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THDP Ch 137 Part 1 – The War of the Ancient Time (I)

Meng Qi took out her identity token.

The two disciples of Tianhai Pavilion were a little surprised. The older disciple accepted her token and, after confirming that she could indeed pay the sum, left his mark on it.

Meng Qi put away her token, nodded at the two of them, and walked towards the door. She still planned to buy some items needed for refining medicines and also visit the Heaven And Earth Bookhall to see if she could find any information about the Ten Absolutes Mountain. For the upcoming trip to the Minor Ten Absolutes Mountain, Meng Qi hoped she could climb as high as possible.

After leaving the door of the Tianhai Pavilion, she looked at the two shops in the distance. This particular floating island housed shops opened by the ten major sects of the Northern and Southern Realms, so she should be able to find even rarer and more unusual spiritual herbs and flowers native to the two realms. As she walked, Meng Qi took out the guidebook she received when she first entered the Beyond The Heaven City. The guidebook not only contained a directory of various establishments in the city, but also information about the six other floating islands except for the highest one.

When Meng Qi first received the guidebook, she only skimmed over it and didn’t pay much attention to the information about the floating islands. The friendly cultivator she met when she first arrived at Beyond The Heaven told her that although two of the floating islands housed exclusive shops from the ten major sects of the four realms, not everyone could access them, so she didn’t bother to read the guidebook through at the time and hadn’t opened it ever since.

Now, she took out the guidebook again and found that there was more content in the back. Meng Qi was a bit puzzled. The guidebook for Beyond The Heaven City was also written on a bamboo slip, and although there was a lot of information inside, it was nothing too much for a cultivator to consume—mostly just a matter of injecting a bit of spiritual aura. At the time, she didn’t read the content at the back in detail, but she vaguely remembered what was on it.

“Was there so much content back then?” Meng Qi muttered to herself. She discovered that not only did the guidebook contain information about Beyond The Heaven City and the six floating islands, but it also had an appendix. Inside the appendix were records of various functions of Beyond The Heaven that could be exchanged using spirit points.

Intrigued, Meng Qi quickly scanned over the content. The appendix contained a lot of content, including the procedure of exchanging spirit points for the permit to open a shop. For the ten major sects of the four realms, a certain amount of spirit points were needed to open an establishment on one of the two floating islands.

In other words, the shops in Beyond The Heaven didn’t require spirit stones as rent; everything was exchanged using spirit points.

In addition to the exchangeable functions listed in the appendix, it also detailed the number of spirit points required for each function.

“This… is it that cheap?” Meng Qi scanned through it, and approximately one-third of the functions required only a few spirit points. For example, the function she had used before — setting out a notification for when a certain item appeared at the auction house — only required eight points. Additionally, one could use spirit points to post buying requests, which only required five points, and to book the entire Beyond The Heaven Restaurant — which usually didn’t accept reservations — twenty spirit points were needed, which was a bit more expensive but still quite reasonable.


Opening a shop on the floating island would only cost one hundred points per month, with discounts for annual subscriptions. If opening not on the floating island but in Beyond The Heaven City itself, it would only cost thirty spirit points per month.

Meng Qi scratched her head, feeling puzzled for the first time. She took out her token again and held it tightly—

One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand… over thirty-seven thousand spirit points!!!

Meng Qi couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment. She remembered that she had counted once before, and she had over twenty thousand spirit points back then. However, because exchanging for a book at the Heaven And Earth Bookhall required ten spirit points, she didn’t consider herself to be particularly wealthy. Now, looking at the list in the appendix, Meng Qi deeply realized that she was probably truly wealthy now — not just in spirit stones but also in spirit points, which were even more valuable in Beyond The Heaven.

Meng Qi stood still for a moment, dazed. There was no need to ask where all these spirit points came from, because only one person would do so much for her.

She clenched her hand. More than thirty-seven thousand spirit points — she had done nothing to earn them, nothing; nor had she done anything for Yun Qingyan, and yet he…

Meng Qi closed her eyes and looked up at the highest of the floating islands, wondering if its owner was still there.

Was he doing well now?

Perhaps he would never need anything from her, but she couldn’t just stand still and take for granted everything he had done for her.

Meng Qi took a deep breath and suddenly felt full of determination. She glanced at the guidebook once again. It not only contained a directory of the shops in Beyond The Heaven City but also the ones located on the two floating islands.

She was currently on a floating island shared by the Northern Realm and Southern Realm sects. Among the ten major sects of the Northern Realm, only one was a medical sect, and the same was true for the Southern Realm. The sole medical sect of the Southern Realm was the Canglang Academy, which Meng Qi was very familiar with. Li Che, with whom he had fought side by side during their time in the Starfallen Sea, was a disciple of Canglang Academy, and he was also the most valued disciple by their sect leader. Although she hadn’t exchanged many words with Li Che, the memories of her previous life caused her to have a good impression of this principled young man.

Meng Qi thought for a moment and decided to head towards the shop run by the Northern Realm’s medical sect.

Meanwhile, inside the Tianhai Pavilion’s shop, the two disciples watched as Meng Qi’s figure gradually disappeared into the distance. They slowly withdrew their gazes and exchanged a look, both revealing a hint of surprise in their eyes.

“Xiao Qi…” The Tianhai Pavilion disciple who had brought Meng Qi here furrowed his brows slightly. “Why does this name seem familiar to me?”

“Hmm…” The other disciple squinted his eyes. Had they met her before? To trade in Beyond The Heaven, one didn’t have to know the true identity of the other party. Those who came here could choose to change not only their name but also their appearance. The only thing they needed to know about each other was the identity of their name token. Thousands of cultivators came to Beyond The Heaven, and the items made by the Tianhai Pavilion were quite famous in Three Thousand Worlds. Having assumed the duty of a shopkeeper, both he and his junior brother had dealt with numerous cultivators, but the one they had just encountered seemed young, didn’t appear to be from a major sect, and was generous with her spending.

Over thirty profound-grade spirit stones! In the vast Three Thousand Worlds, there were more sects than one could count. Thirty profound-grade spirit stones were a high enough sum that most of the small sects probably couldn’t produce even after pooling all their resources. But the girl just now, without hesitation, easily paid for the artifacts without even bothering to choose. Her demeanor didn’t resemble someone looking for sixth-realm artifacts; it was more like she was buying vegetables in a market.

The disciple found his own thoughts amusing. Although their Tianhai Pavilion had only risen rapidly in recent centuries, they were still the most prestigious refinery sect in the Three Thousand Worlds. Sixth-realm artifacts, especially those that came with embedded spells, could only be refined by the elders of the sect. Even if those artifacts weren’t exceptionally rare, they certainly weren’t as cheap as common vegetables. It was worth noting that many ordinary disciples from major sects couldn’t hope to own one of such artifacts throughout their entire lives.

The two disciples of Tianhai Pavilion exchanged puzzled glances. Despite the name seeming familiar, none of them was able to recall where they had heard it before.


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  1. Since Meng Qi has so many extra spirit points compared to the last time she checked, doesn’t that mean Yun Qingyan has been constantly visiting the Heaven and Earth Bookhall to help her earn them? I like that she finally understands how much Yun Qingyan is helping her in the shadows; he does so much for her without asking anything in return, both in this life and in the past.

    On another note, I don’t understand why she doesn’t just ask Ji Wujiong to embed a powerful array into an artifact that she can use for the mountain trial. He’s always boasting of being a master of arrays, so he should be able to do that much, at least.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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