher Qian’s fingers slid across the screen and found that apart from commonly used apps, there was indeed only one game, Sudoku, on the phone. He locked the screen with an expressionless face and then looked at Jiang Li. “You wouldn’t say your phone doesn’t have any games that can make noise, right?”

Jiang Li immediately gave him a thumbs up, “You’re truly insightful, sir. There isn’t a single game on my phone.” She then took her phone from the drawer and handed it over after unlocking it with her fingerprint. “Feel free to check it.”

Teacher Qian carried out another inspection and found that Jiang Li’s phone indeed didn’t have any games. However, the two folders on the phone’s home screen caught his attention. One folder was named “Second Brother Is Amazing,” and the other was “Senior Brother Is a Great Guy.” What were all these strange folders?

Teacher Qian frowned and asked, “What are these two?”

“You’ll know when you open them!” Jiang Li replied cooperatively.

Teacher Qian opened the first folder and found many documents inside. He randomly opened a few and discovered that they were either math problems or physics problems, all of competition-level difficulty, and some of the problem types were quite innovative. Then, he opened the second folder and saw numerous names of medicinal herbs, giving him an instant headache. He backed out quickly.

This young girl’s hobby was quite something; who would guess that she had such unusual interests?

“I don’t want to hold on to this junk for you. You can take it and play with it yourself!” Teacher Qian returned the phone to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li took her phone and said, “Thank you, Teacher Qian.” But in the next moment, she heard Teacher Qian say, “Before you put it in your pocket, transfer those materials to me.”

Jiang Li quietly took out her phone, opened Bluetooth, and prepared to send the physics problems.

Teacher Qian added, “Send the math problems as well. My missus teaches math, and she might find them useful.”

Jiang Li: …

The term “missus” was quite novel!

Wang Simin immediately asked, “Teacher Qian, what about my junk? Can I have it back?”

Seeing Wang Simin’s expectant look, Teacher Qian nodded with a meaningful smile. As Wang Simin’s eyes lit up, he slowly added, “But I will keep it for you until you become the top of your grade.”

Wang Simin: …

Teacher Qian shifted his gaze to Shen Mian and Tang Rou, asking, “Do you two want your phones back as well?”

Both of them shook their heads in unison, claiming that they had violated school rules and didn’t want their phones at the moment. The last thing they wanted to happen was for Teacher Qian to suddenly decide to check their phones as well!!

“Go back now. I feel annoyed seeing your faces,” Teacher Qian snorted.

Tang Rou and Shen Mian immediately turned to leave, but Jiang Li and Wang Simin didn’t move right away. They exchanged glances, appearing hesitant.

Teacher Qian raised an eyebrow. “Do you two have something else to say?”

Wang Simin nodded, “Teacher, earlier you mentioned games and such. That wasn’t just an excuse, right?”

Teacher Qian rolled his eyes. “I’m not so bored that I randomly decided to search your room.”

Wang Simin quickly countered, “But don’t you think this is strange? We occasionally use our phones to contact our families, but we absolutely don’t play games or disturb other students. There’s no reason for us to be reported!”

Teacher Qian took out a piece of paper from his desk. “This is an anonymous complaint I received.”

Wang Simin took one look and immediately said to the other three: “This handwriting’s neither Zhang Qingqing’s nor Pang Ju’s.”

Teacher Qian: …

So she wanted to identify the person who made the complaint based on the handwriting?

But since the letter was sent anonymously in the first place, wouldn’t the person forge their handwriting as well?

“This is Bai Guolin’s handwriting,” Jiang Li suddenly said.

Teacher Qian looked up at her and asked, “Are you sure?”

Jiang Li nodded, “When I was grading the homework just now, I saw his handwriting. You can compare it if you don’t believe me.”

Following her memory, Jiang Li quickly found Bai Guolin’s notebook. Teacher Qian gave Jiang Li another skeptical look as he took the notebook and began to compare the handwriting. His smile gradually froze.

“If I’m not mistaken, Bai Guolin is a male student, right?” Teacher Qian furrowed his brow.

Jiang Li nodded again, “Yes, and he’s a big guy, about 1.9 meters in height.”

Teacher Qian: …

No need to be so specific, thank you!

But again, why would a male student report people in the female dormitory? It seemed suspicious!

“Teacher, I think you should call Bai Guolin over and ask him why he wrongly accused us,” Wang Simin suggested.

“Didn’t you break the school rules?” Teacher Qian gave her a glance.

Jiang Li whispered, “We didn’t disturb his sleep.”

Teacher Qian: …

Jiang Li continued, “I think Bai Guolin must have some issues with me and Wang Simin. Maybe you could help us find out the reason, sir. He looks quite intimidating with his size.”

Teacher Qian raised an eyebrow, “You, the famous invincible Jiang Li, are afraid of a student like Bai Guolin?”

Wang Simin immediately raised her hand: “Teacher Qian, I’m quite scared.”

Teacher Qian sighed, looked at Tang Rou, and said, “Go and bring Bai Guolin to me. You can stay in the classroom and study; there’s no need to come along.”

Tang Rou immediately nodded and left the office like a gust of wind.

Three minutes later, the big guy Bai Guolin arrived at the office. He stood in front of Teacher Qian, burying his head very low.

“Stay away, you are blocking my light.” Teacher Qian said.

Bai Guolin immediately took several steps back to stand at a safe distance, still not saying a word.

Teacher Qian looked at him with a smile and asked, “I heard your sleep was being disturbed because Jiang Li and Wang Simin play games in their dormitory?”

Bai Guolin: …

“As a responsible homeroom teacher, I can’t tolerate these two troublemakers just because they have good grades, right?”

Bai Guolin: …

“Come on, tell me, do you have any grudges against them?” Teacher Qian continued to smile.

Bai Guolin was silent for a long time before he said, “They didn’t bother me, but they did affect my deskmate Zhang Qingqing. I was just standing up for her.”

“You’re lying! I never said that they disturb my studies!” The door of the office was suddenly pushed open. Zhang Qingqing, steaming with anger, rushed in like a furious rabbit.


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  1. I’m guessing Zhang Qingqing just complained to her friend, Bai Guolin, about her roommates due to her jealousy of their grades and probably because they’re well-off (at least I’m assuming Wang Simin comes from a well-to-do family). Either way, she must have complained in a way that insinuated they were preventing her from doing well in her studies, so she’s probably not completely innocent in the matter.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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