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ATCF Ch 29 Part 2 – Seventeen and a Half Years Is Still a Minor (II)

Seeing that Jiang Li’s popularity was gradually improving, Zhou Li, who sat right in front of her, was feeling upset. Rationally speaking, he knew that Jiang Li hadn’t done anything wrong. She was mistakenly taken away when she was young, and after being found, her parents refused to acknowledge her. There were also classmates who misunderstood her as the illegitimate child of the Jiang family. It could be said that she has had a very pitiful life.

But Jiang Li was too outstanding. Even if the Jiang family refused to acknowledge her, she could still grow freely and shine brightly.

And now, the Feng family had taken her in. From now on, she was the young miss of a wealthy and prestigious family. She would have a smooth road ahead and no longer have to face ridicule because of her birth.

But what about Ruoruo?

Ruoruo was such a nice girl. She was a well-known child star, her grades were excellent, and most importantly, she was always so gentle and kind.

But just because her identity was exposed, she was now perceived as a thief by the public, causing her to not even dare to go to school.

During the PE period, Tong Yi was absent from the classroom. Zhou Li saw Jiang Li sitting calmly at the back, working on her exercises, and couldn’t help turning around to ask, “Did you expect today’s situation?”

Jiang Li glanced at him. Not wanting to bother with a fool, she continued to focus on her papers.

But Zhou Li thought she was feeling guilty and continued speaking loudly with self-righteousness, “Others may be deceived by you, but not me. You planned this from the beginning, enduring everything to make everyone sympathize with you after knowing the truth, and then dislike Ruoruo even more.”

The chatter and babbled were quite noisy. Jiang Li finally lifted her gaze from her book and asked, “How did I deceive you?”

“You never told anyone that you are the Jiang family’s biological daughter.” Zhou Li asserted confidently.

Jiang Li looked at him as if he were a fool, “Did Jiang Ruo tell you?”

“Ruoruo… she must have her reason.” Zhou Li’s confidence suddenly wavered. Ruoruo was so gentle and kind. She never even raised her voice when talking with others. How could such a gentle girl plot against Jiang Li?

But Jiang Li was different. As she planned, everyone hated Ruoruo now, but he wouldn’t be fooled by her!

After recently reuniting with her family, Jiang Li was in an unusually good mood, so she took time to patiently explain to Zhou Li: “Neither I nor Ruoruo told anyone the truth, but I am not the one benefiting from it, she is. Do you understand?”

Jiang Li suddenly turned ‘gentle,’ which made Zhou Li feel quite uncomfortable. His ears slightly reddened, and he was about to say something to ease the atmosphere when he heard Jiang Li’s voice again.

“If you still don’t understand, then I call you a fool, alright? I assume you wouldn’t mind.”

Zhou Li: …

Sure enough, being gentle and whatnot were just illusions. Jiang Li was still the same Jiang Li.

What made Zhou Li even more frustrated was that the remaining students who didn’t attend the PE class also joined in attacking him.

“Calling him a fool is already giving him too much credit. Fools may be foolish, but they are not persistently obstinate.”

“Anyone who sympathizes with Jiang Ruo is both foolish and venomous. When others maliciously speculated about Jiang Li’s identity before, Jiang Ruo didn’t utter a word. Who knows, she might have secretly laughed at us, being led around by her.”

“That’s right! Zhou Li, if you sympathize with Jiang Ruo, you can take a leave of absence with her and come back just in time for the entrance exam.”

“That’s probably not possible. Haven’t you noticed that Qin Zheng didn’t come to class this afternoon? He must have gone to find Jiang Ruo. If Zhou Li also goes there, they’ll definitely end up fighting!”

“You’re underestimating Qin Zheng. How could he fight Zhou Li? All he needs is a single glance, and Jiang Ruo will voluntarily ask Zhou Li to leave.”

“That’s true. After all, they’ve been childhood sweethearts. Zhou Li is at most a lackey!”

As Zhou Li endured the mockery, he wished he could vanish into thin air. He had made a mistake — he should have never provoked Jiang Li!

When Jiang Li was still isolated, he already couldn’t argue with her, let alone now when Jiang Li was riding high and had so many people helping her.

All he could do now was lie low and endure the mockery.

After shooing away a buzzing fly, Jiang Li finished the last question on the mock exam. She then took out a red pen to grade her answers while contemplating whom to invite to the banquet.

After the family discussed about it, they decided to hold the banquet on the weekend after the high school entrance examination. Grandpa suggested inviting all the classmates with whom she had good relationships, but Jiang Li thought for a while and realized that she didn’t have many close friends.

Although Tong Yi could be considered one, he had previously mentioned that he was close with her eldest brother, so he would definitely receive an invitation from him.

In the end, the first person Jiang Li decided to invite was the girl who helped her up during the PE exam. The girl’s name was Zhou Tian, a student from class 3-3. They had met in the cafeteria before, where Jiang Li thanked her, invited her to a meal, and exchanged QQ numbers.

After thinking it through, Jiang Li wrote down the name of the first person to invite in her notebook.

At that moment, Tong Yi returned to the classroom. As he walked toward his seat, his gaze casually swept over Jiang Li’s notebook. Curious, he asked, “Who is Zhou Tian?”

Jiang Li explained, “She’s the person who helped me up during the PE exam.”

Tong Yi took a big sip of mineral water and teased, “Are you afraid of forgetting, so you’re taking notes?”

Jiang Li rolled her eyes, “This is the guest list for the banquet.”

Tong Yi walked past her, pulled out the chair, and sat down, “Are you struggling with who to invite?”

Jiang Li nodded. She was indeed really struggling.

Tong Yi chuckled lightly, “When you encounter problems, you should know how to seek help. Let me help you!”

After saying that, he took Jiang Li’s notebook and wrote two big characters on it: Tong Yi.

Jiang Li: …

She expressionlessly took the notebook back and crossed out Tong Yi’s name.

Tong Yi looked at her incredulously, “Jiang Xiao Li, are you saying you never plan to invite me?”

Jiang Li looked at him with a puzzled expression, “You said you were close with my eldest brother, so I thought he had already invited you.”

Tong Yi ground his teeth in frustration and couldn’t help but show a helpless expression.

Yes, he had been invited, but it was as a future nephew.

If the invitation came from Jiang Xiao Li, he could pass as her friend!


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