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ATCF Ch 26 Part 2 – I’m Sending Her Off, You Guys Deliver Her Stuff (II)

As Feng Qi drove to the research institute, he made a detour ‘by the way’ to send Jiang Li back to school. As for the twins who had been delegated as delivery couriers — they followed closely in their own car.

Feng Bai kept mumbling to his twin on the way, which all came to: “Did you feel that something was off with Third Uncle today?”

Their Third Uncle, a person who devoted his limited 24 hours a day to contribute to the never-ending challenge of scientific research, a person who paid attention to efficiency to the extreme, actually offered to send Xiao Jiang Li back to school? This was simply abnormal!

Feeling his ears start getting calluses, Feng Song sighed helplessly, “Haven’t you complained enough? If you have an opinion, go ahead and say that to Third Uncle.”

Feng Bai shrank back, “I still want to enjoy a few decades more of this beautiful world.”

Meanwhile, in Feng Qi’s car, Jiang Li sat in the co-pilot as he drove. “Third Uncle, what major did you take in university?” She tried to open a conversation.

“Pharmaceutical science.” Feng Qi replied shortly.

Jiang Li nodded, “I guess so.”

Seeing the longing in her eyes, Feng Qi asked casually: “Are you interested in this major?”

Jiang Li nodded immediately, “Yes. I also want to study medicine.”

Seeing that she was serious, Feng Qi gave sincere advice, “You still have another three years in high school to decide your major. If you still want to take this major by the time of the college entrance examination, I will give you guidance.”

Jiang Li’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Feng Qi nodded, but he reminded her, “My work is also my hobby, but many people think pharmaceutical science is hard and boring. Before you make your decision, you can follow me to learn more about this major.”

Jiang Li was overjoyed, “Thank you, Third Uncle.”

Of course, she wouldn’t change her dream major just because of the perception that studying pharmaceutical science was boring. But if Third Uncle was willing to take her to experience the field in advance, she naturally couldn’t ask for more!

The corners of Feng Qi’s mouth raised slightly. He suddenly felt that this child was relatively easy to please.

But, if she really ended up studying pharmaceutical science, the old man at home would probably start nagging him again.

The car drove steadily and soon arrived at the gate of Minjiang International School. Although Feng Qi was also an alumnus, it had been many years since he graduated and last visited this alma mater.

He exited the car and went to the security post to register. The security guard stared at him for a while, then asked uncertainly, “Excuse me, are you Mr. Feng, the recipient of the Lasker Medical Award?”

Feng Qi nodded, “Yes.”

The guard’s eyes lit up. He tore off a piece of paper from his notebook and eagerly looked up at Feng Qi, “Can you sign it for me, Sir?”

Before Feng Qi could react, the guard quickly explained, “My youngest granddaughter is a fan of yours. She even said that she wants to be a scientist just like you. This autograph is for her.”

In fact, the reason why the granddaughter liked Feng Qi extended beyond his scientific achievements. Mostly it was for his handsome look, which certainly was the top of the top in the scientific community.

The security guard didn’t understand his granddaughter’s enthusiasm, but he knew that the girl would be ecstatic if he could get Feng Qi’s autograph for her.

Feng Qi frowned and was just about to decline the request when he caught sight of the proud expression on Jiang Li’s face. Chuckling lightly, he proceeded to sign his name on the piece of paper.

After getting the autograph, the security guard carefully folded the paper and kept it safe in his shirt pocket. He then looked up, and only then did he notice Jiang Li, who was standing well-behaved next to Feng Qi. He recognized this girl, who had become famous recently for one reason after another.

He asked curiously, “Mr. Feng, are you here to send Jiang Li to school?”

Before Feng Qi could answer, Jiang Li nodded and said, “Yes, he is my uncle.”

The security guard looked at them with admiration, “It’s no wonder. Your whole family is a bunch of academic brilliants, and your looks are out of this world too. It must run in your genes.”

The security guard hadn’t finished admiring when he saw a pair of twin brothers coming in. He knew these two. They had attended this school a few years ago. Identical twins were always eye-catching, not to mention that the brothers were also top students, with one even scoring first in the high school entrance examination.

Although the security guard couldn’t tell which of them was the elder brother and which one was the younger brother, he vaguely remembered that the twins’ surname was Feng — one was Feng Song, and the other was Feng Bai.

These two also came to school last Sunday, why were they here again today?

He cast a doubtful gaze at the twins before turning to Feng Qi and Jiang Li, “Do you know each other?”

Feng Bai grinned, “Uncle, take a good look. Do we look alike?”

The security guard nodded, “Well, pretty similar.” A group of high IQs!

Feng Bai snapped his fingers, “Congratulations, you got the correct answer.” He pointed to Jiang Li, “This is our younger sister. My brother and I are here to send her to school. We bring quite a lot of things with us, so please allow our car to drive in.”

The security guard nodded: “Go ahead. I’ll register for you.”

Because he knew their identities, there was no need for the twins to register.

As students trickled back onto campus on Sunday, there weren’t many people congregating at the school gate. However, Jiang Li and the people of the Feng family stood out among the crowd, catching the attention of passersby. Many students couldn’t help but slow down to take a closer look.

All of them recognized Jiang Li, and many had also been following the gossip in the school forum for the past two days. Hearing Jiang Li called Jiang Ruo’s twin cousins ‘brothers,’ they were all baffled.

Some students overheard their conversation. Jiang Li clearly called the man her uncle and the twins also called Jiang Li their younger sister. Unable to contain their hearts of gossip, some of them secretly took photos of the group.

The photos were immediately posted on the forum. Of course, anonymously. Even if Jiang Ruo’s fans came to bite after getting the news, they were not afraid.

Photos alone were obviously not enough. Some people began to wonder about the identity of Jiang Li’s uncle. From the security guard’s reaction just now, this person was definitely not ordinary.

Too bad they only heard the old guard calling Jiang Li’s Uncle ‘Mr. Feng’ and didn’t get his full name to search.

Jiang Li had been aware that someone had been covertly taking pictures of them for a while now. She could easily guess their motive and, thus, saw no need to intervene.

Together with the twins, Feng Qi drove Jiang Li directly to the girls’ dormitory. Then, the three carried the luggage off the car, intending to send her to her room.

The dormitory teacher noticed the eye-catching group. With a frown, she came and stopped them, “Men are not allowed in the girls’ dormitory.” She said sternly.

Feng Qi turned around and explained: “I am Jiang Li’s uncle.”

The dormitory teacher sneered, “You claim to be her uncle and expect me to believe that? Everyone at this school knows that Jiang Li is an orphan. Could it be that you are actually her boyfriend?”

The words ‘orphan’ and ‘boyfriend’ instantly turned Feng Qi’s expression icy.

Feng Song frowned, “This is not an appropriate comment for a teacher to make. Please apologize to my sister.”

Feng Bai, on the other hand, didn’t have his twin’s patience and cursed back, “Who is an orphan?! You are the orphan; your whole family is the orphan!”

The dormitory teacher had never been so insulted, and it took her a while to recover from Feng Bai’s sudden attack. Once she returned to her sense, she belatedly realized that the three guys’ clothes and demeanor were not ordinary.

But she was already preconceived the moment she saw them with Jiang Li. Coupled with the young and handsome look of the man who claimed to be Jiang Li’s uncle, she immediately decided they were lying and couldn’t wait to expose them.

Under the pressuring aura of these people, the dormitory teacher finally realized that calling Jiang Li ‘orphan’ was inappropriate behavior, even if it was a truth.

But there was no way she could apologize! Her pride as a teacher wouldn’t allow it!

What’s more, one of the boys even cursed her family as orphans. Why should she apologize to them?

With these thoughts, the dormitory teacher frowned and said stubbornly, “As far as I know, Jiang Li has no family members. If you can’t prove that you are her family, I can’t let you in.”


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  1. I have a feeling he might have that register with him…
    How can a teacher act like that? Not afraid of getting penalized or losing her job at all.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

    1. I dont think it was an inappropriate behaviour. This is the girls dorm and suddenly 3 handsome guys tried to enter claiming to be relatives of publicly known orphan. If the teacher had let them go and they did XXX inside and this was found out her life would be over. Though yes calling MC orphan to her face was rude but she needed to explain why she didnt believe them. I am also a teacher so maybe this is job bias but who knows.

      1. Yeah, she’s right to double-check since MC is known to have no blood relatives but her tone and choice of words was super inappropriate.

        Don’t MC and the Third Uncle look very alike though?

      2. It was actually very inappropriate to make claims like that because for students passing by to hear it such things might think it actually true and then spread rumors of such things as prostituting herself to older gentlemen or things of a similar nature.
        Also, that teacher already has beef with Jiang Li, so she’s already biased against her, otherwise instead of blatantly claiming Feng Qi’s lying and then aggressively stating he’s more likely her boyfriend, she should instead have gently/politely stated her concerns for allowing unknown males to enter the dormitory and then requested proof of such identification. In general, she could and should have approached the issue differently, but instead let her preconceived notions and pride get the best of her decisions.

  2. I wonder how they’ll prove their relationship. Will they get Jiang Ruo to recognise them or does third uncle have his household register with him or something?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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