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ATCF Ch 57 Part 2 – Jiang Xiao Li’s Brand Scarf (II)

Jiang Li found it strange that her grandfather didn’t brag about the scarf on his social media as usual, but on second thought, she guessed that maybe he did post it, but he had excluded her from seeing it.

After returning to school, Jiang Li started focusing on her studies again and stopped thinking about the scarf matter.

What Jiang Li didn’t know was that Old Master Feng really hadn’t posted about the scarf in his Moments this time. Instead, he wore the scarf and went on visiting his friends one by one, ‘casually’ showing off the scarf to them. After successfully collecting envious and resentful looks from the bunch of old men, he returned home fully contented.

Back home, seeing his old father about to show off his scarf again, Professor Feng preempted him by saying, “Xiao Jiang Li is indeed thoughtful and filial. The scarf is also very beautiful. I, as her uncle, do not have such a fortune.”

Old Master Feng glared, “Are you really her uncle?”

Professor Feng: …

Old Master Feng snorted, “Do you know how much time and effort it took to knit a scarf like this? And you, a professor, still wish for a high school student to knit you one? Even black-hearted capitalists aren’t as exploitative as you.”

“…” Professor Feng sighed helplessly. His old father was clearly in the mood to show off. He thought a preemptive compliment would make him happy, but it backfired!

Professor Tan burst into laughter. Looking at her husband, she teased, “If you want a scarf, ask your two sons. I remember Xiao Bai used to love handicrafts.”

Professor Feng quickly changed the subject, “Spare me. If he made one, I couldn’t wear it out.”

Old Master Feng immediately said, “True, not everyone is as skillful and thoughtful as Xiao Jiang Li.”

Professor Feng: “…” Maybe he really shouldn’t have spoken today.

Seeing her husband deflated, Professor Tan was in a good mood. She served Old Master Feng a meatball, smiling, “Xiao Song and Xiao Bai indeed are a bit thoughtless, not even coming home even on the weekend. I’ll give them a call later.”

Hearing his daughter-in-law say this, Old Master Feng suddenly felt a bit embarrassed. He bit the meatball and mumbled, “They are both in their third year of university; they’re probably busy.”

Professor Feng smiled, “Being busy is good. They probably won’t be clueless about their future during their senior year.”

Old Master Feng nodded, “That’s true. Everyone is so busy, only I have nothing to do. I’m used to it.”

Professor Feng: …

Alright, it’s confirmed. Today was not his day to speak.

After dinner, Professor Feng and Professor Tan went back to their room. As soon as they were alone, he couldn’t help but ask his wife, “Does Dad have something against me?”

Professor Tan tilted her head, “Isn’t it a given? As his son, you are not as thoughtful as a child like Xiao Jiang Li.”

Professor Feng laughed helplessly, “Xiao Jiang Li is a girl. They say girls are their parents’ cotton-padded little jackets, but how could I be as considerate as her?”

Professor Tan rolled her eyes, “Who said girls should naturally be more considerate? It’s because you men don’t care about the people around you and still find a bunch of excuses, spoiling you guys!”

Although Professor Feng could sometimes be obtuse, he knew better than to argue with his wife on this topic. He hugged Professor Tan, resting his chin on her head, “You’re absolutely right, my dear. I didn’t see things clearly before. I’m deeply reflecting on myself now.”

Professor Tan: …

This man always admits his mistakes quickly, but she has never seen him actually change!

Well, forget it. She, a lovely little angel, shouldn’t bother arguing with an uncouth man!

When Tong Yi received the package, he couldn’t help but wonder: Jiang Xiao Li really kept her word and sent him something, but what did she send?

Curious, he quickly opened the package, only to be stunned to see the brown-grey scarf inside. Jiang Xiao Li had mentioned she would give him a surprise, and while he had been looking forward to it, he had never imagined that the surprise would be a scarf.

Tong Yi picked up the scarf and noticed a small card underneath with familiar handwriting: “Take good care of yourself, Big Nephew. Eat well, sleep well, and stop being a night owl.”

Holding the scarf, he could tell from the uneven stitches that it was likely hand-knitted. Did Jiang Xiao Li knit this herself?

Tong Yi picked up his phone to dial Jiang Li’s number, but she quickly hung up and then sent a message: [Big Nephew, did you forget about the time difference?]

He immediately replied: [I didn’t forget, just received the scarf you knitted by hand, wanted to say thank you.]

After sending this message, Tong Yi’s heartbeat inexplicably quickened, but he had no idea why he was feeling nervous.

[Yep, it took me quite a lot of time, so even if you think it’s ugly, you’re not allowed to say it.]

Tong Yi: …

How could he find it ugly? It was incredibly cute.

[The scarf looks great, goodnight.]

After sending the last message, Tong Yi put away his phone, knowing well that Jiang Li had no habit of staying up late and wouldn’t accompany him to chat overnight.

The next day, Tong Yi wore the scarf Jiang Li sent him to class, attracting curious glances from his classmates, but he ignored them all. His deskmate, however, couldn’t help but ask after looking at him several times, “The air conditioning is on, it shouldn’t be cold enough to wear a scarf, right?”

Tong Yi lifted his eyelashes slightly, “Where I come from, everyone has started wearing scarves.”

“Does that have anything to do with you wearing one?”

Tong Yi nodded seriously, “I’ve just arrived here and decided to follow the customs of my hometown. The actual temperature doesn’t matter.”

“…” The classmate was speechless. Tong Yi had been here for almost half a year, and now he was talking about acclimating, plus saying the actual temperature doesn’t matter. Is he sure he isn’t here to make jokes?

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl sitting in front of Tong Yi turned around and sincerely commented, “That scarf doesn’t look very nice. If you like wearing scarves, I can give you a better-looking one.”

Tong Yi looked at her expressionlessly, “My little sister knitted this by hand. You’re saying it’s not nice?”

The girl immediately corrected herself, “Your sister has a unique way of knitting scarves. Does she like doing crafts? Can I meet her?”

Tong Yi gave a half-smile, “You can meet her, but she doesn’t like crafts. Her favorite hobby is practicing martial arts. Would you like to be her punching bag?”

The girl: …

This Chinese guy is excellent in many aspects but incredibly hard to pursue. Worst of all, he’s also a conversation killer and likes to make others speechless.

Still, she decided to keep trying, changing the topic, “Your sister is so violent, why don’t you control her?”

Tong Yi loosened the scarf to let the cool breeze into his sweat-soaked neck. As he did so, he responded to the girl, “As long as she is happy. I’m a sister complex.”

The girl: …

Never mind! She suddenly thought the boy she met last week wasn’t bad either, and he was much cuter than this Chinese guy.

Tong Yi completely ignored the girl’s resentful gaze. He loosened the scarf again and began pondering the competition problems Jiang Xiao Li had sent him.

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