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THDP Ch 136 Part 3 – Tianhai Pavilion (III)

“Then…” The disciple smiled politely, showing neither contempt nor annoyance after having his time wasted, “Fellow Daoist, if you ever need anything in the future, please feel free to return. While I wouldn’t dare to claim that the items refined by our Tianhai Pavilion are the best in the Three Realms, they are certainly among the best in the Three Thousand Worlds.”

“Understood.” Meng Qi nodded and shifted her gaze back to the Red Golden Bell. She understood that both the fifth-realm Red Golden Bell and the embedded Bishui spell were not particularly rare, nor were they considered top-quality artifacts. Besides, refinery cultivation was fundamentally different from medical cultivation. While it was possible for medical cultivators to imbue spells into pills, it was a practice unprecedented in the past, and Meng Qi accomplished it only with the help of Yun Qingyan, who was an expert in arrays. The technique used was entirely different from the refinery cultivators’ practice of embedding spells into the artifacts or magic weapons. In their case, ultimately, the value of the magical treasure itself was more important.

Meng Qi was aware that her cultivation base was not high, and her innate talent was limited. This was a big problem for her. She lightly tapped her fingers on the table and had already made up her mind. “Excuse me, Fellow Daoist. Could you tell me if there are more fifth-realm artifacts like this Red Golden Bell?” Meng Qi raised her eyes and asked the disciple.

“Huh?” The disciple had already risen to send Meng Qi off and was a bit slow to respond. “…Yes, there are.”

“Do you have any sixth-realm ones?” Meng Qi asked again.

The disciple was taken aback. A fifth-realm Red Golden Bell already cost fifty ninth-grade spirit stones, but a sixth-realm one would be a few times more expensive. If it also came with a spell, the price would start at profound-grade spirit stones.

“Thank you,” Meng Qi nodded, and then she asked again, “Do you have any other spell-embedded artifacts or weapons, both fifth-realm and sixth-realm?”

The Tianhai Pavilion disciple: “…” He stared at Meng Qi with wide eyes, not understanding why this customer, who had been stunned by the price a moment ago, suddenly seemed a bit strange. From her appearance and tone, it seemed like she was ready to buy the whole stock.

He couldn’t help but chuckle at his own thought. This shop only sold up to fifth-realm items, with sixth-realm and above being sold on the floating island. After some consideration, he thought that this girl might have realized she could afford one and was preparing to choose carefully. That must be it!

Having figured out this point, the disciple didn’t say much more. His view of Meng Qi had changed slightly. After all, she looked even younger than he did, and being able to produce several hundred ninth-grade spirit stones at such a young age was quite impressive.

“Fellow Daoist, please follow me,” the disciple said. He walked over and opened the door in the room that led to the back courtyard of the shop. Their sect had another shop on the floating island, and all the shops in Beyond The Heaven City had teleportation arrays that directly connected to their counterpart on the floating island.

Meng Qi followed the Tianhai Pavilion disciple into the teleportation array and was quickly transported outside the Tianhai Pavilion shop on one of the floating islands. Among seven floating islands of Beyond The Heaven, the lowest two housed special shops opened by the top ten sects from the four realms, offering superior goods compared to the shops in Beyond The Heaven City. While they couldn’t compete with the rare items auctioned at the three auction houses, you could still find many rare treasures rarely seen outside Beyond The Heaven.

Meng Qi looked around; it was much quieter here than in the city below, with fewer cultivators present. The floating island was not very large, with each sect’s shop occupying an independent two-story building, complete with a spacious courtyard behind it. The shops were spaced a distance apart from each other. Meng Qi, standing at the entrance of the Tianhai Pavilion’s shop, could only see the outlines of the buildings of two other shops in the distance, but not their specific appearances. It seemed that the separation was deliberate in order to protect the secrets of the various sects and the visiting cultivators.

“Over here, please,” the Tianhai Pavilion disciple motioned to the shop’s entrance.

Meng Qi nodded and walked in. The shop on the floating island was naturally better decorated and more spacious than those in Beyond The Heaven City. On the east side of the main hall, there was a counter with a young disciple standing behind it. The west side was decorated to be a guest reception area, where a middle-aged man sat on one of the chairs. Upon hearing the movement, he raised his head and glanced at the door.

“Elder Wu,” the disciple who had brought Meng Qi here quickly greeted the middle-aged man.

Meng Qi also bowed politely and followed the disciple to the counter.

“Senior Brother,” the disciple said to the young man behind the counter, “this Fellow Daoist needs a sixth-realm Red Golden Bell, one that comes with a spell.”

“Oh?” The other disciple glanced at Meng Qi, then turned and took out a box from a nearby cabinet, placing it on the counter. “Sixth-realm Red Golden Bell, embedded with sixth-realm Bishui spell. One profound-grade and two hundred ninth-grade spirit stones.”

“Mmm,” Meng Qi opened the box and took a look, then asked, “Are there any other sixth-realm artifacts or weapons? Ones that come with embedded spells.”

The older disciple cast another glance at Meng Qi and took out two more boxes. He asked, “Do they have to be defensive tools?”

“Well, offensive weapons can do too.” Meng Qi replied as she opened one of the boxes. “This one is…” She looked up at the disciple and asked. Inside the box was a simple-looking brush with no particularly outstanding features.

“It’s a sixth-realm Snow Wolf Brush embedded with the sixth-realm ice element Bingtian spell. It costs one profound-grade and five hundred ninth-grade spirit stones,” the disciple explained.

“Any others?” Meng Qi nodded; this one seemed quite useful. Any spell related to ice and snow could slow down the enemy’s movements. Bingtian spell was quite common, and many spell cultivators practiced them. Meng Qi estimated the spells embedded in Tianhai Pavilion’s items were likely to be of this kind, not specific to any particular sect’s specialty.

The disciple then took out another box, revealing a small jade sword. “This is the Wind and Rain Sword, a sixth-realm artifact embedded with a sixth-realm Dafeng spell. It can summon wind and rain.” He paused, and added, “This is a versatile artifact usable for both offense and defense. For its core, we used a water element natural treasure.”

Meng Qi nodded; this one probably wouldn’t be cheap. The disciple glanced at her and continued, “It costs five profound-grade spirit stones.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“Fellow Daoist,” the Tianhai Pavilion disciple who had brought her here said, “this is already one of the best sixth-realm artifacts that we offer.”

“Are there any others?” Meng Qi asked again. The two disciples exchanged glances, and the older one quickly took out several more boxes, each containing various types of artifacts.

Some could summon powerful sixth-realm sword techniques, surpassing Meng Qi’s own attack method.

Some could summon raging thunders, which was another powerful offensive spell.

One artifact that caught Meng Qi’s interest in particular was a small, cauldron-shaped object, somewhat resembling her natal weapon — the Five Spirits Cauldron — in appearance. It was palm-sized but not meant for refining medicines. Cultivators could place poison inside the cauldron, which came with a wind/water element spell that could conjure a rain that carried poison on its every drop. This sixth-realm artifact, quite suitable for medical cultivators, was priced at just four profound-grade spirit stones.

In no time, there were nine artifacts displayed on the counter. The Tianhai Pavilion disciple asked, “Fellow Daoist, these are all sixth-realm artifacts we have in stock. What do you think? Is there one you like in particular?”

Meng Qi thought for a moment; she hadn’t asked the prices for each individual item, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Since the best one was only five profound-grade spirit stones, others should even be cheaper.

“Mmm,” she nodded.

“Which one do you like?” the disciple asked again.

Meng Qi pointed at the counter and asked, “How much in total?”

The disciple was momentarily taken aback, but he still dutifully answered, “…these amount to a total of thirty-one profound-grade and seven hundred ninth-grade spirit stones.” He emphasized, “Thirty-one, in profound-grade spirit stones.”

Meng Qi nodded. She looked at the disciple and calmly said, “Then… I’ll take all of them.”


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