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ATCF Ch 25 Part 4 – We Like Her Sowing Discord (IV)

Communal sponsored chapters (2/2) by Mina, Nanrichan, AgnesSaulinaSitorus, Lala, Parsinger, Anon, Mim, Hikari, CoolBlue, zetnnik, and Glassheart77 on ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

Jiang Zhou’s words hit Feng Yun hard, leaving her speechless for a moment. “You… you… how can you be so heartless?”

Jiang Huai was equally seething with anger. He grabbed an ashtray on the table and hurled it at Jiang Zhou, who didn’t even flinch as the object smashed into his head, producing a deafening sound.

Jiang Ruo rushed to her brother’s side, panicking, “Brother, are you okay? Your forehead is swollen! I’ll call the doctor.”

Jiang Zhou grabbed her sleeve, “No need, I’m fine.”

His behavior left Feng Yun at a loss. For over a decade, she always thought that her son and daughter were particularly sensible and never needed her to worry about them. Now that this kind of situation has occurred, she simply doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Jiang Huai frowned and glanced at Jiang Zhou, then shifted his gaze to Jiang Ruo. Unlike his wife, he wasn’t easy to fool, and he never believed that his son was targeting Jiang Li because of a dispute over inheritance.

After a brief moment of thought, Jiang Huai understood why his son had said such things. With a heavy sigh, he yelled, “Go back to your room and reflect on your actions. Do not come out until you can figure things out!”

Jiang Zhou left the living room without saying another word. Feng Yun was worried about the wound on his forehead and hesitated whether to call him back. In the end, however, she remained silent.

As soon as Jiang Zhou left, Jiang Ruo followed silently before her parents noticed it.

After the two children left, a look of sadness washed over Feng Yun’s face, “How did A’Zhou become like this? How can…” Overwhelmed with emotions, Feng Yun was unable to continue. Both A’Zhou and Xiao Li were her children. She wished the siblings could get along well, but why did it backfire?

Jiang Huai also sighed, “I’ll call Jiang Li later and have a talk with her.”

Feng Yun nodded in agreement, “Xiao Li, she… I think she must be blaming us. As parents, we are indeed negligent, and it’s understandable for her to blame us.”

Jiang Huai stood up and put his arms around his wife, “I understand, but you shouldn’t blame yourself too much. She is with the Feng family now, and A’Zhou will not target her again.”

Feng Yun hesitated for a while and finally nodded. When she was young, her parents and elder brothers loved her very much, but later…

The three grandchildren of the Feng family were all boys. Dad and elder brothers would surely dote on Xiao Li even more!

As for her younger brother Feng Qi, he might dislike Xiao Li because of herself and her husband, but with Dad’s protection, there was no way Xiao Li would be wronged.

After comforting Feng Yun, Jiang Huai left the living room alone. To him, it was unlikely for Feng Qi to attack A’Zhou so decisively, unless Jiang Li said something. Given the Feng family’s tendency to defend their own, it was very likely for the old man to fall for his granddaughter’s provocation, leading to the current situation.

Therefore, he needed to contact Jiang Li and give her a severe reprimand.

But before that, he had to get Jiang Li’s phone number from his son.

Back to school on Sunday afternoon, after Jiang Li had lunch at home, she packed her stuff and was ready to go. What she packed was actually clothes and daily necessities prepared by her grandfather, uncles, and aunts. Most of them were left at home because she didn’t need them for now, yet she still ended up with several large bags.

Part of the stuff Jiang Li brought back to school was a large set of toiletries and body care products her second aunt prepared, plus a stack of study materials her second brother gave her.

As for Grandpa, he prepared a large bag of snacks, saying that girls shouldn’t starve themselves when they are away from home.

Eldest Uncle and his wife were the most straightforward. The couple sent her a thick red envelope and told her to buy whatever she liked.

Jiang Li was a bit speechless. Those who weren’t aware would have thought she was leaving for a long journey instead of returning to school for the week.

Jiang Li watched as her family members busily moved around. Their enthusiasm reminded her of her deceased housekeeper. The old man was like a family member to her, and his passing caused her so much grief that it led to her deteriorating health, ultimately leading to her decision to enter cryogenic freezing.

But this chain of events caused her to be transmigrated into the book and get to know the relatives of this ‘Jiang Li.’

The sudden vibration in her pocket returned Jiang Li to her senses. She took out her phone and saw an unfamiliar number – certainly not Jiang Zhou’s, because she had blocked him right after his last call.

When the call was connected, she heard Jiang Huai’s voice.

Very good. Another number to block.

“Jiang Li, I am aware that you have returned to the Feng family, and I also know that you are upset with us. However, you cannot rely on your new backing to instigate conflict and encourage outsiders to harm your real brother.” Jiang Huai’s voice sounded somewhat earnest, completely different from his previous bossy tone.

But Jiang Li was not impressed. “Do I have a real brother? Why have I never known it?” She asked curiously.

Jiang Huai: …

Suppressing the anger in his heart, he continued, “Do you understand what your behavior is called? If the Feng family saw your true face, would they still pamper you like now?”

“Thank you for your reminder, Mr. Jiang. I will take your advice to heart and keep my true face hidden from the Feng family, making it easier for me to continue sowing discord in the future.”

With her custody no longer in Jiang Huai’s hands, Jiang Li had no scruples. Her way of speaking was so infuriating that it could piss off the other party to death.

But when Jiang Li took two steps back to lean against the wall, she realized something was wrong.

The wall behind her…well, why did it feel… different?

As soon as she turned her head, she met her third uncle’s black eyes.

Jiang Li: …

Did Uncle hear what she said just now?

Feng Qi lowered his head and met the girl’s clearly nervous gaze. There was an imperceivable smile in his eyes, which Jiang Li didn’t notice, and he reached out to take the phone from her hand.

Jiang Li was stunned.

Feng Qi took the phone, changed to loudspeaker mode, and said calmly, “Our Feng family likes to listen to her sowing discord. Do you have opinions?”

Jiang Huai: …

Jiang Li was with Feng Qi?

It hadn’t even been one day since she returned to the Feng family; how could she get along so well with Feng Qi?

It was common sense that the third master of the Feng family was not an easy person to get along with!

Without waiting for Jiang Huai to respond, Feng Qi continued: “Moreover, shouldn’t you reflect on your behavior the most? This is what happens when a dog gets carried away about itself.”


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