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MSRV Ch 134 Part 2 – New Year (II)

After a lot of fussing, Si Yue and Wenwen finished the couplets and window decorations, then moved to the kitchen to help. But Wenwen soon left the kitchen and followed his Grandpa Guo outside. Si Yue, left alone with Fu Yunruo, assisted her with the cooking while chatting casually.

Although there were only four of them, Fu Yunruo prepared a lavish New Year’s Eve dinner with essential dishes like chicken, duck, fish, and meat. She made pork and cabbage dumplings, four-joy meatballs, braised carp… As Si Yue smelled the delicious aroma Fu Yunruo prepared, his appetite surged.

Unable to resist, he picked up a piece of meat with his chopsticks.

So fragrant, so delicious…

Of course, Fu Yunruo’s cooking might not match the sophistication of professional chefs, but it had a homely essence that made it deeply appealing. Given a choice, Si Yue would prefer to eat such meals every day. However, he cared too much for Fu Yunruo to let her toil daily; occasional treats were more than enough.

Turning around, Fu Yunruo caught Si Yue sneaking a taste.

Fu Yunruo: “…” The image of a certain star has just crumbled.

Noticing her stern gaze, Si Yue coughed lightly but confidently continued, “I’m just testing the flavor for you.”

“How is it?” Fu Yunruo asked.

“The most delicious in the world.”

Fu Yunruo laughed, “How can it be? You’re exaggerating.”

“You don’t believe me? Try it.” Si Yue lifted a small piece of meat and carried it to Fu Yunruo’s lips.

Under his encouragement, she reluctantly took the bite.

“See?” Si Yue’s smile deepened, and he took another piece and put it in her mouth.

Indeed, her cooking skills seemed to have improved… but at most, they were above average. Fu Yunruo’s cheeks flushed slightly as she retorted, “Even if it’s delicious, you shouldn’t sneak bites.”

“I was just helping you taste…” Si Yue defended.

As evening approached, the New Year’s Eve dinner was ready. Fu Yunruo prepared twelve delicacies in total, a mix of meat and vegetables. Plates of dishes in all colors, flavors, and aromas decorated the large dining table. Because they had both an elderly and a young child, Si Yue took charge of pouring drinks for everyone. After sitting down, they didn’t rush to eat but instead started with speeches.

As the eldest, Uncle Guo began. The deepest and most common wish of an elder is for the safety and health of their children and grandchildren. Uncle Guo, having no children of his own, dedicated his life to his beloved orchid art. Now in his old age, he had Fu Yunruo, a pupil he had already thought of as his own daughter, as well as a beloved grandson. They allowed him to experience the joy of family.

Then it was Si Yue and Fu Yunruo’s turn, followed by Wenwen. Holding his cup with both hands, the boy’s face glowed with excitement. Looking at Fu Yunruo, Si Yue, and then Grandpa Guo, he felt like the luckiest child. Having his mother was happiness enough, but now with Si Yue, his life felt even more complete. “We should do this every year, all together as a family!” Wenwen declared loudly.

The adults laughed merrily in response.

“Come on, cheers!”

“Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year!”

After a lively New Year’s Eve dinner, there was no shortage of entertainment. The elite community they now lived in did follow the custom of the countryside, where people would go from house to house to pay New Year’s visits and children bustle about. However, the city had its own festive atmosphere. The TV broadcasted the Spring Festival Gala, and then it was time for adults to give out red envelopes.

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue also received red envelopes, with Uncle Guo giving one to each of them.

When Si Yue gave Wenwen his red envelope, he also handed one to Fu Yunruo. Seeing her puzzled look, he said with a chuckle, “Our little treasure gets a red envelope, and so does our big treasure.”

It was clear who the “big and little treasures” were. Fu Yunruo’s face turned red, but she eventually accepted the red envelope.

Lately, Si Yue seemed to have unlocked a new level of flirting, with his romantic words flowing much more naturally than before.

Wenwen received three sizable red envelopes and, not one to sit still, he put his sweet-talking skills to good use, bringing smiles to the adults’ faces.

Although they couldn’t visit everyone in person, they kept up with video calls to wish everyone a Happy New Year. They first called Si Yue’s parents, who were delighted to see their little grandchild, looking like a figure straight out of a New Year painting. Si Zhengze and Xie Zhiyun’s love and longing for their grandson was overflowing; if not for their duty at home, they would have loved to spend the New Year with their son’s family.

Next, Fu Yunruo video-called Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei. The other end was also bustling with excitement with several kids vying for screen time, eager to talk to Wenwen. They hadn’t forgotten their beloved little boss, especially after the adults had organized a group to watch his movie and brought the children along. The kids were very proud and often mentioned Wenwen, so naturally, they hadn’t forgotten him.

Aside from the New Year spirit, there was also joy from the positive changes in their hometown. Everyone was brimming with happiness and hope for the future. Auntie Mei chatted away with Fu Yunruo, recounting the village’s transformations. Many young people weren’t planning to seek work elsewhere this year, but stay home to start small businesses. Even Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei’s only son had decided to return and not leave again.

Fu Yunruo saw Auntie Mei’s continuous smile, making her seem years younger, while Uncle Mei sat behind, knocking his tobacco pipe, his eyes relaxed and content.

Fu Yunruo thought to herself, “How wonderful it all is!”

After chatting, they sat on the sofa, watching the Spring Festival Gala while munching on a ton of New Year’s snacks. Although many people don’t watch the show intently as in the past, it’s a tradition for every household to have it playing on TV during the New Year’s Eve celebration. Fu Yunruo happened to notice a familiar face among the singers on TV and decided to watch.

Among the many stars dressed in festive red was Xin Xu. Last year, his career was developing rapidly as he swept through numerous awards and transformed into a top-tier singer. He even held several concerts, and one of his self-composed songs became an instant hit, dominating the music charts for a long time. Though Fu Yunruo and Xin Xu didn’t meet often, they kept in touch via WeChat, maintaining a close friendship.

After the performance, Fu Yunruo laughed heartily at a comedy skit.

Suddenly, a dazzling array of fireworks lit up the distant sky, illuminating the dark night. “Mom, look at the fireworks!” Wenwen turned and ran to the window to gaze at the sky.

Fu Yunruo joined him, admiring the display.

Soon after, Si Yue stepped out with a box and said with a smile, “Let’s go set off our own fireworks.”

Wenwen cheered and ran over.

They stepped outside into the yard; the cold couldn’t dampen their spirits. The snow had been cleared and the lawn decorated, leaving a festive and clean space. Si Yue placed the box on the ground, revealing an assortment of fireworks. With Wenwen still young, they wouldn’t let him handle dangerous fireworks alone. Si Yue set up the larger ones, then lit them with Wenwen’s small hand in his.

The fireworks burst into bloom, smaller than the professional displays but beautiful nonetheless. Fu Yunruo captured a brief video of the fireworks and shared it with her fans, wishing them a Happy New Year.

After the big fireworks, only the smaller, child-friendly ones remained. Wenwen, still excited, continued playing with them.

Si Yue approached Fu Yunruo and asked with a smile, “Want to try?”

Fu Yunruo waved it off, smiling.

Far away, lights shone brightly against the backdrop of neon. Brilliant fireworks filled the night sky, brighter than even the stars. In the yard, Wenwen ran around with his small fireworks, filled with joy, while Uncle Guo held a cup of hot tea, watching with a contented smile.

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue stood under the eaves, watching their son circle around with a beaming smile. They turned to look at each other, eyes meeting in a gaze filled with love and tenderness, a moment that seemed to last an eternity.

-The End

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