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THDP Ch 146 Part 2 – Dao Companion (II)

Inhaling deeply, Meng Qi looked at Yun Qingyan: “A-and thus, we have no choice but to become… to become Dao companions.”

She knew this was for the sake of the secrets in the jade slips, for the Ten Absolutes Mountain, and possibly for all cultivators in the Three Thousand Worlds or even the three realms. The Dao companion ritual was just a union of two cultivators, nothing more, and yet, Meng Qi’s face turned red as she spoke these words. Not just her face, but her ears also began to burn.

To Meng Qi, it was trivial; she was just a wandering cultivator in the Three Thousand Worlds, a solitary being without any affiliation. But Yun Qingyan was different; he was the White Tiger Sovereign, the one who held the Demon Monarch’s order, and the leader of the white tiger clan. He was also the ruler and monarch of the entire Demon Realm, and a powerful figure at the Comprehending Perfection stage.

Such a figure would surely be the object of admiration for countless women who would like to tie a Dao companion bond with him. Meng Qi didn’t need to look far for examples: in Three Thousand Worlds, young geniuses like Xue Chengxuan, Chu Tianfeng, and others were also very popular and heavily sought after.

The moment the two words ‘Dao companion’ left Meng Qi’s lips, she was awash with an unprecedented emotion. What had she… how dared she… but before she could sort her chaotic mind, she heard Yun Qingyan say, “Alright.”

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi’s face grew even hotter, “This is just… a temporary measure. Once this matter is resolved, we can naturally dissolve the Dao companion contract, and then…”

“Oh?” Yun Qingyan didn’t let her finish. Eyebrows raised, he asked lazily, “Do you perhaps have someone in mind to become Dao companions with?”

“N-no… no one…” Meng Qi stuttered.

“In that case, this matter has no impact,” Yun Qingyan’s gaze was inscrutable, his thoughts unreadable, “Let’s discuss the rest after you return from the Ten Absolutes Mountain.”

“Yes,” Meng Qi quickly nodded.

“So…” Yun Qingyan extended his hand to hold hers, “Your spiritual sense.”

Meng Qi felt like a puppet at this moment, moving her stiff body at Yun Qingyan’s command, and obediently sending out a strand of her spiritual sense. In Beyond The Heaven, one’s spiritual sense was used to leave a mark on various objects and confirm one’s identity. Yun Qingyan also sent out a strand of his spiritual sense. With Su Junmo having left, only the two of them remained in the room. Their strands of spiritual sense met in the air, and as they both raised their hands, those strands slowly entwined together.

Meng Qi watched this scene in a daze. The development of events was somewhat beyond her expectations, yet seemingly also inevitable. She watched as her and Yun Qingyan’s spiritual senses intertwined in the air and finally merged into one. Then, the now unified spiritual senses split into two again. Meng Qi shuddered as one strand entered her forehead.

With half of Yun Qingyan’s spiritual sense entering her body, it returned to her spiritual sea. Meng Qi looked on curiously; this was her first time becoming Dao companions with someone and she had never experienced anything like this. The strand of spiritual sense quickly integrated into her own spiritual sea, but it seemed somewhat different.

Meng Qi raised her head, looking at the handsome figure before her.

“Have you never become Dao companions with someone else?” Yun Qingyan sounded surprised. “Or even seen it? Hm?” His voice, right next to her ears, was deeper than before, husky, sounding like the sweetest tones of an ancient zither’s melody.

Meng Qi felt her ears grow even hotter. She unconsciously touched her ears, then quickly shook her head and honestly admitted, “It’s my first time.”

“Your natal weapon,” Yun Qingyan seemed in a good mood, “Call out your Five Spirits Cauldron.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi summoned the cauldron as instructed. The palm-sized cauldron floated gently beside her. As a Nascent Soul cultivator, she hadn’t been refining the Five Spirits Cauldron for long. As a result, although the cauldron, as her natal weapon, was inherently connected to her mind, it still lacked a certain liveliness.

But now, Meng Qi felt that she could sense a slight joy in the Five Spirits Cauldron.

Huh? She was surprised. So, becoming Dao companions had such benefits? They had just become Dao companions, and her natal weapon seemed to have gained more spirit.

Yun Qingyan flicked his finger, and the Five Spirits Cauldron immediately wobbled towards him.

Meng Qi really didn’t want to use the word ‘pounce,’ but the somewhat chubby Five Spirits Cauldron indeed seemed to pounce itself at Yun Qingyan. Its round body swayed in all directions, resembling a toddler asking for a hug from its parents.

Meng Qi: “…”

Soon, the Five Spirits Cauldron flew to Yun Qingyan’s side. The man in the white robe raised his hand, and the cauldron cozied up to him, rubbing against him joyfully like a clingy child.

Is this even possible?! Meng Qi was utterly astonished. A cultivator’s natal weapon, after enough nurturing, indeed possessed a degree of sentience, which depended on the level of the natal weapon itself and its master’s cultivation. However, it still shocked Meng Qi to witness her own natal cauldron fawning over Yun Qingyan.

“You can try it too,” Yun Qingyan said, flicking his finger. A white ball of light flew out, eventually hovering in mid-air.

Meng Qi suddenly remembered something, her heart skipping a beat. Sure enough, the white light wobbled in the air, stretched its limbs, and shook its little body, transforming into a small white tiger that looked almost identical to Yun Qingyan’s injured form. Semi-circular ears, deep blue eyes, fluffy and clean white fur, soft paws… so adorable that it could melt anyone’s heart!

The little white tiger wobbled in the air. Ever since Meng Qi knew that Yun Qingyan was Xiao Qi, and after losing him, she had secretly missed him many times. After all, they had traveled together, shared meals and lodgings, and she could pet him anytime she wanted. Little white tiger Xiao Qi especially loved to sleep beside her, incredibly cute and well-behaved.

Wanting… to pet…

Meng Qi no longer spared any attention to her Five Spirits Cauldron. Her eyes were fixed on the little white tiger. Sikong Xing’s primordial spirit was already very cute, but compared to that, Meng Qi preferred the adorable little Xiao Qi.

Can she… can she pet it?

Her left hand hanging by her side slowly curled its fingers, then stretched out again.

The little white tiger seemed to sense Meng Qi’s presence, turning its head slightly to look at her. Then, with a tilt of its head, it flung itself towards her.

Meng Qi quickly extended her hand to catch it. Though it was just a primordial spirit, the little furball felt almost the same as the real Xiao Qi. Its white fur was soft all over, and its fluffy little ears were as adorable as ever.

How cute… Meng Qi embraced the little white tiger, letting it lie in her arms, and gently scratched its chin. The little tiger raised its head, making a purring sound, its eyes slightly narrowed, looking utterly content. “So adorable,” Meng Qi turned to Yun Qingyan and said, “It’s a pity that we human cultivators can’t have primordial spirits. Demon cultivators sure are lucky.”

Yun Qingyan: “…”

With the little white tiger in her arms, Meng Qi seemed to forget everything else for a while. The tiger lay obediently in her embrace, even more well-behaved than the real Xiao Qi. Immersed in a blissful time, Meng Qi didn’t realize the auction had long since ended, and the entire auction hall had turned silent.


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Translator’s Note:

Name: Yun Qingyan

Occupation: Demon Monarch, White Tiger Sovereign

Side Job: Marriage Swindler

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