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GNU Ch 123 Part 2 – Morning Sickness (II)

After a while, the Xu family also came to greet Cheng Yujin. Guests sitting at the same table as Cheng Yujin were all from the family close to the Eastern Palace, including the Cheng family and the Xu family, who was also Shu Consort’s natal family. After Eldest Madam Xu and Cheng Min greeted Cheng Yujin, they carefully sat on their seats.

Trying to make a conversation with Cheng Yujin, Eldest Madam Xu said, “Crown Princess looks so good today.”

Cheng Yujin smiled in response, “Thank you for your kind words, Eldest Madam Xu.”

Although Eldest Madam Xu had the intention to please Cheng Yujin, she did not flatter without basis. Cheng Yujin’s complexion was indeed very good today. With a festive red dress, she looked very bright and radiant.

Eldest Madam Xu’s purpose was to start a conversation with the Crown Princess. But when she saw Cheng Yujin’s appearance, she couldn’t help but be a little envious. Today was supposed to be Dou Xiyin’s wedding day, the greatest day of a woman’s life. Even so, Shou Wangfei in her grand wedding dress was not even half as bright as the Crown Princess.

The topic gradually turned to household gossip. Someone mentioned Marchioness Jingyong, of which Cheng Yujin shook her head and said: “I haven’t seen her today. Maybe she is talking with other guests somewhere.”

Even though she was the Crown Princess’ younger sister, Cheng Yumo’s status was not high enough to sit at the main table. However, today’s banquet was a large one, yet Cheng Yumo didn’t even come to greet Cheng Yujin. Did she expect the Crown Princess to take the initiative to talk to her? Cheng Min sighed inwardly. Shaking her head, she stopped mentioning Cheng Yumo again.

During this time, it was said that the relationship between Cheng Yumo and her mother-in-law became even more tense. It had been almost two years since Cheng Yumo married into the Huo family, but she had no signs of pregnancy since the miscarriage. Any family would be anxious, let alone someone with Huo Xue-shi’s temperament?

While the guests chatted, the servants began to serve the food and drink. Like a peacock with open tails, Yang Yan came to Cheng Yujin’s seat. She was very showy throughout the wedding banquet, and her laughter could be heard from a distance. “This subject wife has been negligent in entertaining the Crown Princess. Hope that Crown Princess doesn’t blame.”

At this moment, Cheng Yujin was raising her chopsticks, making a token gesture amidst her lack of appetite. Hearing Yang Yan’s voice, she put down her chopsticks and turned to the smiling woman, “Madam Dou is too polite. This Palace is here to attend the second brother’s wedding banquet. Since This Palace is not an outsider, why the need for entertaining?”

Yang Yan choked in place and couldn’t find her words for a while. Yang Yan’s mind was not as deep as other madams of the high-ranking families, and she was also extremely proud today. How could she not? After almost eight years of waiting, her daughter finally became the princess consort as she wished. Yang Yan was naturally elated. Today, in her capacity as the mother-in-law, Yang Yan didn’t preside over the banquet on the Dou family’s side, but instead went with the bride to Shou Wang Manor to take care of the banquet under the pretext of the lack of an elder in charge on the groom’s side.

The parents of the groom were the Emperor and Empress. Even if their son was getting married, they couldn’t go out of the palace to visit the Shou Wang Manor in person. Even so, in this kind of situation, a trusted Mama by Empress Yang’s side would come over to preside over the situation. As the mother of the bride, there was definitely no reason for Yang Yan to come to Shou Wang Manor during the wedding day, let alone for her to act like the hostess.

But Yang Yan didn’t seem to notice the guests’ disdainful gazes at all. She was very proud today. Especially when she saw the people of the Yichun Marquis Manor, she couldn’t help but come up and show off. Yang Yan stayed at Cheng Yujin’s table for a long time, bragging about how much Empress Yang valued Dou Xiyin and how rich her daughter’s dowry was.

On the main seat, Cheng Yujin just smiled and nodded in response, not being cold nor enthusiastic. When Yang Yan was finally satisfied, she quickly departed for the other tables like a proud peacock. After she left, Eldest Madam Xu couldn’t help but say in a low voice: “Madam Dou is very enthusiastic today. But she, as the mother of the bride, doesn’t stay in the Dou family manor to preside over the banquet and instead comes to the Shou Wang Manor. On what basis?”

A young madam of the Xu family subtly pursed her lips in disdain and said in response, “I’m still young and don’t understand many things. However, if I am to marry my daughter in the future, I must let the man marry my daughter with the respect she and our family deserve. I will definitely not lower my worth and help the man hold the banquet.”

When everyone at the table heard it, they glanced at the talking young woman, then quietly waited for Cheng Yujin’s reaction. Cheng Yujin didn’t say anything, as if she didn’t hear what the woman had just said. Seemingly unperturbed, she lowered her head and blew the tea in her cup. Seeing this, Eldest Madam Xu was relieved. She then pretended to be angry and scolded her daughter-in-law: “Don’t talk nonsense in front of Her Highness.”

Eldest Madam Xu then turned at Cheng Yujin apologetically: “Forgive us, Crown Princess. The younger generation in the family is ignorant and let you see a joke.”

Cheng Yujin smiled and said, “No problem. Young Madam Xu is just being honest. ”

Although Eldest Madam Xu scolded her daughter-in-law, it was clear that she was just pretending to be angry. This daughter-in-law was from a younger generation, and it was natural for her to be more brash. Relying on her youthful ignorance, she could say the things others wanted to say but couldn’t in front of the Crown Princess. Inside, Eldest Madam Xu was very satisfied with her daughter-in-law’s cleverness.

At this time, a fish was brought to the table. When Cheng Yujin was about to take a bite, she was suddenly overwhelmed with nausea. The nausea came quickly and suddenly. What Cheng Yujin could do was to hurriedly cover her mouth and turn to the side before she started retching.


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11 thoughts on “GNU Ch 123 Part 2 – Morning Sickness (II)”

    1. It’s not like She can Hide It forever. But revealing It at the wedding? Totally young to steal the scene 🤣

  1. Fish causing nausea to expose a hidden pregnancy is basically a trope. A lot of Chinese cuisine tends to have plenty of spices, so it kind of baffles me how they still can’t get rid of the ‘fishy smell’. Or maybe I just haven’t had enough Chinese fish dishes. 🤔

    On side note, no, she probably would not be able to hide it. In fact, Yang Yan might even make a scene and blame CYJ for announcing her pregnancy during the wedding day. What I wonder is when and how the twins thing will come to play. It’s probably the empress dowager who’ll make a move, since apparently in the entire palace, she’s the only one who even stands a fighting chance against CYJ… The other Yang females are clearly just embarrassing. The empress dowager probably took all the brain genes and left none for the other Yang descendants… No wonder the story’s about to end, the empress dowager is probably going to die/be defeated soon, and no one else can take on CYJ & LCJ. There’s not a lot of harem politics in this story overall, just this bit in the end. The empress dowager was also said to be a character in her youth. If she were ten years younger, CYJ might’ve had a bit more trouble…

    1. Don’t know about the ‘fishy’ smell. But most dishes that weren’t a problem seem to trigger nausea in pregnant women in my country. And we use a LOT of spices in our cooking. Yeah, I do wish the story was longer. But then again, it would have dragged on for too long with unnecessary plot devices etc. Overall, this length is good and the translator is amazing

  2. (I’m too lazy to make a separate reply for the comment above, so I’ll smash both into one)

    Being mean in this case would be if she did it deliberately.
    But she didn’t.
    Except for the day she felt uncomfortable in the last chapter, she obviously didn’t have any other reactions, no morning sickness, cramps or the like.
    So her suddenly being oversensitive to certain food is perfectly normal and at the same time perfectly unexpected.
    And aside from that, she’s also not able to do anything about it, now that her body suddenly decides to show pregnancy-issues.
    I mean, when you’re about to throw up, I really want to see you being able to suppress it. 😛

    …. But despite all that, I’m happy to see her unintentionally stealing the limelight like this. The Yang and Dou families are way too arrogant and need to be stomped down from their pedestrials.

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