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DDDV Ch 132 Part 1 – Self Awareness is Very Important (I)

After a night of sound sleep, Lu Yaoyao woke up refreshed and spirited. She remembered having reconciled with her Father last night and jumped out of bed, eager to start the day.

It must be her Father who had brought her back last night. Tsk, why did she fall asleep so quickly?

Seeing Suqing approaching, Lu Yaoyao greeted her enthusiastically, “Suqing, good morning!”

“Good morning, Little Martial Aunt!” Suqing responded, glancing probingly. “You seem to be in a really good mood today.” These past few days, Little Martial Aunt looked listless and less radiant, like a medicine field lacked watering.

Hearing this, Lu Yaoyao patted her chubby cheeks and giggled, “Can you tell?”

“Of course, you smile so brightly today, as pretty as a flower.” Suqing quickly helped Lu Yaoyao wash and get dressed, then asked curiously, “Did anything special happen?”

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t stop smiling. Maintaining an air of mystery, she giggled again, “I’m not telling you! Hehe!”

Suqing chuckled along. In any case, seeing Little Martial Aunt in high spirits was a good thing. She had been concerned about Little Martial Aunt’s gloomy mood lately, especially since her return from East Ninth Peak. Now that she had regained her cheerful demeanor, Suqing felt relieved.

Lu Yaoyao quickly got ready for class. When she dashed out of the door, she immediately spotted Ziwen. Lu Yaoyao greeted “Second Senior Brother!” with a sweet smile and happily followed him to class.

When Ziwen saw the bright and cheerful expression returned to Lu Yaoyao’s face, he was also happy. He had noticed that his little junior sister had been quite downcast since she returned from East Ninth Peak, as if she had been deeply affected by some trouble. Seeing her smile again made him relieved.

Lu Yaoyao realized that everyone could easily tell she was in a good mood. Was she that easy to read? Thinking that her attempts to hide her emotions weren’t very successful, she made an effort to control the constant upward curve of her lips, only to constantly fail.

But it wasn’t just Lu Yaoyao who was happy today. Sitting next to her, Chao Muxue also had a rosy complexion. A visible smile adorned her beautiful face, and she even let out a small laugh from time to time.

Curious, Du Qianshan asked, “Muxue, did something good happen to you?”

Chao Muxue’s face turned even redder. But unlike Lu Yaoyao, she didn’t hide anything and honestly answered, “I saw His Venerable yesterday, and he even gave me a welcoming gift.”

Du Qianshan and the others were astonished. To receive a gift from His Venerable was a significant honor, as it meant that Muxue had gained his recognition. However, upon second thought, Muxue was the personal disciple of the Sect Leader, who was His Venerable’s own junior brother. His giving a gift to a martial niece wasn’t particularly extraordinary.

Unlike her astonished friends, Lu Yaoyao was happy for Muxue but couldn’t help but think about her own situation. She hadn’t told her friends about her father being His Venerable! Would it be awkward or abrupt if she revealed it now? Lu Yaoyao felt things were going well as they were. No one in Guiyuan treated her differently because of her identity, and her interactions with her friends and senior brothers were harmonious. If she were to interact with them as His Venerable’s daughter, would it change their dynamic? Lu Yaoyao thought back to her time in the Devil Realm, where she was treated with reverence by all, standing above everyone else.

When Lu Yaoyao looked again at Chao Muxue’s blushing cheeks, a shocking idea suddenly struck her. Her eyes widened, and after a while, she finally asked hesitantly, “Muxue, do you… do you like His Venerable?”

Chao Muxue whiffled her hands and explained earnestly, “It’s not that I like him. His Venerable is the person I admire the most. It’s not what you’re thinking… Anyway, please don’t say things like that! It might lead to misunderstandings.”

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief, “I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful in the future.” Thank heaven it was just admiration and not romantic feelings. Otherwise, if her friend and her father… that would be too weird and awkward!

Wen Zixing glanced meaningfully at Chao Muxue. For now, there was no such intention, but who could predict the future? Wen Zixing’s current daily schedule was filled with a heavy workload of studies, so much so that he couldn’t even have enough sleep. When he occasionally thought about the original plot during the little spare time he had, he realized that there had been no progress at all. On one hand, he felt that a completely different storyline would be better, but on the other hand, he was afraid of what the unknown future might bring.

Now he realized the plot was heading back to its original course, albeit in a different way.

This period should be when the female lead Chao Muxue and His Venerable grew closer in their daily interactions, and their relationship quickly warmed. Soon, the Devil Venerable would also appear…

However, facts remained that Chao Muxue had become the sect leader’s disciple instead of His Venerable’s. She had to attend regular classes with other inner disciples, while His Venerable rarely left her seclusion. They couldn’t even meet face to face, so how could their relationship develop?

Unexpectedly, even under such circumstances, the two still met each other. The fact that His Venerable willingly gave Chao Muxue a welcoming gift was enough to prove that he held a favorable impression of her.

For a while, Wen Zixing didn’t know whether to feel happy or worried…

Meanwhile, Du Qianshan continued his curious questioning, “Muxue, can you visit His Venerable often?” He had heard that Lu Junyang, the chief disciple of the sect and previously the only disciple of the sect leader, had this privilege. Rumors said that Senior Brother Lu could request an audience with His Venerable anytime and almost always received a response.

Chao Muxue replied with a touch of helplessness, “How can I compare to Eldest Senior Brother?”

Lu Junyang had grown up in the Guiyuan Sect and was talented enough to be appointed as the chief disciple. Obviously, he was expected to eventually succeed his Master and take on the mantle of Guiyuan Sect Leader. It was no wonder that he received special attention and guidance from His Venerable. As for her? She was just an ordinary disciple with average talent who had been recruited recently.

Du Qianshan felt disappointed. He thought that Muxue would be able to meet His Venerable frequently.

Wen Zixing placed a hand on Lu Yaoyao’s shoulder, looking serious. “Yaoyao, we are good buddies, aren’t we?”

Lu Yaoyao shook her head firmly. “No,” she replied, equally serious. “We are good pals!”

Wen Zixing: “…” He couldn’t hold back his deep expression and rolled his eyes. He waved his hand and said, “Whether we’re good buddies or good pals or whatever, our relationship is good, right?”

“Yes.” Lu Yaoyao nodded, tilting her head and looking at him with wide eyes, waiting for him to continue.

Wen Zixing said, “Shouldn’t we help each other?”

“What do you want me to help with?”

“You probably have many opportunities to see His Venerable, right?”

Lu Yaoyao thought for a moment and nodded.


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  1. So it looks like no one will know of her relationship with her father any time soon, but I understand that from her perspective it’s better to interact with her friends normally rather than being treated differently due to her status as Yao Jiuxiao’s daughter. It’s different from how I imagined it, but I also seem to like this setting.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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