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THDP Ch 131 Part 4 – Separate Ways (IV)

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He just couldn’t understand why Meng Qi, who clearly wasn’t the type obsessed with power, would suddenly…

Before Ji Wujiong finished his thoughts, a loud boom sounded from behind him.

At the same time, the area around him was illuminated as bright as day.

Ji Wujiong was momentarily stunned and slowly turned around. As he extended his hand, and an amethyst eight trigram compass appeared in mid-air, floating gently by his side. The compass and Meng Qi were already familiar with each other; with just one glance, it saw the almost lightning-filled path ahead.

And within the gaps between lightning flashes, occasionally, a slender figure revealed itself.

Boom, boom… the deafening sounds continued without end.

The compass slowly shook its body, expressing its worry. It flew around Ji Wujiong twice and wobbled as it stopped in front of him.

“Don’t ask me!” Ji Wujiong said angrily, “I want to know too.”

Just as he was speaking, another loud bang echoed, and a purplish-blue lightning bolt struck down. The entire green mountain trembled and seemed as if it would be shattered into pieces by the lightning in the next moment.

Seeing this, the compass quickly trembled and desperately rubbed against its own master’s face, as if begging him to save Meng Qi in the mountain cave.

“It’s useless,” Ji Wujiong tightened his hand hanging by his side, veins popping on the back of his hand, but his feet seemed rooted to the spot, standing firmly without moving an inch. “This is her tribulation, and others… others trying to help her will only harm her.” He felt his throat dry as spoke those words, looking at the figure swaying in the lightning, seemingly about to vanish into thin smoke at any moment.

The amethyst eight trigram compass seemed to be stunned for a moment, hovering in mid-air, then swaying slowly and descending.

Ji Wujiong stared intently in Meng Qi’s direction, but his right hand lightly tapped his chest as he silently drew out his pitch-black saber. “She…” He, who had always been sharp-tongued, didn’t know what to say at this moment. “She brought this upon herself.”

After a long while, Ji Wujiong finally managed to squeeze out these words. He looked up at the thick tribulation clouds in the sky, as if talking to himself, but also to his natal weapon. “Cultivation itself is defying the heavens. Her talent in cultivation isn’t as exceptional as her medical skills or array techniques. It’s fine to take it slowly. But she refuses to listen, she insists on…”

“Hmph…” Ji Wujiong snorted softly and fell silent.

Gripping the saber with one hand, he kept his gaze fixed on Meng Qi.

The lightning continued to strike one after another, causing the entire green mountain, along with the earth, to sway gently.

How the hell does this look like the tribulation from the Golden Core to the Nascent Soul!

It was more believable that someone was breaking through to the Void Comprehending stage!

While Ji Wujiong was contemplating, he quickly glanced at the horizon from the corner of his eye. It was the direction of Jingyue City, and he noticed several figures flying in the air. In addition to those figures, there were also dozens of apparatus suspended in mid-air, all gazing toward this location from afar.

“Hmph!” He snorted coldly and swung his saber toward the sky. A black fissure appeared in the air, isolating space and time, preventing those who were prying from sensing what was happening here.

Ji Wujiong grinned, revealing his gleaming white teeth, and stared at his compass. “I can’t convince her. But she must be in excruciating pain right now. This kind of suffering is not something a young girl can endure. Fortunately, she’s only breaking through from the Golden Core to the Nascent Soul…” He paused and added, “I hope this bone-piercing pain will make her give up on this path. Take it slow, what’s the rush…”

The eight trigram compass shook gently, still floating by Ji Wujiong’s side. It seemed to have understood his words, swaying back and forth.

“Am I nervous? Why should I be nervous? Fine…” Ji Wujiong sneered lightly, “I am a little bit. I wanted to take on a disciple, but I didn’t want a dead one.”

The compass shook slightly again.

“Hmph,” Ji Wujiong snorted, “If didn’t agree to her request, she would have refused to come with me. It’s just a temporary measure. Rest assured, I know a guy who went through a similar experience. After that, he said he wouldn’t attempt it again even if it meant destroying all his cultivation. Meng Qi will also give up in the same way.”

As Ji Wujiong spoke, he looked up at the horizon again. The original magic tools had been withdrawn, and half of the figures that had stood in the sky were gone. The remaining few figures only stood far away in the sky, showing no intention to come and investigate.

Boom! Came another loud sound, and a massive lightning bolt tore through the sky, directly striking down on top of Meng Qi’s head. In the mountain cave, the tiny figure appeared even more insignificant under the lightning’s flash, swaying as if she was about to collapse.

Boom, boom!!! Without giving her a chance to catch her breath, one lightning bolt after another descended from the sky. Ji Wujiong was on the edge of his seat, watching the small figure sway in the lightning, as if she could collapse at any moment.

He tightened his grip on his saber, ready to rush in and save her the moment she fell.

Boom, boom!! no matter how earth-shattering the lightning was, the slender figure swayed intensely but remained sitting cross-legged on the ground, refusing to collapse.


The last lightning bolt struck heavily, causing the lush mountain to tremble, but soon, everything returned to tranquility.

“Meng Qi!” Ji Wujiong quickly jumped up and rushed into the flashing lights.

“I…” The girl in the blue robe looked up at him, her lips stained with blood, and her face as pale as paper. Nevertheless, she managed to raise the corners of her mouth, smiling at him. “Nascent Soul. I’ve made it.”

She paused, then said hoarsely, “Thank you…” As soon as she finished speaking, her swaying body fell to the side and crashed to the ground with a thud.


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