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DDDV Ch 134 Part 1 – Transformation (I)

To transform into one’s real form did not require much effort, and it could be said that transforming was Lu Yaoyao’s innate ability. As long as she wanted, she could transform anytime and anywhere. Lu Yaoyao hadn’t shown this skill to her Father yet. After excitedly making the announcement, the little girl on the bed disappeared with a puff, and a fat, white, bouncing little furball appeared in her place.

“Chi! Chi, chi!!!”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

“Chi, chi, chi—” The little furball bounced a few times and very skilfully jumped onto Yao Jiuxiao. Like a rolling ball, she climbed from his left shoulder to the top of his head before jumping down to his right shoulder.

“Father, I am very cute, right?” The furball’s bean-like small eyes narrowed in happiness. Of course, she’s very cute! She also liked her beast form. It’s the cutest in the world!

Yao Jiuxiao remained motionless. The familiar appearance of the little furball stirred up some not-so-pleasant memories for him. His eyes fixed on the bed, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

“Father?” The little furball uttered a puzzled chirp.

Yao Jiuxiao paused for a moment before responding.

Lu Yaoyao received a response and continued excitedly, “This is just my child form. When I grow up, I’ll look as majestic and imposing as Daddy’s beast form!”

“Father, have you seen Daddy’s beast form? I’ll look like that when I grow up!” Lu Yaoyao leaned over, wanting to rub her Father’s face, but the little furball’s height made it impossible, so she settled for nuzzling his neck.

Yao Jiuxiao lifted his hand, moving the little fluff into his palm, which he could easily hold. He took a couple of steps forward and placed the excited furball back on the bed, then gently pressed a finger down.

Lu Yaoyao, unable to continue bouncing around, lay back on the bed fluffily. She stretched out her little paws, and her round, bean-like eyes rolled around.

Yao Jiuxiao whispered, “It’s very late; it’s time to sleep.”

Lu Yaoyao blinked. “Father…”

She didn’t want to sleep yet. She had so much to say to Father, and it was already so late. Time had passed so quickly!

Ultimately, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t resist her instinctive sleepiness and soon fell into a deep slumber. She didn’t transform back into her human form before she fell asleep. Lying on the huge bed, the little furball looked even tinier.

Yao Jiuxiao carefully pulled a blanket over the fluffy tiny body, and, for a while, kept looking at his daughter, uttering not a single word. He had never expected that the child, who only possessed half of the blood of the devil race, would have the ability to transform.

As far as he knew, most mixed races rarely displayed the complete characteristics of either lineage. By the same principle, human-devil half seldom fully transformed into a beast form; at most, they had some features of the devil race.

Did she have this ability because of the high-level devil lineage she inherited from Lu Qingyu, or was it something related to being a natural spiritual fetus?

Yao Jiuxiao quietly left after confirming that his daughter was sound asleep. He returned to the ice chamber in the East Ninth Peak to meditate, trying to calm his inner turbulence by concentrating deeply. However, the furrowed brow on his face revealed his unsettled thoughts at this moment.

In the midst of the cold and austere wind and snow, a child of about six years of age practiced swordsmanship with great precision. A young girl with a beautiful face approached, hiding her hands behind her back.

“Junior Brother—”

The child, upon seeing the girl, sheathed his sword and stood up, saluting seriously, “Greetings, Eldest Senior Sister.”

“Give me your hands. Your Eldest Senior Sister has something nice to show you.” The girl approached with an air of mystery.

The child looked up at the girl; his chubby face bore a deep calmness that didn’t match his age. He watched her for a moment, as if observing a mischievous child. Just when the girl was about to burst into laughter, he sheathed his little sword at his waist and extended his chubby hand.

The girl quickly placed what she had in her hands into his, saying, “Look! Isn’t it cute?”

A round, white, fluffy furball stood between his hands, a heavy and warm bundle of fur. As soon as the child felt it, he froze.

“You see, I have been raising a cub, and so…”

“Chi!” The furball moved slightly and made an unfriendly chirping sound.

A-alive, it was alive! A creepy sensation surged from deep within the child. His perpetually cold expression, which would remain unchanged even in the face of a collapsing mountain, finally changed as he reflexively flung the furball away.

The girl exclaimed in surprise. Before she could reprimand the child for his actions, the white furball charged back with overwhelming momentum.

“Chi, chi!!!” The tender chirping voice was as domineering as it could be, and its round, dark, bean-like eyes appeared incredibly fierce.

In the next moment, the child’s face stung as his white, tender skin was suddenly marked with red claw marks.

The child frowned and waved his hands to swat the furball away.

The furball darted agilely, dodging left and right, looking for any opportunity to leave a mark on the child. Its little paws stomped vigorously, and in no time, it had messed up the child’s meticulously arranged hair bun.

“Eldest Senior Sister, please get him away!”

“Chi, chi, chi!!!”

Seeing her little junior brother, who had maintained a cold expression all day, finally showed other emotions and began to resemble a child, the girl smiled with relief. She had been worried about how the two of them would get along, but this lively scene had alleviated her worry. “You two get along so well, don’t you? How nice!” She laughed.

Yao Jiuxiao suddenly opened his eyes. His brows furrowed for a moment before he exhaled slowly.

Lu Yaoyao had a blissful sleep in her new room. When she woke up the next morning, she was back in her pavilion. Seemed like Father had sent her back as promised!

Lu Yaoyao transformed back into her human form, feeling even happier and more energetic today as she went to class.

“Yaoyao! Yaoyao!” When she arrived at class, Wen Zixing ran over excitedly. After nearly a month of good life at the Guiyuan Sect, Wen Zixing was no longer as thin and haggard as he was when they first met. He had turned whiter and plumper, and while he had grown a bit, he was still on the smaller side.

Wen Zixing lifted Lu Yaoyao and spun her around before excitedly announcing the good news: “Attention, ladies and gentlemen. I successfully guided aura into my body last night!”


Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue quickly congratulated him. Lu Yaoyao was genuinely happy for her friend, as guiding aura into one’s body marked the first step towards cultivating. In the Cultivation Realm, having spiritual roots meant the potential for cultivation, and guiding aura into the body was like obtaining a pass to enter the world of cultivation. It was only when they reached the Foundation Establishment stage could they truly stepped on the road of a cultivator.

Lu Yaoyao felt proud of Wen Zixing’s achievement. Now, most of her friends had been able to cultivate. She couldn’t help but think of Li Dazhuang, who was still in the outer sect. She wondered how he was doing. The outer and inner sects were like two separate worlds, and without actively seeking information, it was impossible to know how those in the outer sect were faring. Lu Yaoyao still had a soft spot for the clumsy Li Dazhuang. Among their group of five, he was the only one unable to cultivate.

“Yaoyao, don’t be discouraged. We all believe you can do it,” After Wen Zixing expressed his excitement, he finally remembered that Lu Yaoyao was now the only one who hadn’t been able to draw aura into her body. Worried that she might feel down, he tried her best to console her.

“That’s right. Look at us, it took us until we were in our teens to succeed. You’re still young. When you grow up like us, you’ll definitely be able to draw aura into your body!”

With her hands behind her back, Lu Yaoyao stood tall with a serious expression on her chubby face. “I’ll tell you a secret.”

Wen Zixing was very supportive and even pretended to whisper, “What secret?”


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  1. I feel sad that her devil form only brought back unpleasant memories for her father, but it’s an interesting development to learn that Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu knew of each other when they were still children. I guess we’ll only be able to learn the truth behind their feud a long while later, though. On another note, I wonder how Lu Yaoyao will cultivate properly in the sect since her ability to access both her devil and dao auras has been sealed.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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