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ATCF Ch 44 Part 3 – Students’ Savior: Dual Boot (III)

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“You’re lying! I never said that they disturb my studies!” The door of the office was suddenly pushed open. Zhang Qingqing, steaming with anger, rushed in like a furious rabbit.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in class now?” Teacher Qian frowned.

Zhang Qingqing quickly said: “I was worried that he would wrong me, so I asked permission to leave. It was fortunate that I did. I didn’t expect that he would really lie about me like that!”

Although she never complained to the teacher about her roommates having phones, she had indeed chatted with her deskmate Bai Guolin and told him how she envied Jiang Li and Wang Simin because they never brought homework back and seemed to always play with their mobile phones as soon as they returned to the dorm. Wang Simin, in particular, was addicted to gaming, yet her grade was still stellar.

For Zhang Qingqing, the conversation she had with Bai Guolin was just a small talk in passing, nothing to think much about, but when Tang Hao returned to the classroom and sent Bai Guolin to the office, she instantly realized something was wrong.

Fortunately, she had come forward; otherwise, if Bai Guolin continued to stir up trouble here, she might end up worse than being unjustly accused.

In response to Zhang Qingqing’s accusations, Bai Guolin’s expression hardly changed. He looked at Teacher Qian and said, “It’s indeed what Zhang Qingqing said, or else I would never know about the situation in their dorm.”

Zhang Qingqing immediately cursed, “Fart! You’re talking nonsense!”

Teacher Qian frowned, “Language.”

Zhang Qingqing calmed down instantly and explained, “I really didn’t say that. I did mention to Bai Guolin that Jiang Li and Wang Simin had phones, but I absolutely didn’t say that I was bothered by them.”

“Whatever you said then! Just take these things as my own imagination!” Bai Guolin looked like he didn’t want to argue with her.

Zhang Qingqing was suffocated by anger. In her opinion, snitches were the worst kind of human beings; if her roommates believed she had snitched on them, how would she still fit in the school from now on?

Shen Mian glanced at Zhang Qingqing and then at Bai Guolin, completely unsure of whom to believe.

Seeing the look in Shen Mian’s eyes, Zhang Qingqing knew she was still being doubted. Taking a deep breath, she made up her mind and solemnly turned to her roommates: “I absolutely couldn’t have reported on you. I have a phone too, and I play games on it. Saying that you guys disturbed my studies is just absurd, right?”

“Oh, another windfall!” Teacher Qian suddenly chimed in.

Zhang Qingqing: …

She really didn’t want to confess, but being wrongly accused was just too uncomfortable. She couldn’t bear it!

“By the way, where did you hide your phone? Why couldn’t I find it?” Teacher Qian was curious.

Zhang Qingqing remained silent for a few seconds and said reluctantly, “In my shoes.”

Teacher Qian waved his hand and frowned in disgust.

Zhang Qingqing hurriedly added, “New shoes, really! I’ve never worn them.”

Teacher Qian sneered, “Very experienced, aren’t you?”

Zhang Qingqing hung her head in silence and didn’t try to argue. All of her experience in hiding her phone was accumulated during her junior high school years when teachers would often conduct surprise inspections in the dorm.

In fact, she couldn’t understand how Teacher Qian failed to find Jiang Li’s other phone, which was simply hidden under the blanket. It just didn’t make sense! One of her former roommates used to hide her phone inside an empty water kettle, and the teachers still found it.

“So, be honest and tell us. What really happened?” Teacher Qian returned his attention to Bai Guolin.

Bai Guolin remained silent for a few seconds and then suddenly looked up, saying, “I just dislike those two because I’m jealous of their better grades.”

Teacher Qian chuckled, “Well, then the kids in our class surely have it tough. There are a total of 66 students, and you’re jealous of 65 of them.”

Upon hearing Teacher Qin’s words, Shen Mian burst out laughing, but she hurriedly covered her mouth.

Bai Guolin:…

Seeing the boy remain stubborn, Teacher Qian turned to the girls and said, “Except for Bai Guolin, you guys can go back to the classroom. As for Zhang Qingqing, you go back to the dormitory first to get your mobile phone and hand it over to me.”

“…” Zhang Qingqing wanted to cry. She was hoping that Teacher Qian would let her go!

The girls left the office together. Once they were outside the faculty building, Zhang Qingqing finally heaved a long sigh. “I was really scared just now!”

Shen Mian immediately said, “You don’t seem like someone who’s afraid of teachers!”

“Of course I’m not afraid of the teacher. He’s an adult, even if he gets mad at us, it will be fine later. I’m just worried you guys might misunderstand me!” Zhang Qingqing still had lingering fears.

Thinking of her previous suspicion, Shen Mian felt a little guilty. She turned her gaze to Wang Simin and changed the subject. “Why didn’t Teacher Qian find any games on your phone?”

Wang Simin blinked, “Dual boot. It’s very handy.”

Shen Mian: …

Actually, her phone was also capable of dual booting, but she found it troublesome and never bothered with it.

Wang Simin explained: “My mother is very strict. If she finds out that I play games, she can nag at me for hours.”

Zhang Qingqing was incredulous, “Your grades are so good, and she still forbids you from gaming?”

Wang Simin shrugged, “In her eyes, as long as my ranking isn’t always number one, it doesn’t count.”

Zhang Qingqing sighed, “True, parents are all like that. Now, my phone is also in jeopardy. In the future, only Jiang Li will have a phone, but that’s also because of her good luck. Her phone was under the blanket and yet it wasn’t confiscated.”

Jiang Li smiled, “That’s because the teacher has already found my phone, so of course they wouldn’t think to look for a second one. If he had taken away both, I would be in a bigger problem.”

Seeing everyone looking dejected, Jiang Li comforted, “Well, since I have retrieved this spare phone, I can lend it to you once in a while.”

Zhang Qingqing immediately exclaimed with joy, “Jiang Li, you’re simply too good!”

Jiang Li turned to her and said blankly, “You must not blabber about it.”

Shen Mian quickly chimed in, “Exactly. I thought I was brainless, but it turns out you are even dumber.”

Zhang Qingqing was annoyed, “That damn Bai Guolin is too despicable. I didn’t know he was such a bastard before.”

Shen Mian also frowned, “I can’t understand why he targeted Jiang Li and Wang Simin. It doesn’t make sense!”

Jiang Li chuckled, “Why doesn’t it make sense? His dad is Bai Qiming.”

“Who’s that?” everyone asked curiously.

Jiang Li glanced at Shen Mian and asked, “If I say Assistant Bai, would it ring a bell for you?”

Shen Mian widened her eyes in disbelief, “She again? Why is she still lurking around?” She suddenly stood still, then turned and walked towards the office. “No, I have to find that scoundrel Bai Guolin and clear up this matter.”

“Well, you may go if you want. At worst, you will quarrel with Bai Guolin in front of Teacher Qian and get another demerit point.” Jiang Li reminded softly.

Shen Mian: …

N-no way it would be that serious… right??


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  1. I had to go back, but it’s Assistant Bai who worked for the Jiang family, right? Is it on the orders of the scum dad or what, did I forget Jiang Xiao Li(‘s family) doing something against him?

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