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ATCF Ch 29 Part 3 – Seventeen and a Half Years Is Still a Minor (III)

Tong Yi grind his teeth in frustration and couldn’t help but show a helpless expression.

Yes, he had been invited, but it was as a future nephew.

If the invitation came from Jiang Xiao Li, he could pass as her friend!

Tong Yi looked at Jiang Li seriously and said, “Jiang Xiao Li, you disappoint me so much. How could you say such things just to save an invitation card!”

Jiang Li: …

The big sleepyhead’s reaction was more like she hadn’t paid back the money she owed him and planned to run away rather than not inviting him to a party.

Alright. A sensible person shouldn’t argue with a sleep-deprived teenager.

So Jiang Li picked up the pen on the table and wrote Tong Yi’s name again.

Tong Yi smiled with a sense of relief and reached under the desk to take out a package of bear-shaped biscuits. “Your reward.”

Jiang Li shook her head. “I’ve been liking this lately.” She took out a lollipop prepared by her grandpa. “Do you want one?”

Tong Yi: …

Old Master Feng even prepared this kind of thing used to coax children?

But after hesitating for two seconds, he still took the lollipop from Jiang Li’s hand and tore open the wrapper before putting it in his mouth.

At this moment, Director Li pushed open the door of Class 3-1 and found that most of the students were diligently doing their homework. He couldn’t help but show a pleased smile.

But when his gaze shifted to the back row, he discovered that Tong Yi was actually eating a lollipop, which instantly made him took a look of disdain.

This kid was regressing more and more. How could he eat such childish things?

However, it was still recess now, and he couldn’t be bothered to care.

After Director Li entered the classroom, he went straight to the back row and put an envelope on Jiang Li’s desk.

Jiang Li looked at Director Li with puzzled eyes, not understanding what he meant.

“Those reporters from before have caused you psychological trauma. I reported the incident to the police, but they refused to pay compensation, so I filed a lawsuit. As soon as they received the subpoena, they came crawling back to settle with me.”

As Director Li spoke, his eyes narrowed with a smile, revealing his current good mood.

Jiang Li promptly expressed her gratitude, “Thank you, Director Li, for going through all this trouble.”

Tong Yi noticed that Jiang Li was no longer as obsessed with money as before. Seeing that her eyes didn’t light up at the sight of the envelope, he reached out and took it, saying, “Since you don’t lack money now, if you don’t know how to manage it, you can invest it with me!”

With a lollipop in his mouth, Tong Yi spoke with a slightly slurred voice.

Director Li looked at him with disgust, “You are already so big, yet you still scam young girls for money. Do you have any shame?”

Tong Yi raised an eyebrow at Director Li, “I’m still a minor, thank you.”

Director Li snorted coldly, “Yes, seventeen and a half years is still a minor.”

Tong Yi: …

He felt inexplicably attacked.

Tong Yi decided not to argue with an elderly person and turned to Jiang Li, saying, “If you have spare money, you can let me help you invest it. It’s a guaranteed profit, no loss.”

Jiang Li was skeptical. “Investments that guarantee profits without losses?”

Tong Yi nodded with great confidence. “Maybe others can’t do it, but I certainly can.”

Director Li wanted to remind Tong Yi to maintain his image as a second-generation wastrel, but when he noticed the disdainful expressions on the surrounding students’ faces, he found he was overthinking.

When an image was maintained for too long, and everyone believed it, there was no need to continue upholding it.

Because even if you occasionally showed your true self, others would think you’re just pretending!

Then Director Li saw Jiang Li taking back the envelope filled with money from Tong Yi’s hands and said, “I think saving accounts are more reliable than investing.”

As he looked at Tong Yi’s defeated look, Director Li couldn’t help but feel amused.

Jiang Li’s thought was correct. After all, who would trust an underage person to invest their money?

After receiving the call from Qin Lin, Qin Zheng felt his inner conflicts were finally resolved. He immediately requested leave from the teacher and left the school.

He knew about Jiang Zhou being admitted to the hospital because of Tong Yi, and he also knew which hospital Jiang Zhou was in, including the room number. This was because Ruoruo had previously sent him a message explaining the situation in detail.

However, at that time, he still felt resentful in heart and did not visit Jiang Zhou or even reply to Ruoruo’s message.

Now, he finally knew what a helpless situation was Ruoruo in.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Qin Zheng did not call Ruoruo. After inquiring about the location of the inpatient department from the front desk, he headed straight to Jiang Zhou’s room.

The door to the room was open, and even before reaching the entrance, he could hear Ruoruo’s distinct voice.

“Why isn’t Mom back yet? Could it be she’s being troubled by the Feng family?”

Jiang Zhou’s comforting voice quickly rang, “No, that won’t happen. Grandpa used to love her the most, so he won’t give her a hard time.”

“But… will Grandpa agree to Mom’s request?” Jiang Ruo still felt worried.

Jiang Zhou fell silent for a few seconds, “If Grandpa doesn’t agree, I’ll go find Jiang Li. As long as Jiang Li is willing to intercede, Grandpa will definitely agree.”

“But I don’t think Jiang Li will be willing.” Jiang Ruo’s voice was full of depression.

Jiang Zhou assured her softly, “For your sake, I can apologize to her.”

As he listened to the conversation in the hospital room, Qin Zheng found it particularly absurd.

Jiang Zhou had schemed against Jiang Li so maliciously that he thought there was deep animosity between them.

But later, he learned that Jiang Li was actually Jiang Zhou’s own sister, a long-lost sister who had just been brought back home. Jiang Zhou had schemed against her right after she was reunited with the family.

Now, Jiang Zhou spoke with such casualness, saying that he would go and apologize to Jiang Li, but with conditions attached to the apology.

Did he think that Jiang Li must forgive him when he apologizes?


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