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ATCF Ch 26 Part 3 – I’m Sending Her Off, You Guys Deliver Her Stuff (III)

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Feng Qi cast the dormitory teacher a chilly look before taking out his mobile phone and making a call. In just a few seconds, the call was connected, and Director Li’s joyful voice came from the receiver, “Is it you, Feng Qi? It’s rare for a busy man like you to call me. What’s going on?”

Director Li had taught countless students, many were excellent, but Feng Qi was definitely the best among them. Whenever he mentioned this former pupil of his, Director Li was awash with pride.

So, he was naturally delighted to receive Feng Qi’s call.

Feng Qi’s calm voice sounded, “Hello, Director Li. I am calling today in my capacity as a student’s guardian to make a formal complaint against one of your school staff.”

Director Li was stunned. After a while, he asked, “Who are you complaining about? What happened?”

“The dormitory teacher of the girls’ dormitory. She called my kid an orphan. Shouldn’t I complain?” Feng Qi’s voice was icy.

Director Li: …

Kid? Whose? If he remembered correctly, Feng Qi should be less than thirty and was still unmarried, so where did this kid come from?

Director Li was not the only one surprised, as Feng Song and Feng Bai also had bewildered expressions. They exchanged a glance and decided to step back and be bystanders. With Third Uncle here, there was no way Xiao Jiang Li would suffer any loss!

With her head tilted, Jiang Li looked at Feng Qi and fell into contemplation. Compared to Third Uncle, her way of handling things seemed a bit too gentle.

The dormitory teacher didn’t expect the man who claimed to be Jiang Li’s uncle to be so hard to deal with. Her attitude suddenly weakened, “It…it’s my duty to check the identity of the visitors! What’s wrong with you guys? Why do you have to make a fuss over small things?”

Unfortunately for her, no one paid attention.

Director Li rushed over and arrived less than ten minutes after receiving the call. When he discovered that the ‘kid’ mentioned by Feng Qi was actually Jiang Li, he was not particularly surprised.

All thanks to the gossip… no, to the information he digested from the students’ group class, which was his duty to monitor in order to ensure the well-being of his students.

As soon as Feng Bai saw Director Li, he immediately started complaining: “This teacher has no professionalism. We cannot trust her to manage the dorm where my sister lives! If you don’t want to fire her, then find another post for her. Considering her stinky language, I think she is suitable to clean the men’s toilet.”

Director Li: …

He hadn’t had time to open his mouth, yet this kid got worked up first.

“You guys go ahead and carry these stuff in. I will deal with your complaints now and will definitely give you a satisfactory answer. Alright?” Director Li rubbed his temples and said helplessly.

Seeing everything was settled, Feng Bai agreed, “Thank you, Director Li. Then you and our uncle can handle it here. My brother and I will take care of moving Jiang Li’s belongings upstairs.”

Once the photos of Jiang Li, Feng Qi, and the twins were uploaded to the forum, numerous people immediately replied to the thread, and some even revived the previous posts that doubted Jiang Li and Jiang Ruo’s identity. Multiple threads were linked together, conspicuously displayed on the front page, making it hard not to notice.

Sitting in her dorm, Jiang Ruo couldn’t stop refreshing the posts, her panic growing with each passing moment.

What she most feared finally happened.

She sent messages to her brother one after another, but no reply came, nor did he answer her calls. He probably wasn’t carrying his phone!

Jiang Zhou indeed didn’t see Jiang Ruo’s messages, nor could he answer her calls because he was currently being cornered by Tong Yi in an alley.

Jiang Zhou had long considered Tong Yi as nothing but a thug, and yet he never expected that Tong Yi would actually come to beat him.

Tong Yi was half a head taller than Jiang Zhou. Because of regular exercises, he had no excess fat, and his figure was quite sturdy.

After cornering Jiang Zhou, Tong Yi began beating him without saying a word, aiming for the head and face, knocking Jiang Zhou until he almost fainted.

Jiang Zhou had no power to fight back. All he could do was curl up on the ground and protect his vitals with his hands. But the bastard Tong Yi used fists and kicks mercilessly, completely treating him as a sandbag.

Indeed, Tong Yi really saw Jiang Zhou as a sandbag. Once he felt that he had vented enough, he stopped and dialed 1201 for Jiang Zhou.

When Jiang Zhou shot him a furious look, he pretended to lift his foot, which made Jiang Zhou immediately curl up in a ball again.

Tong Yi looked at him condescendingly, “I don’t care if you want to protect your fake sister, but if you dare to target my sister again, I will beat you half dead. Remember that.”

Holding back the pain, Jiang Zhou groaned hoarsely, “When did I target your sister?”

Tong Yi was an only child. There was indeed a daughter in the family of Tong Yi’s uncle, but she was still in elementary school, and Jiang Zhou swore he never had any interaction with the child!

He really didn’t know which nerve was wrong with Tong Yi.

Tong Yi snorted, “I forgot to tell you, but Jiang Xiao Li is already my younger sister. Now you know why I beat you?”

Although Jiang Xiao Li didn’t agree to be his younger sister, it didn’t matter. Jiang Zhou wouldn’t repeat these words to Jiang Xiao Li anyway.

And even if Jiang Zhou really went to ask Jiang Xiao Li, he simply wouldn’t admit it. Compared with Jiang Zhou, Jiang Xiao Li would definitely trust him more!

When Shen Mian’s fake suicide happened, Tong Yi wasn’t aware that Jiang Zhou was pulling the string behind the scene. He couldn’t fathom how Jiang Zhou could do such a beastly thing to a younger sister who was related to him by blood.

When he knew about this matter, Third Master Feng had already made a move. But Tong Yi was still not satisfied. Jiang Zhou was not qualified for a recommendation from begin with. Taking back what did not belong to him couldn’t be regarded as punishment.

So, Tong Yi decided to take the matter into his hands. Since he was already known as a delinquent, he would use a delinquent’s way to solve a problem.

If Jiang Zhou dared to bully Jiang Xiao Li again, he would hit him harder until his memory improved.

The ambulances in Minjiang City were dispatched quickly. When Tong Yi heard the siren, he ignored Jiang Zhou, who was still lying on the ground, and quickly left the alley.


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Author’s Note:

Jiang Ruo’s mobile phone: The brother you are calling is currently serving as a sandbag. Please try again later. Thank you.


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  • Greetings, Ninth Uncle
  1. . In mainland China, 120 is the emergency medical service number.

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