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ATCF Ch 51 Part 1 – Entrance Test (I)

Under the expectant gaze of her homeroom teacher and classmates, Jiang Li’s role as the class mascot…no, guardian beast was quickly finalized. Her reason for not wanting to hold any committee office was to avoid hassle, but since Teacher Qian personally promised that Qin Zheng, the vice class president, would handle all day-to-day work, she felt it was not a big deal.

Qin Zheng glanced at Jiang Li, then at Teacher Qian. He sighed, resignedly accepting the outcome, despite initially thought to have it easy for at least a year.

With Jiang Li becoming the class president, the position of academic committee member became vacant. Based on the votes of the classmates, Pang Ju was elected as the new committee member.

This result left Pang Ju bewildered. “Why choose me?” She couldn’t help asking. Back when she was still attending a county town junior high, she had consistently ranked first in her grade, so being the academic committee member was a natural choice. But since entering Minjiang First, she found many her classmates were more capable than her. She lacked any outstanding talents and was only ranked fifteenth in her class, making her quite average overall.

“Your classmates said you have the best study attitude in the class. When someone asks you questions, you’re always patient. Plus, you would have been in the top ten of your grade if not for losing ten points in PE during the entrance examination.” Teacher Qian explained with a kind smile. The election was anonymous, but he had asked every student to write down their reasons for voting, so he could explain thoroughly to Pang Ju.

Pang Ju was still confused. She didn’t think there was anything special about her study habits, and helping fellow classmates with questions was nothing new for her. However, since her classmates chose her and Teacher Qian had no objections, she accepted the role of academic committee member.

After Pang Ju expressed no objections, Teacher Qian continued to announce the election results. Wang Simin was elected as the youth league committee member, and Shen Mian as the art and literature committee member, both of which Jiang Li had expected.

However, everyone was surprised when Zhang Qingqing was elected as the sports committee member, and with a significant number of votes at that.

Zhang Qingqing herself was taken aback. She had given up hope of getting elected for any role in this term, but unexpectedly, she became the sports committee member.

Teacher Qian seriously read out the students’ voting reasons, saying that everyone thought Zhang Qingqing looked like a delicate girl. If she were to take lead during exercises, then the physical fitness of their class would surely improve significantly.

Zhang Qingqing was on the verge of tears, feeling bitter of the result, but didn’t know how to refuse without giving an impression of being ungrateful. Since she had no way to refuse, then… she should just take it!

Jiang Li looked at Zhang Qingqing sympathetically, suddenly feeling that being a hands-off guardian beast wasn’t so bad.

After the class meeting ended and Teacher Qian left the classroom, a group of boys in the back started to make noise.

“Qingqing, see how good your pals are? We promised to make you a class officer, and we made it happen.”

“Yeah, yeah. We were originally going to vote for Bai Guolin, but that guy turned out to be a coward who bullies girls and ran away after getting beaten. You’re way better than him.”

“Exactly, but you can’t skip PE classes from now on, or the PE teacher will definitely notice.”

“You guys were the ones behind this?” Zhang Qingqing was shocked. Her outgoing personality made her popular with the boys since childhood, and she continued this trend in high school. Initially, she did want to be a class officer and even tried to campaign for herself. But when she saw Qin Zheng was more capable, she gave up. Unexpectedly, these mischievous boys voted for her as the sports committee member!

The group of boys burst into laughter. If students from other classes happened to pass by and saw this scene, they would probably doubt whether this was really the prestigious talent class or just a group of rabble.

“Class President, aren’t you going to do something about them?” Zhang Qingqing looked at Jiang Li with pleading eyes.

Jiang Li was still not used to being addressed as “Class President.” It took her a couple of seconds to realize that Zhang Qingqing was referring to her. Without even looking up from her textbook, she casually pointed in Qin Zheng’s direction, “You should talk to the Vice President about this. He’s better at managing people. I’m just the class guardian beast, only responsible for maintaining order through force.”

“…!!!” Zhang Qingqing wanted to scream in frustration. No solidarity or classmate love at all! Her voting for Jiang Li had been wasted — wasted so thoroughly!

Because of Jiang Huai’s phone call, Jiang Ruo rushed out of the school late at night, but once she was outside, she had no idea where to go. She aimlessly walked along the streets until her legs went numb, and then she found herself at the gate of Minjiang First High School.

Jiang Ruo furrowed her brows, not even understanding why she subconsciously came here. She had been to this place before, with Qin Zheng, to get familiar with the school they would attend in the future. But in just a few months, her life had changed drastically, turning what once was a sweet memory into what felt like a vague, distant dream.

Jiang Ruo walked towards the school gate, crouching down in front of the high wall. Hugging her knees, she lost in thought. She didn’t want to see or talk to anyone; she just wanted to be alone with her thoughts.

When a security guard from the school came out for a smoke and saw a teenager crouched at the gate, he naturally went over to check.

At first, Jiang Ruo didn’t want to talk, but after being asked repeatedly, she finally said in annoyance, “I’m not a student here, you don’t need to worry about me.”

“…” The security guard scratched his head in a dilemma. He could tell the girl wasn’t from this school because she was wearing the uniform of Minjiang International School. He guessed she might have had a conflict with her parents or classmates and ran out on her own. It’s normal for kids to throw a tantrum, but it’s not safe for a girl to be out alone at night!

Noticing the girl’s unstable mood, the security guard retreated to the school gate, but discreetly kept an eye on her, ensuring no one with ill intentions approached. Even though she wasn’t a student from his school, his conscience didn’t allow him to turn a blind eye. If something happened to the girl while he was on duty, he couldn’t escape the blame either!

Jiang Ruo couldn’t remember how long she had been sitting there, but when she vaguely saw a pair of familiar shoes, she instinctively looked up and met Jiang Zhou’s concerned eyes.

She was shocked, “B-brother? How… how did you know…?”

Jiang Zhou extended his hand and pulled Jiang Ruo up by her arm, “You didn’t return to the dormitory tonight, and you didn’t answer your roommates’ calls. They were worried something happened to you and contacted me.”

Having crouched for too long, Jiang Ruo’s legs were numb, and she instinctively leaned on Jiang Zhou, “Then… how did you know I was here?” Her expression was somewhat guilty.


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