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ATCF Ch 58 Part 2 – Twin Prodigy Gods (II)

“What if I say I’m comforting you, would you believe me?” Jiang Li asked again.

Qin Zheng nodded, “Of course. As one of the Twin Prodigy Gods of Minjiang First, I believe you wouldn’t lie.”

Jiang Li: …

After she made it into the top six, the teachers and students in the school began to call her and Guo Dongyi the ‘Twin Prodigy Gods of Minjiang First.’ Even the roster of six national representatives was also called ‘Prodigy Gods List’.

All of this made Jiang Li speechless. She glanced at Qin Zheng, then quickly took her leave: “I don’t think you need comfort. Goodbye!”

Qin Zheng shook his head with a smile. Right, he didn’t actually need any consolation. In fact, making it to the top 16 was already a pleasant surprise for him, and he had also secured a direct admission spot for several prestigious universities during his first year of high school — something that most people couldn’t even dream of. He was quite satisfied with that. Although there were some regrets, he still had two more years to go. He had time to work hard and make up for those past regrets, so the details didn’t really matter to him.

As one of the six members of China’s IMO representatives, Jiang Li, along with the other five, underwent a period of intensive training before heading abroad with their mentors. On her first trip abroad, Jiang Li found everything around her to be new and exciting. Her curious demeanor didn’t make her seem uncultured; instead, it made her appear straightforward and endearing.

Being the only girl on the team, the other members, especially her school senior Guo Dongyi, took it upon themselves to look after Jiang Li, treating her like a younger sister and always thinking of her first whenever they saw good food. The team members couldn’t help but tease Guo Dongyi, asking if he was aiming for both love and a gold medal. In response, Guo Dongyi simply frowned, “I think you shouldn’t participate in the math olympiad; taking on biology might suit you better.”

“Why?” the other person asked, puzzled.

Guo Dongyi said expressionlessly, “You should ask the biology teacher to check your hormone levels to see if there’s a problem. Why is your brain so full of love otherwise?”

Everyone: …

Guo Dongyi’s sharp tongue was too harmful!

Only Jiang Li raised her eyebrows slightly. What Guo Dongyi had just said sounded very familiar, much like something she would have said in the class back at school. Sure enough, when she looked up at Guo Dongyi, she saw him wink at her. Curious, Jiang Li said, “Senior, when I said those words, you weren’t in the competition class.”

Guo Dongyi nodded, “I wasn’t there, but someone in our school collected the Twin Gods’ quotes and posted them in the group chat. I’ve read a few lines.”

Jiang Li: “…” This is probably what social death feels like!

Now that she was representing her country in international competition, Jiang Li naturally wanted to bring home a gold medal. However, what she least expected was that Tong Yi would also be participating.

The moment Jiang Li saw Tong Yi, her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Although they had been in frequent contact, it had been a year since the two of them had last seen each other. But when she saw him again, neither of them felt estranged or unfamiliar.

The moment Tong Yi saw her, he jogged over and affectionately ruffled her hair, “Jiang Xiao Li, I see you’ve grown taller.”

“Are you part of the American team?” Jiang Li asked, voicing her confusion.

Tong Yi nodded and tapped Jiang Li’s forehead with his finger, “Let’s win medals together.”

Jiang Li’s team leader frowned deeply, “Who are you? You’re not part of the Chinese team, are you?”

“Well, no. But if I hadn’t gone abroad, he might have been eliminated by me,” Tong Yi said, nodding and pointing at Guo Dongyi. This boy had been standing next to Jiang Xiao Li the whole time, blocking his view, and was quite annoying to look at.

“…” Gu Dongyi was dumbfounded. What did he do to deserve this?

Still, seeing how familiar Jiang Li was with this boy, he chose to remain silent.

But Jiang Li wouldn’t have it and glared back at Tong Yi, “Since when did you learn to boast?”

Tong Yi replied with a playful smile, “Where did I boast? When I win a medal, I’ll give it to you first.”

“You said giving medals as gifts was lame, didn’t you?” Jiang Li attacked.

Tong Yi laughed boldly, “There are many gold medals, but the one I’ll win will be for first place, so it won’t be as lame.”

“…” Jiang Li was speechless. After a year of living abroad, her big nephew’s arrogance now knows no bounds.

“If I win first place, will you call me ‘big brother’?” Tong Yi asked. With the wedding of his aunt and Feng Yang approaching, if Jiang Xiao Li still refused to call him brother, there might never be another chance.

Before Jiang Li could respond, the team leader yelled, “Jiang Li, get back to the team immediately! Stop talking nonsense with a random stranger.”

Jiang Li, struggling to hold back her laughter, silently returned and stood behind the teacher, making a face at Tong Yi.

Tong Yi: “…” How has Jiang Xiao Li become even more childish after a year?

Jiang Li didn’t take Tong Yi’s words to heart. Although she knew Tong Yi was very smart, there were many talented individuals on the Chinese team. Tong Yi aiming for the highest score would not be easy.

In the end, Tong Yi did win a gold medal, but not the highest score. The only contestant to achieve a perfect score was Guo Dongyi from the Chinese team. Tong Yi, despite scoring high, had to settle for second place.

Jiang Li was busy considering whether to look for an opportunity to mock this unruly nephew of hers when, unexpectedly, during a group photo, the person in question squeezed next to her and joined her in holding up the national flag for the picture.

The six-member Chinese team momentarily became a seven-member group. Jiang Li, looking at the culprit beside her, felt an urge to beat him to death on the spot.

Realizing everyone was giving him unfriendly looks, Tong Yi finally sensed he might not be welcome. He quietly left the group, and when Jiang Li was about to leave, he quickly caught up to her, his expression somewhat anxious, “Jiang Xiao Li, are you mad at me?”

Jiang Li turned to look at him, “If I said I had a violent urge to beat you just now, would you believe me?”

Shameless, Tong Yi boldly replied, “Sure. You can hit me, but please don’t break both my arms. I need them to hang the medal around your neck.”

After saying this, he took off his medal and hung it around Jiang Li’s neck.

Looking at the two gold medals hanging on her chest, Jiang Li took a deep breath and asked, “Have you really not been beaten up during your year abroad?”

Tong Yi shook his head, “No guy can beat me.”

“What about girls?” Jiang Li pressed.

“Girls are too busy chasing me to hit me,” Tong Yi said with a smug look.

Jiang Li couldn’t help but laugh, “Big Nephew, I see your skin has grown thicker!”

Tong Yi, in an effort to equalize their seniority, persisted, “Jiang Xiao Li, now that you have two gold medals, can’t you consider calling me ‘big brother’?”

Jiang Li replied, “Big Nephew, we haven’t seen each other for a year, can’t you consider calling me ‘aunt’?”

Tong Yi thought for a moment, then asked, “If I call you aunt, will you call me big brother?”

Jiang Li thought about it and nodded, “It’s not impossible.”

Taking a deep breath as if making a big sacrifice, Tong Yi softly called out the dreaded word, “Aunt.”

Jiang Li was stunned for nearly ten seconds before slowly coming back to her senses. She tiptoed slightly and reached out to pat Tong Yi’s head, “My nephew is so filial.”

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