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GNU Ch 143 Part 3 – Sincerity (III)

Indescribable emotions surged within Li Chengjing’s heart, and he said helplessly, “You are comparing me to Cheng Yuanxian again?”

“Your Highness is an astute nobleman with a deep mind and tactic. Of course my father is not worthy of being compared with you.” Cheng Yujin’s eyes were still wet with tears, but her tone was aggressive, “Your Highness is now framed by a villain and has been restricted in the Eastern Palace as a result. Naturally, the court officials are worried and feel injustice for you. At this moment, Your Highness should stand in line with the wish of the people to set things right, get rid of traitorous villains, and restore peace and order. Your next step is extremely critical, so of course you need as much reliable help as you can get. It’s best if you can obtain a powerful ally, and a perfect one just happens to deliver themselves to your door. Your Highness has been planning carefully for so long, so how can you hesitate at the last moment? By accepting General Dong’s beloved daughter as your side consort, you will obtain both a powerful general and a beautiful girl who is deeply infatuated with you. This will benefit both the Eastern Palace and the Dong father and daughter, so there is no need for Your Highness to hesitate, no? As for me, I already have Mingyue and Mingqian, so Your Highness no longer has to worry about the lineage issue of your eldest son. As the Crown Princess, I should take the overall situation into account and support Your Highness’s cause unconditionally. Rest assured, I will never be your hindrance.”

“I never have the intention of taking a concubine.” Li Chengjing finally realized that Cheng Yujin was angry and trying to avoid the topic. “Calm down first, okay? Taking a side consort is just a suggestion from an aide, and I have already rejected it. That palace maid only listened to the first half of the conversation and hastily passed you the wrong information.”

“If you never express such an intent to your staff, would they dare make such a suggestion?” Cheng Yujin dismissed Li Chengjing’s explanation as a mere excuse. The accusation in her angry eyes was so sharp, as if she wanted to cut him into pieces, “So it turns out that you secretly have this intention? What else do you want? Marrying another woman, but still want me to be devoted to you? Worried that I would disagree, you took the chance to accuse me of not caring about you and have never trusted you. Your behavior is even worse than Cheng Yuanxian’s!”

Li Chengjing found that he couldn’t communicate with Cheng Yujin in her current state, so he sighed and simply said, “I don’t want to argue with you. Let’s talk about it later after you calm down.”

“Reasonable is reasonable, and unreasonable is unreasonable. What does Your Highness mean by do not want to argue with me? Do you think I am making a fuss over nothing?”

Li Chengjing was stifled so thoroughly that he completely lost his words. He used to watch as Huo Changyuan was scolded by Cheng Yujin, but never expected that the day would come when he stood by the receiving end of her scolding.

Li Chengjing finally realized the feelings of Ruan-shi, Huo Xue-shi, Huo Changyuan and others when they faced Cheng Yujin’s tongue. This girl was too superb with her words and had the ability to render her opponents truly speechless. Anything he said would come back biting at him, but staying silent was not an option either. Li Chengjing completely gave up reasoning. Instead, he reached out and pulled Cheng Yujin into his embrace as he spoke to her softly, “Alright, whatever you say is correct. I cannot argue with you. But the matter of concubines is totally wronging me. Listen until I finish first before you scold me again, okay?”

“Let me go!” Cheng Yujin was in a fit of rage, and Li Chengjing’s sudden hug poured oil into the burning flame. “Don’t touch me, and don’t you dare use sophistry to change the topic!”

Hearing this, Li Chengjing finally got really angry. He picked Cheng Yujin and put her on the desk, then clasped her chin and kissed her hard. Cheng Yujin was halfway speaking when her lips were suddenly blocked. She was shocked beyond words. Li Chengjing was always very gentle with her and had never forced her like this. Facing his strong pressure, Cheng Yujin couldn’t do anything and was completely helpless. Air kept going out of her lungs, and as Cheng Yujin gradually found it hard to breathe, she started hitting Li Chengjing’s shoulders with her hands.

After Li Chengjing finally let her go, both of them were breathing heavily. Only then did Cheng Yujin realize that she was lying flat on the desk. The study was totally messy now, with the scrolls and such that were originally on the desk having fallen to the floor at some point. Cheng Yujin touched the corner of her lips, which had been bitten during their intense struggle just now, and looked around as the absurdity of the situation slowly came to her. In a hurry to restore her demeanor, she was about to get off the desk, but was stopped by Li Chengjing. Li Chengjing put his arms on her sides, completely blocking her way out. Anxious, Cheng Yujin tried to push him away, “Get out of the way. What if someone comes in?”

“No one will enter.” Li Chengjing did not budge an inch. The servants, upon hearing the noises in the study, had long since withdrawn. Although what actually happened was different from their thoughts, there should be no one in the hall at this moment. If Li Chengjing wanted to do something tangible now, he totally could.

As he blocked Cheng Yujin’s way out, Li Chengjing said sternly to her, “Let’s finish our conversation first, and don’t make me force you, okay?”

Cheng Yujin pushed Li Chengjing’s hands angrily, “It’s still broad daylight outside. What do you think you are doing?”


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7 thoughts on “GNU Ch 143 Part 3 – Sincerity (III)”

  1. I love they are letting this air out and hope they resolve it quickly. I also like how realistic it is to her character – when a rational person encounters an emotional trigger they can go ballistic out of nowhere (spoken from experience as a generally rational person).

  2. Blah, I’m disappointed in Cheng Yujin’s character growth. What happened to the awesome independent female heroine who schemed to control her own destiny? Now she’s just some mother of two in the harem whose response to her husband taking a concubine is passive aggressive sulking. Totally lame, and the only thing worse is this borderline rapey domestic violence stuff that we’re maybe supposed to think is “spicy”

    1. No no… This is a development for certain. In the past sge was extremely pragmatic n distant like a celestial beings n nothing could disturb her calmness. She was always level headed because she had no feelings nor affection to anyone for the sake of protecting her heart from getting hurt.
      One can only be completely rational if one is not emotionally involved.
      This outburst is only possible because she fell in love with him. She understands the fact n knows that accepting Miss Dong at this time is not unreasonable thing n she shouldn’t be mad at him.
      Whatever he chose she is not supposed tto be mad, because she should be a perfect supportive wife for him.
      But she just can’t help it for now she is a true spouse to him at heart n not just a crown princess.
      She is angry because she now cares.
      She was never mad n always cool before because she didn’t care.
      This emotional outburst is important for them to make them realise that they had taken the step a level higher in their relationship.
      Li Chengjin also needs this fight to understand that they r now no longer just the perfect couple crown prince n crown princess but a husband n wife in a true meaning.
      He had to know that his dissatisfaction no longer need to exist.
      About your remark regarding violence, hmm…
      I don’t thing this one can be taken as one.
      He only block her way by holding her to prevent her from leaving with anger without giving him a chance to explain properly.
      He actually wanted to leave first for her to calm down but she retorted him with fury so he just had to stop her again.
      You know, there is a saying that a couple should not go to sleep without resolving their dispute, because it could endanger their state of mind and would make the distance grow bigger, the problem would sink in deeper. And running away to leave at that point is also not a good move, because the misunderstanding will even grow more.
      So they just have to face it n solve the issues.
      He didn’t hurt her at all, he only tried to restrain her so that she didn’t go.
      About the kisses, I think he only did it impulsively to stop her spouting nonsense but sounds logical that makes him speechless. He wants her to stop talking first so that he can finally talk.
      You should remember the point when he subconsciously release his hold automatically when he saw her tears started to pool up in her eyes even if it did not fall yet.
      That shows how he cared about her and would never hurt her.
      It’s a subconscious move, body reflex, such reflex can only happen when her wellbeing is an utmost important in his mind.
      She just didn’t notice it out of fury.
      However he had been deeply in love with her since the very beginning and patiently worked hard to open her heart, waiting for her love…
      So his anger n outburst now is somehow also understandable. He is just a human being afterall.

  3. It kinda feel sad that the first time that they have genuine argument, she feels really on the backfoot when it comes to her point because his fault in this situation is expecting passion and love from someone who has been very logical and benefits-based but her argument is that she assumes he eluded to wanting a concubine somehow and that’s how his aide suggested it when it in fact that was suggested multiple times from different people in way worse political situations and he has said no every time which makes most people would assume he’ll say no again which kinda shows she’s starting to develop actual feelings which makes her more illogical but I do find it unfortunate that their first argument wasn’t on equal foot when it comes to their point.

  4. I hope they clear the air and not make their misunderstanding build up, that would be disastrous to their relationship. Thank you for the update!

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