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MSRV Ch 121 – The Person He Asks for Forgiveness Is No Longer Here

The next day, under Wenwen’s eager anticipation, the time to depart finally arrived. The little guy could not contain his excitement and had been pacing back and forth in the living room.

Fu Yunruo first asked Uncle Guo if he wanted to join the trip, but he decided to stay back, considering he hadn’t tended to his beloved flowers for a while. With Wenwen and Si Yue safe, he felt relieved and preferred to spend his time with his orchids.

As for Yuan Xin and Tiantian, they had no time. With Wenwen’s rising fame and Si Yue’s ongoing popularity, Yuan Xin was swamped with work, which gave him both satisfaction and pain. Similarly, Fu Yunruo’s fame, reignited by her association with Wenwen and Si Yue, kept Tiantian and her studio staff extremely busy.

In the end, only Fu Yunruo, Wenwen, and Si Yue were set to go.

“Mom, are you ready yet?” Wenwen asked impatiently from time to time.

Although Si Yue had said there was no need to bring anything, Fu Yunruo still packed some personal clothes and items she thought would be necessary. She thought she was only packing a little, but it still ended up filling two large suitcases. She wanted to lighten the load, but couldn’t decide what to remove, feeling everything was necessary. Eventually, she decided not to reduce anything.

Just before leaving, Si Yue suddenly asked Fu Yunruo, “Chairman Fu wants to meet you. Would you like to see him?”

Fu Zonghong, with his connections and social circle, could certainly find out where they lived and had reached out for a meeting. Si Yue knew Fu Yunruo was always reluctant to deal with people like Chang Zhuyou, Fang Wanping, and Fang Xueruo, so he directly refused them. However, Chairman Fu was a different case, so Si Yue didn’t make a decision without consulting Fu Yunruo first.

They were going abroad for at least half a month, maybe even longer, so Si Yue suggested meeting Fu Zonghong right away if Fu Yunruo was willing. If not, they could simply avoid him.

“No…” Fu Yunruo’s first reaction was to refuse, but then she remembered that since Fang Xueruo’s arrest, Fu Zonghong hadn’t tried to help, and had even divorced Fang Wanping. She wasn’t sure if his decision to divorce was related to her. After all, in her perception, Fang Wanping and her daughter held a more important place in his heart than ‘Fu Yunruo.’

“Alright, let’s meet him.” After hesitating, Fu Yunruo changed her mind.

So, Si Yue prepared to take Fu Yunruo to the meeting.

Wenwen, who had overheard the conversation, quickly interjected, “I want to go too!”

Fu Yunruo gently patted his head, “Wenwen, can you stay here and watch our luggage for Mom?”

Wenwen, clearly displeased, insisted, “I’ll take you, and Uncle Si Yue can stay home to watch the luggage.” Saying so, he ran up and grabbed Fu Yunruo’s hand, determined to accompany her.

Si Yue: “…” The little rascal was becoming less and less cute.

Unable to resist Wenwen’s cute plea, Fu Yunruo eventually agreed to take him along. However, before arriving at the meeting place, she told the boy to stay with Si Yue at a different location, planning to meet alone.

They arranged to meet in a summer pavilion not far from the villa. Just one day had passed, but Fu Zonghong seemed to have aged significantly, his old age evident with more wrinkles on his face and more white hair. When he saw Fu Yunruo approaching, he opened his mouth but was at a loss for words. For the past 20 years, their father-daughter relationship had always been the worst, often resulting in shouting matches whenever they met. Now, facing each other, they found themselves in an awkward silence.

Fu Zonghong was filled with guilt and self-reproach. He could blame no one but himself for neglecting his daughter over the years, leading to her suffering. He couldn’t understand how he could have ignored her disappearance for years as if he had forgotten he had a daughter. No matter the reason, he realized his neglect was inexcusable.

Finally, Fu Yunruo was the one to break the silence. “What did you want to see me for?”

Fu Zonghong remained silent, his gaze fixed on Fu Yunruo, as if he had much to say but couldn’t find the words.

Fu Yunruo calmly stated, “If there’s nothing, then I’ll be leaving.” She turned and began to walk away.

Fu Zonghong hurriedly called out to her, “Yunruo!” He opened his mouth, finally speaking in a low voice, “Ruoruo… I was wrong in the past, I made mistakes. Can you forgive me?”

“Will you still recognize me as your father?”

Fu Yunruo paused in her steps. What would the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ have felt hearing this apology? Would she have forgiven him? Or had her heart grown cold and indifferent? Unfortunately, she was not the original and couldn’t know her feelings. In the end, she simply said, “The person who had the right to forgive or not forgive you is no longer here.”

With that, Fu Yunruo walked away, leaving Fu Zonghong bent over slightly, weighed down by his guilt…

Walking away, Fu Yunruo saw two figures, one big and one small, squatting by the roadside and glaring at each other. Her mood, previously a bit heavy, instantly lightened.

As they noticed Fu Yunruo approaching, Wenwen was the first to run over with his short legs, calling out sweetly, “Mom!”

Si Yue stood up and walked towards her at a leisurely pace.

Fu Yunruo smiled and bent down to pick up her little treasure.

“Let’s go, time to depart!”

Si Yue observed Fu Yunruo carefully, noting that her mood didn’t seem too affected, which relieved him.

Wenwen, with one arm around Fu Yunruo’s neck, waved his other hand grandly, “Depart!”

The group boarded a car to the airport, where they got into a private jet. It was Fu Yunruo’s first time on a private plane, and she found it quite fascinating.

This private jet wasn’t like the small ones seen on TV that seat only two or three people. It was spacious inside, exuding a sense of low-key luxury, and seemingly had everything, including a bedroom with a fixed bed and a comfortable-looking sofa in the main area. The array of beverages and pastries was rich and fully stocked, and the flight was smooth and quiet. If not for the clouds outside the window, it would be easy to forget they were flying high in the sky.

Besides the three of them and the pilot, there were several bodyguards on board, stationed in a separate cabin at the back, and would not come forward unless summoned.

After sitting for a while, Fu Yunruo asked Wenwen, who was full of energy, “Do you want to take a nap?” Si Yue had mentioned that it would take about five hours to reach their destination, and sitting idle for so long could be boring.

Wenwen shook his head, “Not sleepy.”

Si Yue, seemingly out of nowhere, produced a deck of playing cards. “How about we play some Fight the Landlord?”

Fu Yunruo was interested, as it seemed better than just sitting and snacking. But the game required three players. Could Wenwen actually play? Fu Yunruo looked down and saw the child’s eager expression. He quickly responded, “Play!”

He was ready to showcase his skills… Well, to join forces with his mom and dominate the game! He was great at ‘Fight the Landlord’, haha!

Fu Yunruo was skeptical, “Do you know how to play?” She didn’t recall ever teaching Wenwen the game.

“I do!” Wenwen replied confidently.

“Who taught you?”

“Uh…” Wenwen’s eyes darted around as he internally apologized and then assertively said, “Uncle Yuan taught me.”

Fu Yunruo was doubtful, but Wenwen was already excited to start. He was determined to beat Si Yue thoroughly!

So Si Yue began dealing the cards.

Wenwen’s eyes gleamed, “There should be a reward for winning and a punishment for losing!”

Si Yue looked at him, “What kind of reward? What punishment?”

“The person who loses the most has to shout ‘I’m a big silly pig’ as many times as they lost.” Imagining Si Yue undergoing the punishment, Wenwen laughed triumphantly inside.

Fu Yunruo had only played ‘Fight the Landlord’ during her school days and hadn’t touched it for years, even forgetting some of the rules. She hesitated, feeling sure she would lose.

Si Yue glanced at the smug little boy and shrugged, “Okay.”

Wenwen then turned to Fu Yunruo, his eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Fu Yunruo could clearly see the little guy was up to no good and was determined to embarrass Si Yue. But where did he get the confidence that he would win? In the end, Fu Yunruo agreed, curious to see just how skilled the little rascal was.

Seeing his mother agree, Wenwen beamed with joy. Then, picking up his cards and seeing his hand, he smiled even more broadly. When he saw that Si Yue was the landlord, his happiness doubled.

He and his mom were sure to win!


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