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THDP Ch 138 Part 3 – Encounter (III)

Meng Qi was startled: she knew this person!

Or rather, she had known him in her previous life.

Could it really be such a coincidence?

It had been a while since Meng Qi had encountered anyone related to Lu Qingran. Furthermore, she had been preoccupied with thoughts of Yun Qingyan lately and almost forgot about these matters. Now, suddenly facing this young man on the street, her heart was filled with a mixture of emotions, and she was momentarily stunned.

“Brat.” The Spirit Severing cultivator who was bullying the young man spoke again. “Next time you want to play the hero saving the beauty, consider your own abilities first. Today I’ll give you a little lesson and take just your left arm, but next time, I won’t show any mercy.”

After saying that, he raised his hand again, and the young man, who was initially suspended upside down, suddenly rotated. He was like a fish on a chopping board, completely unable to resist. His whole body trembled, and he was on the verge of being thrown down. According to the other cultivator’s words, his left arm would definitely be broken.

Meng Qi was still debating with herself, but her body moved faster than her mind. In the end, she couldn’t bear to watch someone having their arm broken in front of her…

“Junior Sister Meng!” Just then, a female voice suddenly rang out from the third floor of the restaurant. “Junior Sister Meng! Is that you?!”

The person shouted, “Please save him! I beg you to save him!”

“…” Meng Qi’s left hand had silently lifted, but the woman’s sharp voice made her pause abruptly.

“Oh?” In the blink of an eye, the Spirit Severing cultivator raised his hand again. The young man he had suspended in mid-air initially blocked Meng Qi from view, but now he shifted to the side, exposing her to everyone on the third floor.

“She is Meng Qi?” The windows on the third floor of the restaurant were fully open. The cultivator sat by the windows, looking down at Meng Qi with great interest.

Next to him sat the pale-faced Lu Qingran. She was full of tears and looked slightly disheveled. “Junior Sister Meng, please save him! I’m begging you!” She shouted at Meng Qi pleadingly. “He did this to save me, Junior Sister Meng…”

“Do you…?”Lu Qingran glanced at Meng Qi, then at the person sitting beside her. She recalled the name ‘Meng Qi’ that the person had just called out and seemed puzzled. “Do you know him? Please, I beg you, ask him to let him go! I’m begging you!” She continued.

“Shut up.” Meng Qi’s face was cold. If Lu Qingran hadn’t spoken so much, she would have quietly intervened when the man was thrown down. She could have made it appear as though the man had fallen awkwardly but without actually breaking his arm.

After all, the person on the third floor of the restaurant had a higher cultivation base. Meng Qi had no desire to entangle herself in a dangerous situation just to save someone.

“Junior Sister Meng…” Lu Qingran timidly looked at Meng Qi and called her softly, not daring to speak any further.

“So you are really Meng Qi.” The man sitting next to Lu Qingran smiled faintly. He raised his hand, and the young man who had been suspended in mid-air was immediately let down.

Meng Qi could see clearly that the man’s actions were different this time. The young man, who was now on the ground, seemed to have rolled a bit but wasn’t actually injured.

“Since it’s Fellow Daoist Meng Qi, I’ll give you face and let him go.” The man burst into laughter, and with a slight sway, he had already disappeared from the third floor and stood in front of Meng Qi.

“Junior Sister Meng.” Lu Qingran looked at Meng Qi in disbelief. What did that person say just now? He let the other person go because of Meng Qi? But why? She had cried and begged so much, but he hadn’t been moved at all. Why would he treat Meng Qi so differently? This person was already in the ninth realm of the Spirit Severing stage, only a few steps before the Void Comprehending stage!!

Lu Qingran’s head was full of doubts, unable to understand why Meng Qi become so respected now. Not only did Meng Qi have a crowd of loyal friends who only cared about her, but even a strong cultivator she had never seen before also gave her such special treatment. Just why?!

Meng Qi watched cautiously as the man lightly landed in front of her. Her left hand had already reached her storage space item. She had just been to Jingyue City’s relay station, and now her storage space contained the sixth-realm artifacts she had just purchased. Despite the person’s seemingly friendly attitude, she had no way to tell whether he was a friend or a foe.

“Fellow Daoist Meng, there’s no need to be afraid.” The man bowed to Meng Qi with a friendlier attitude than before. He smiled faintly and said, “I come from the Southern Realm, and perhaps Fellow Daoist Meng is more familiar with my junior brother.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi was momentarily stunned.

“Qin Xiumo,” the man smiled and said, “he is my junior brother.” Without waiting for Meng Qi to respond, he continued, “I have come to Jingyue City on the orders of my master, also to find my junior brother. If Fellow Daoist Meng knows about his whereabouts, could you please tell me?”

Meng Qi didn’t recognize this person, but she was aware of the conflicts and grudges surrounding Qin Xiumo. He was the most highly regarded disciple in the sect, but had been betrayed by his closest friend and almost fell into qi deviation, narrowly escaping death when he fled to the Eastern Realm. However, the man claiming to be Qin Xiumo’s senior brother was not the one who had stabbed him in the back. She had met that person in her previous life, and later, Qin Xiumo had wiped out his entire family. At that time, she was in the Southern Realm and went to treat the man’s pregnant wife, who was afflicted with a mysterious poison.

So, she could confirm that this senior brother was not the close friend who had betrayed Qin Xiumo. However, she had also heard in her previous life that Qin Xiumo, upon his return, had used force to intimidate the entire sect and made himself the sect leader. This matter later spread throughout the Three Thousand Worlds, earning Qin Xiumo the moniker ‘Little Devil Lord.’

This senior brother was likely one of those subdued by Qin Xiumo, and Meng Qi wasn’t sure whether he was a good person or not. “I don’t know where he is,” she said indifferently. “After leaving the Eastern Realm, we went our separate ways.”

“Oh?” The man raised an eyebrow and smiled. “In that case, it may be necessary for Fellow Daoist Meng to stay with us for a while. I believe my junior brother, who didn’t even return to the sect for Fellow Daoist Meng, will be anxious to see you when he learns you are with us.”


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