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ATCF Ch 27 Part 1 – No Longer Her Exclusive Snack Provider (I)

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After dealing with Jiang Zhou, Tong Yi returned to the dormitory for a shower and a change of clothes. Just as he was preparing to return to the classroom, his phone began to ring, and it was indeed his uncle calling.

He answered it with a lazy tone, “What’s up?”

“Can’t I call just to check on you?” Uncle Tong’s voice sounded particularly helpless.

Tong Yi yawned, “I’m busy gaming. If there’s nothing, I’m hanging up.”

“No, wait.” Uncle Tong stopped him, “Did you beat Jiang Huai’s son today?”

“Yes. Jiang Huai comes to you to complain?” Tong Yi replied nonchalantly.

Uncle Tong said helplessly: “I never said a word when you got into those fights before, but Jiang Huai’s status is different. Why do you have to pick a fight with his son…”

“If I want to beat someone, should I care whose son he is? Anyway, I trust you’ll help me take care of things, won’t you, Uncle?” Tong Yi said arrogantly.

Uncle Tong sighed, “That boy had one of his ribs broken, but he will be fine after a period of recuperation. It’s not a minor injury, though. I will talk to Jiang Huai later, but ah, you are no longer a child. You should think about the consequences before doing something reckless, alright?”

“No problem!” Tong Yi’s tone was still nonchalant.

After ending the call, Tong Yi tossed his phone aside with a mocking smile. He had no doubt that his good uncle would help him clean up the mess, but at the same time, he would also make sure that everyone knew who had caused Jiang Zhou to be hospitalized.

The dormitory teacher had worked at Minjiang International School for nearly ten years and never imagined that she would be fired one day. Even if she spoke harshly at times, most students would just endure it. Those like Jiang Li, who dared to speak out, were rare, and she had never encountered a parent like Jiang Li’s uncle, who refused to yield in an argument and insisted on making things unnecessarily big.

However, Director Li seemed to be thoroughly disgusted by the word ‘orphan’ she spoke and thought she was unfit for this job. As a result, he ordered her to collect her final salary and immediately leave the premise.

Despite her reluctance, the dormitory teacher had no choice but to accept her dismissal. Minjiang International School was a private middle school. Although Director Li was just a Director of Teaching and Learning, he was close with the board of directors. He could make the decision to fire an ordinary employee at his discretion, and no one would speak against him for her.

In the end, the dormitory teacher was forced to leave in despair. But she wasn’t aware that Director Li’s decision to terminate her employment was not solely due to Jiang Li’s incident. Prior to today, he had received anonymous complaints from students about her behavior, including accepting gifts from parents, treating students unfairly, and speaking harshly. However, since the students feared reprisals, they chose to remain anonymous, leaving him with no way to take action. So, when Feng Qi came to him with a complaint today, Director simply took this opportunity to dismiss her from the job.

The way he saw it, the dormitory teacher’s strictness when it came to student discipline could be justified, but her lack of basic compassion was not. Jiang Li had a strong mental fortitude, and she herself was not an orphan, so she was able to treat her words as nothing. But what if Jiang Li’s mentality was more fragile? Such a good student might end up developing psychological trauma because of a teacher’s careless words. For the sake of the well-being of the students, he couldn’t let such people stay in the school.

After dealing with the dormitory teacher, Director Li turned to Feng Qi and asked with a skeptical tone, “Are you really Jiang Li’s uncle?”

Feng Qi’s eyebrow raised slightly, “Don’t you think we look alike?”

Director Li scrutinized Feng Qi’s face for a while, “Your eyes are indeed a bit similar. But Jiang Li’s eyelashes are longer, and she looks much more lovable.”

Director Li was a teacher through and thorough. He usually didn’t pay attention to other people’s appearance, including the students, and only cared about their morality and academic achievements, so he had never realized it before.

A smile floated on the corner of Feng Qi’s lips, “Well, I also think we are just barely similar, but the old man at home insisted that we look very much alike and even dug out a photo of my childhood for comparison. What a trouble.”

Director Li: …

No, you don’t look troubled at all. On the contrary, you seem to be proud!

But this proved that Jiang Li was indeed the daughter of the Jiang family, which meant that Jiang Ruo had occupied an identity that wasn’t hers for more than ten years and refused to admit it when the rightful owner returned.

Jiang Ruo’s behavior could barely be understood as a teen’s vanity, and Shen Mian’s incident against Jiang Li could possibly be blamed on Jiang Zhou alone.

But the Jiang couple was something else. They didn’t admit their daughter’s identity after finding her and didn’t even care when she was being bullied. Their brains probably had been sucked dry by zombies!

Well, looking at it from a different perspective, it might not be surprising that such brain-dead parents could raise a similarly brain-dead kid like Jiang Zhou.

Jiang Li brought Feng Song and Feng Bai to her room upstairs. The instant she pushed open the door, she was greeted with Lin Yu’s delightful enthusiasm, “Jiang Li, you are finally back! You have no idea how lonely I have been without you!” She then noticed the twins, “Eh? Who are they?”

Lin Yu’s eyes widened. Although she had guessed that something was amiss with Jiang Li and Jiang Ruo’s identity, a guess was just that: a guess. Now that she saw the rumored twins appear with Jiang Li, her heart fluttered with excitement. Finally, the moment of truth!

Feng Bai friendly introduced himself: “We are Xiao Jiang Li’s brothers, cousin brothers. Are you her roommate?”

Lin Yu nodded. She hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help asking: “But I heard that you are Jiang Ruo’s…”

Feng Bai snorted in disgust, “Nonsense. We have nothing to do with that impostor.”

As soon as the word ‘impostor’ came out from Feng Bai, Lin Yu could no longer contain her excitement. She quickly turned to Jiang Li, her eyes shining with the thirst for gossip, “You… are you the Jiang family’s real daughter? You are, aren’t you? Oh my god, I actually roommate with a rich heiress…”

“Hey, hey, wait a minute. Our Xiao Jiang Li has nothing to do with the Jiang family. Her household registration is now in our Feng family, and she belongs to us, understand?”

Feng Bai’s tone was rude, but Lin Yu selectively ignored it. Like a chicken pecking on rice, she nodded mechanically at Feng Bai, then turned her attention back to Jiang Li, “Do you want me to keep it secret?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “There’s nothing to keep.”

She had kept silent before and cooperated with the Jiang family’s rhetoric only because her household registration and custody were still in their hands. She didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble, so she did not openly confront them.

But now, she had completely broken away from the Jiang family and even gained a real family. Of course, she no longer needed to keep anything secret for the Jiang family’s sake.

Upon hearing Jiang Li’s answer, Lin Yu couldn’t contain her excitement anymore and hastily reached for her phone to share the juicy gossip with the various group chats she was a part of.

Feng Bai was very satisfied with her reaction. He had long been displeased with that impostor Jiang Ruo and was more excited than any others to see her getting unlucky.

Let’s see… alright, once he was back on campus, he would immediately check the school forum and watch the fire burning!


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