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DDDV Ch 111 Part 2 – Lu Junyang (II)

“Shuang’er, stop causing trouble,” Fairy Yunsi lightly reprimanded. She looked at Lu Yaoyao apologetically and said, “Little sister, I’m sorry for what happened earlier. We were at fault for startling you. Please forgive us and don’t take it to heart.”

“Big sister, too.” Lu Yaoyao looked at the young lady standing behind.

Fairy Yunsi looked at the woman in white and apologized, “I’m sorry.” Her cold voice was filled with remorse.

Lu Yaoyao blinked her eyes and looked at Mo Shuang’er, “She still hasn’t apologized to us.”

Fairy Yunsi turned to Mo Shuang’er, “Shuang’er?”

Her voice carried no forcefulness, but Mo Shuang’er felt wronged, and her eyes turned red. “I’m sorry.” She finally said in a resentful tone.

Then she stormed out of the shop and disappeared in an instant.

Lu Yaoyao saw Mo Shuang’er crying and running away, but she didn’t mind. She generously said, “I forgive you all!” She then looked at the woman in white and asked, “And what about you, sister?”

The woman smiled, “I forgive them too.”

Lu Junyang turned around and his gaze unintentionally fell on the face of the woman in white. For a moment, his eyes became fixed, and he felt a strange sensation in his heart. Why did he encounter two people who made him felt inexplicably familiar today?

The crisp laughter in his ears brought Lu Junyang back to his senses. He slightly averted his gaze and also smiled.

“Here are two jade pendants. Wearing them regularly can nourish the body. Please accept them as compensation from us,” Fairy Yunsi said. As she spoke, she took out two almost identical jade pendants from her storage ring. The emerald green color was flawless, and the exquisite carvings were dazzling in the palm of her hand.

When the cultivators around saw the jade pendants, they murmured in surprise. Both items were clearly fine pieces, so bright they seemed to emanate a milky white halo, which was beneficial for cultivation. Some people couldn’t help but feel envy. As expected of the beloved disciple of Biyun Sect, very few people could casually offer such valuable things as compensation.

Seeing Fairy Yunsi and Mo Shuang’er apologizing, Lu Junyang smiled warmly and declined on Lu Yaoyao’s behalf, “There is no need to be so polite, Fellow Daoist Sang. It was just a small misunderstanding. We can settle it through communication. No need for compensation.”

As Lu Junyang spoke, he glanced at Lu Yaoyao and the white-dressed woman.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Sang Yunsi, and she sweetly smiled, “Big brother is right.”

The woman in white also said calmly, “No need for compensation.”

Hearing this, Sang Yunsi didn’t linger. She retrieved the jade pendants and nodded briefly at Lu Junyang before walking out of the shop.

The number one beauty in the Cultivation Realm had left, and a few cultivators gave out dry chuckles before leaving the shop as well. However, most of the crowd remained inside. They originally gathered here to watch a certain cultivator who boasted about his ability to pursue the beauty. Now that the show was over, they decided to stay over and tried to get acquainted with Guiyuan Sect’s chief disciple.

Of course, just standing around wasn’t appropriate. They started buying various items, instantly bringing a lively atmosphere to the shop.

The shop assistant wiped off his sweat and approached respectfully, calling out, “Young Master Lu!” It was fortunate that Young Master Lu had arrived; otherwise, he didn’t know how it would end.

“In the future, if something like this happens again, don’t be afraid of causing trouble. Handle it appropriately.” Lu Junyang wasn’t quite satisfied with the shop assistant. When something happened in the shop, the assistant was anxious and clueless, taking no action.

The shop assistant’s face was filled with shame, “Yes, Young Master Lu.” His face turned red.

Lu Yaoyao quickly spoke in a childish voice, “This big brother is very nice.” Although the shop assistant didn’t have much ability to adapt, he was nice to a child who wandered alone into the shop, and he didn’t get angry or scold her when she ate the pill.

Seeing the girl speak up on his behalf, the shop assistant gave her a grateful glance.

Lu Junyang’s expression softened slightly. “In that case, let’s not let it happen again.”

As they talked, a middle-aged man walked out from the backyard of the shop. When he saw Lu Junyang standing in the store, he warmly approached, “Young Master Lu!”

Lu Junyang had a gentle expression. “Uncle Zhang.”

“I have everything prepared,” the shopkeeper surnamed Zhang saw Lu Junyang holding a little girl and was momentarily surprised. However, he was unaware of the commotion that had occurred in the shop earlier and assumed she was the descendant of some elder from the Guiyuan Sect.

The Danxin Hall was a shop established by the Alchemy Hall of the Guiyuan Sect. Unlike the Medicine Sect or Sword Sect, which specialized in one path, the cultivators in the Guiyuan Sect pursued various paths such as sword cultivation, alchemy, talisman, and more. With a heritage of thousands of years, the Guiyuan Sect possessed profound foundations, and, apart from Dao Venerable Hengwu, had also produced many outstanding and talented individuals throughout its history. Currently, the most formidable sword cultivator in the Cultivation Realm was Dao Venerable Hengwu, while the top alchemist was the elder who led the Alchemy Hall in the Guiyuan Sect. Guiyuan also had quite a number of talents in talisman cultivation.

Hall Master Mo from the Alchemy Hall was obsessed with his craft, and he was especially fond of researching and refining peculiar pills. As a result, the cultivators under him were also caught up in this obsession. The primary purpose of the Alchemy Hall was to supply the sect’s disciples with all the pills they needed, and any surplus was sold through the Danxin Hall, which was Guiyuan Sect’s front business in medicine.

Although Shopkeeper Zhang was an ordinary mortal who couldn’t cultivate, he was a direct descendant of the Alchemy Hall’s elder, making the disciples of the Guiyuan Sect very respectful towards him.

“No rush,” Lu Junyang said gently, “just wait a moment.” He looked at the woman in white and gestured to a fellow disciple beside him to help her up. “I apologize for the inconvenience our guest experienced in the shop.”

The woman smiled, “You’ve already helped us restore justice, haven’t you?”

Her smile made Lu Junyang momentarily lost in thought. But he quickly gathered himself and smiled in return, “If you don’t mind, let the shopkeeper take a look at your injury.”

Shopkeeper Zhang hurriedly said, “Certainly. Since you were injured in our shop, we should take full responsibility.”

The woman didn’t force the issue and politely nodded. “Thank you.”

Two junior disciples supported the white-clad woman by her sides and guided her towards a hidden door on the side, partially revealed as the curtain was lifted, exposing a space behind.


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  1. I wonder why Lu Junyang finds the woman in white so familiar? Maybe she helped him the past, so it left an impression? Either way, she seems like good person, too, so I’m looking forward to her development in the story.
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