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THDP Ch 138 Part 2 – Encounter (II)

When Meng Qi opened her eyes again, she was back in her room. She exhaled slowly, still sitting cross-legged on the bed. Her trip to Beyond The Heaven this time had been tremendously fruitful, seeing that she managed to purchase many items she needed.

Meng Qi rose up, planning to see Ji Wujiong. Before Minor Ten Absolutes Mountain opened, she intended to use the remaining time to prepare. Since the mountain had been Ji Wujiong’s goal from the beginning, he would likely know more, and she wanted to gather as much information as possible. It was a certainty that her cultivation was likely at the bottom tier among those entering the mountain this time. Therefore, she needed to be better prepared before going inside.

As Meng Qi was about to leave, Beyond The Heaven jade slip suddenly vibrated. “Huh?” She was surprised. “So soon?”

Items purchased from Beyond The Heaven couldn’t be carried directly. Every city in the Three Thousand Worlds had relay stations operated by Beyond The Heaven to accommodate the transactions. Once items bought from Beyond The Heaven arrived at the station, the purchasers would be notified to collect their items.

Of course Jingyuetian also had one such station. Meng Qi had expected to wait for a day or two, but the items had arrived much sooner. Although she was puzzled by the speedy delivery, it was a good thing for her. Meng Qi left her room and went to find a Jingyuetian disciple, not bothering to inform Ji Wujiong. She randomly caught a disciple and asked for the direction of the teleportation array.

Jingyuetian, just like any major sect, had a teleportation array that connected directly to the city center. Because Meng Qi was currently staying as the Sect Leader’s guest, the disciple led her to the teleportation array, “Here we are, Fellow Daoist. Once you are done with your business, you can return using the teleportation array on the other side.” He politely said.

“I understand. Thank you,“ Meng Qi thanked the disciple and stepped into the teleportation array. In the blink of an eye, she had reappeared in Jingyue City. Without further delay, she headed to the Beyond The Heaven relay station.

Sure enough, all the items she had purchased had arrived. Due to the quantity, the herbs were stored in a storage pouch. Meng Qi quickly collected her items and was ready to return to Jingyuetian.

Jingyuetian’s teleportation array was located in a special building in the southern part of the city, while the relay station operated by Beyond The Heaven stood in the west. To reach her destination, Meng Qi had to traverse the most bustling section of the city. True to its reputation as the number one spell sect in the Western Realm, Jingyue City under Jingyuetian’s management was very much the embodiment of prosperity, with countless pedestrians coming and going, ordinary people and cultivators alike.

The grandest establishment on the street was a restaurant with a whopping seven floors. Though couldn’t compete with the Beyond The Heaven Restaurant, the building was quite luxurious, and even Meng Qi couldn’t help but glance up as she passed by. She didn’t consider herself a standard foodie, but if circumstances allowed, she often tried the local specialties at the most characteristic restaurants in the cities she visited. Now in particular, after her last visit to Beyond The Heaven had gained her a better appreciation of her financial standing, she wouldn’t have to think about the cost of patronizing such a luxurious restaurant.

In truth, she couldn’t entirely be blamed for her ignorance. She had spent so much time with Ji Wujiong, who was penniless but so reckless about money that he didn’t even care when spending profound-grade spirit stones. Over time, Meng Qi seemed to have developed an incorrect sense of the value of spirit stones. It was hard to believe that just less than a year ago, she had been a struggling cultivator who couldn’t even produce twenty eighth-grade spirit stones to buy a jackdaw grass.

Meng Qi kept walking on and passed by the restaurant. A rich aroma of food and wine filled the air, sending a slight smile on her lips. She didn’t know the exact price here, but one ninth-grade spirit stone should be more than enough to indulge in their signature dishes and taste their best-aged wine.

Perhaps it would be nice to try it out after returning from Minor Ten Absolutes Mountain…. if she could make it alive.

Just then, a commotion erupted on the third floor of the restaurant, as if a dispute had broken out.

Meng Qi didn’t pause, but as she took another step, a shadow suddenly fell in front of her. Gasps and murmurs filled the air, and amidst them, a few malicious shouts could be heard. Someone behind her loudly warned, “Miss, be careful!”

Meng Qi hurriedly looked up and saw a man in a blue robe, looking extremely disheveled, being thrown out of the third-floor window of the restaurant.

The man who was thrown down was also a cultivator, but his aura fluctuations were quite weak. Even Meng Qi could sense that he was probably only at the Qi Condensation stage. The person who threw him down obviously knew that he couldn’t die from this height, so they had deliberately sealed his spiritual sea. Otherwise, even if he were just a Qi Condensation cultivator, falling from the third floor wouldn’t have caused him any harm.

As Meng Qi looked up, she happened to see the young man struggling awkwardly in mid-air. The person who threw him down intended to inflict humiliation and didn’t allow him to land immediately. The young man appeared disheveled and couldn’t break free. His pitiful appearance was visible not only to the people inside the restaurant but also to the onlookers around.

“Hahahahahaha…” A burst of smug laughter echoed from the restaurant. “Call me ‘My Lord’ and beg for mercy, and I might spare you.”

“Hmph.” Although the man in mid-air looked extremely miserable, he snorted coldly in response.

Meng Qi took a few steps back and looked up at the scene. The bully on the third floor of the restaurant seemed young, but his cultivation was obviously higher than hers, likely at the Spirit Severing stage. The man suspended in mid-air was only at the Qi Condensation stage and had no way to break free from a Spirit Severing cultivator’s restraint.

Meng Qi initially hadn’t planned to intervene in other people’s business, especially after she saw that the Spirit Severing cultivator didn’t seriously intend to harm the other man. However, as she was about to leave, the Spirit Severing cultivator suddenly lifted his hand. Instead of allowing the man to fall directly, he was suspended upside down in the air, with his head facing downward and feet up, his face rapidly turning red.

The man was initially quite close to Meng Qi, and now, with his upside-down position, his face was directly facing her.

—At one glance, it was a very young and handsome face.

Meng Qi was startled: she knew this person!


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