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GNU Ch.22 Part 1 – Marriage Proposal (I)

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This news was nothing less than a thunder on a bright day. Engagement was not a child’s play. Marriage was precisely to join two different surnames together. For Jingyong Marquis manor who came to propose then abruptly canceling, it was no different than causing an enmity. It was good enough that the two families did not turn against each other, yet Huo Changyuan actually came to propose another marriage?

Moreover, the object of this marriage was Cheng Yujin’s younger sister, second young miss Cheng Yumo.

It was a great humiliation, and Cheng Yujin’s servant girls were all shaking in anger: “This…ungrateful scum! Does he not know that our miss and second miss are biological sisters? Even if they are tang cousins, he still dares to change the elder sister with the younger sister. The eldest branch adopted our miss, Huo family do this, do they want to humiliate our miss?”

Du Ruo was calm and spoke more cautiously, but she was also furious when she heard the situation in Shou’an Hall from granny Zheng. “Huo family is bullying us too much! They cancel the engagement for no reason and ruined years of miss’ hard work. Now they shamelessly come to the house to propose marriage to second miss in a grand manner. Why didn’t the gatekeeper chase them out!”

Cheng Yujin was very calm. She even smiled lightly: “With an obvious profit, why should grandmother turn her face with Huo family? After my engagement canceled, grandmother has always regretted losing good support like Huo Changyuan. Now that their family comes to propose another marriage, grandmother must be thrilled. How can she be willing to drive them out.”

“What?” Lian Qiao was shocked, “Does the old madam no longer want the dignity of our marquis manor? How can this kind of thing be tolerated? Proposing to the elder sister, canceling it, and then comes again to propose to the younger sister. What does Jingyong marquis manor treat our Cheng family? If the old madam agreed, it is tantamount of throwing the face of our two misses and even the entire Yichun marquis manor to the ground.”

Du Ruo was also shocked. She frowned and said: “Although the old madam is biased to immediate profit, but…she won’t do so far, right?”

Cheng Yujin shook her head, amused. With a light, yet firm smile, she said: “She will. My grandmother is such a person.”

Lian Qiao and Du Ruo’s heart almost jumped in scare. They had followed Cheng Yujin from childhood. They watched her grew from a lonely and helpless little girl, until she became the model of her peers in the capital. No one knew better than Lian Qiao and Du Ruo, how much effort Cheng Yujin had actually paid all these years. Everything she did was just to marry a good husband, which may sound ironic, but this was indeed Cheng Yujin’s only way out.

She didn’t live to marry someone. She has always lived for herself.

It was precisely because they understood how long years of hard work was instantly trampled and shattered so casually by other people, which made them even more distressed. After her engagement with Huo Changyuan was broken, Lian Qiao and Du Ruo were furious. But instead of being depressed, Cheng Yujin immediately went to search for the next suitable candidate, and finally set her eyes on Xu Zhixian and Lin Qingyuan. Now that everything was going on track, Huo family refused to let their miss go and came to trample her face again.

Du Ruo repeatedly said that old Madam Cheng wouldn’t agree, but actually, it was because of the lingering fear in her heart that made her wanted to speak it out. However, Cheng Yujin didn’t even willing to give herself a false hope.

Du Ruo felt so distressed that she weakly shouted, “Miss…”

“What are you crying for?” Cheng Yujin looked at her two servant girls with a smile. She gracefully stood up, then straightened the wrinkle on her skirt carefully. Du Ruo surprised: “Miss, what are you doing?”

“Huo family dared to step on my head, why should I let them so rampant?” Cheng Yujin suddenly laughed and said coldly, “In his dream.”


“No need to say anything, I know what I’m doing.” Cheng Yujin raised her hand to interrupt their dissuasion. “Those lowly people bully me too much. Why should I be forgiving and let everything smoothly goes as they want? If someone has to endure, it is they who should endure me. Go to Shou’an Hall.”


Shou’an Hall has been full of people. Qingfu Junzhu rushed after hearing the news. When seeing Huo Xue-shi on the honorable guest’s seat, she almost fainted with anger.

When Ruan-shi saw it, she quickly let her servant woman helped Qingfu. The corner of Ruan-shi’s eyes full of joy, and she slanted her eyes before said: “Eldest sister-in-law, I know you are greatly shocked just now, but everything had its place and time. Madam Huo invited the most respected good fortune madam1 in the capital city. At that time, when Yang family’s young miss married, it was this good fortune madam who combed her hair. If eldest sister-in-law lost your composure in front of her and made our marquis manor lose face, mother would not easily let you go.”

Qingfu Junzhu was of course angry, but her anger was because other people trampled on her face, not because she wanted to give her daughter justice. When Qingfu had just entered the hall, several mamas had already seen her, and prepare to guard against potential trouble. Qingfu Junzhu calmed down quickly. Her son was still young, and it was unnecessary to offend old Madam Cheng for an adopted daughter.

Qingfu gave Ruan-shi a fierce look, and took her servants into the room, standing outside the partition to listen to the conversations inside.

Huo Xue-shi and old Madam Cheng were talking in circles, avoiding the real topics. Huo Xue-shi actually didn’t want to make a marriage tie with Cheng family. But she had no other choice. Her son disobeyed her words and secretly intended to come by himself to propose to Cheng family’s second miss. Huo Xue-shi was panicked, so she had to appease Huo Changyuan and went to propose today.

Huo Xue-shi’s opinion towards Cheng Yumo decreased another level. Changyuan had always been good before, treating his mother wholeheartedly, but after he visited the Buddhist temple, his attitude suddenly changed. She didn’t believe there was no conspiracy here!

Huo Xue-shi secretly scolded Cheng Yumo, this little harlot with a good method, actually bewitched Changyuan to go against his mother! Cheng Yumo dared to do this before she even entered the Huo family’s gate. After they got married in the future, what kind of fox charm2 would she pour into Changyuan?


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  1. Good fortune madam: A woman who still has complete parents above, children below, and in harmony with her husband. According to the custom, this good fortune madam took care of many aspects of the marriage ceremony, in hope of bringing luck to the new couple.
  2. Fox demon is known to bewitch humans with their sex appeal.

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  1. I really like Lian Qiao and Du Ruo, such good people, too bad that they’ve always had a very distant master-servant relationship and they couldn’t be the anchor Yujin needed.

  2. Yumo is seeking her own trouble by pursuing the status of madam Huo. And the stupidest thing ist, she knew it beforehand already. She is a reborn one. Served her right if she suffers later.

    1. She probably doesn’t think Huo Xue-shi will make her suffer the way she made Yujin suffer. She was probably treated better in the timeline she was reborn from because Huo Xue-shi believed it was Yujin who bnehaved so shamelessly

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