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MSRV Ch 45 Part 3 – Providing for His Family (III)

Fu Yunruo nodded to Si Yue with a polite smile, then quickly walked to the flower shed with Wenwen.

Si Yue overheard a bit of their conversation. Were they going to do livestream? Instead of following the two, he calmly took out his mobile phone, tapped on the Panda Live app, and entered Fu Yunruo’s channel.

The channel status showed that a livestream session was broadcasting, and the camera was facing the eldest child. After successfully mutated, the eldest child had also been promoted as the fans’ number one favorite. However, there were not many comments about orchids right now, and the screen was full of ‘nervously waiting’ emojis from the fans instead.

Si Yue didn’t have to wait long. Just a moment later, the camera was moved, and Fu Yunruo’s figure appeared on the screen.

Fu Yunruo adjusted the camera’s angle, ensuring that the lens would only capture Wenwen’s figure from the neck below before she called, “Baobao, you can come in.”

Wenwen calmly walked in front of the camera, then sat on a chair specially prepared by Fu Yunruo.

In an instant, the barrage was full of screams. The fans kept calling their favorite nickname ‘our youngest,’ ‘my cub,’ ‘baby,’ etc… followed with flowery phrases like “Mom (Dad) loves you!”

It’s my cub, ahhh!!

The screen was filled black with an endless stream of dense barrages, so much that Fu Yunruo almost suspected that the app couldn’t support the huge amount of data and froze.

After their excitement subsided a little, the fans began to shower Wenwen with fancy compliments. From the tip of his chubby jaw to the shoes he was wearing, everyone couldn’t wait to find the world’s most perfect adjective to describe every aspect of their little cub’s appearance. Even his face, which was safely hidden, did not escape the fans’ display of love.

Wenwen looked at the camera and greeted, “Aunts, Uncles, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, hello! My name is Wenwen.” Wenwen thought that he was giving his most solemn greetings, but when the fans heard his cute and tender voice, their hearts melted into puddles.

They began to scream again: Ah, ah, aaaah!!! Too cute!!!

“Thank you for supporting Mom,” Wenwen made a heart shape with his hands, “I love you!”

At this instant, countless people seemed to be struck by a critical hit. Their heads went blank for a moment, and they couldn’t help screaming inwardly: How can their cub be so cute?

The crowd clamored the cub to talk more. They loved his cute voice!

Si Yue watched the livestream with gusto. Out of habit, he opened the gift menu, preparing to send another pile of lavish gifts. However, he found out that the gifts could not be sent.

Si Yue sent a question: why did you turn off the gift feature?

When Fu Yunruo saw the dazzling golden username, she explained: “I don’t want my audience to spend too much money. If you like my channel and want to support me, it’s enough to leave encouraging comments.”

At the beginning of her career, Fu Yunruo accepted the gifts because she was short of money. Now that her income was stable, she didn’t want the people who watched her channel to spend too much money on her. Fu Yunruo’s main income now was no longer the gifts, but the brand recognition and commercial value of her channel. Because of the huge number of her followers, brands came to Fu Yunruo for endorsement contracts, not to mention other deals like that cooperation with the music diva Liu Zhi. Occasionally, Fu Yunruo also helped Uncle Guo sell ordinary orchids they grew together.

After Fu Yunruo’s repeated persuasion, fans rarely sent her expensive gifts again. Many of them still sent her gifts frequently, but it was either a free bamboo or a one-yuan flower, so Fu Yunruo didn’t turn off the gift feature.

Today, however, Fu Yunruo found that her fans didn’t listen to her…

They might be feeling that she had been wronged so badly and were determined to make it up to her…

Fu Yunruo decided to modify the gift-sending permissions later. In the future, her channel would only accept free bamboo gifts or single flowers worth one yuan each.

Si Yue frowned, but said nothing. Secretly, however, he decided to have a talk with the one in charge of Panda Live later. Let them set his account to the highest authority so that he could override the channel’s setting!

After Si Yue learned about Fu Yunruo’s identity as the Yujuan Yunshu, he could tell that the reason Fu Yunruo started the livestream at the beginning was to make money to raise her son.

Si Yue glanced at the ‘golden halo’ surrounding his username, proof of his identity as the number one gift-sender in the channel. Rounding up, he actually helped support the mother and son!

This realization made Si Yue satisfied. Sure enough, he had foresight. Now that the relationship between them had not been revealed, Fu Yunruo would definitely not accept his child support. But with this livestream channel as the media, it would be different. He could send gifts every day, which could be regarded as providing for his family in a roundabout way.

Wenwen chatted in front of the camera for a while. Seeing how relaxed he was, Fu Yunruo watched silently from the side. After some time passed, she told Wenwen to say goodbye to the fans, then herded him out of the flower room.

The audience let out disappointed voices. They still wanted to continue talking with the cub! They could listen to his cute voice forever!

Fu Yunruo ignored the wailings of her fans. After taking Wenwen out, she returned to the flower room and resumed the livestream as usual.

Seeing Fu Yunruo resume the normal livestream, the audience knew that they couldn’t make her change her mind, so they quickly shifted their focus on the other orchid siblings.

A heated discussion soon emerged. How is my son today? I haven’t seen him for a few days, and I miss him so much!

Si Yue watched the livestream for a while. He really wanted to go to the flower shed to see his beloved little eleventh directly, but he was worried that his sudden intrusion would affect Fu Yunruo. After all, his face was very well-known. If he appeared on Fu Yunruo’s livestream channel, another hot gossip would explode on the internet in mere minutes.

But…he really wanted to see eleventh child, ah.

Si Yue’s heart was itching with curiosity.

In the end, Si Yue failed to resist the temptation. After closing the app, he walked to the flower shed.

Si Yue stood at the door and peeped in, but did not hear any movements inside.

“What are you doing looking like a thief here?”


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