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ATCF Ch 36 Part 2 – Four Neatly Aligned Trees (II)

Jiang Li felt that time passed particularly quickly after the high school entrance examination. First, she bid farewell to Director Jiang and her friends from the orphanage, then she saw off her eldest brother and Tong Yi.

Originally, Feng Yang had planned to stay a few days more, but he suddenly changed his mind, saying that there were some matters he needed to handle. He seemed a bit regretful because he hadn’t had the chance to teach Jiang Li how to shoot.

Feng Qi, being the mood spoiler as he was, chimed in, “You should leave now. I can also teach her shooting.”

Feng Yang: …

This was their familiar third uncle: the familiar conversation terminator.

Tong Yi left together with Feng Yang. Before leaving, he reminded Jiang Li once again to make sure she checks their high school entrance exam results.

Already fed up with his lectures, Jiang Li retorted, “Don’t they have the internet abroad?”

Tong Yi wanted to ruffle her head, but Jiang Li dodged it. He didn’t mind and simply smiled, saying, “I just want to make you accept defeat.”

Although Jiang Li didn’t agree to only compare their written scores, Tong Yi firmly believed that if he repeated it enough, he could brainwash her. He had no doubt about this.

It had to be said that Tong Yi’s little tricks actually worked because Jiang Li had indeed become curious whether his written scores could surpass hers.

After Feng Yang and Tong Yi went abroad, Feng Song and Feng Bai also had to go back to college since their summer vacation hadn’t started yet. Without playmates, Jiang Li took the initiative to buy high school textbooks and study guides in advance. She spent her time reading and practicing questions, occasionally finding relaxation in basic medical books borrowed from Feng Qi’s collection. All in all, these were such nice and fulfilling days.

Old Master Feng wanted to take Jiang Li out for a stroll, but unfortunately, his granddaughter was entirely focused on her studies and had no interest in playing.

Although Jiang Li went out with him a few times, Old Master Feng soon noticed that she wasn’t very good at communicating with others. When she was around unfamiliar people, she spoke very little.

As a result, he stopped insisting on taking her out with him. Occasionally, he couldn’t help but feel regretful, saying that Jiang Li was too much of a homebody and had few hobbies.

Having heard his father’s remarks several times, Feng Qi couldn’t resist his curiosity and went to the study to see what his niece was so busy with all day long.

The door to Jiang Li’s study was half-open, and Feng Qi stood at the entrance and discovered that the girl was already engrossed in her books early in the morning.

Hearing the knock on the door, Jiang Li turned around and saw her uncle standing there in sportswear. She put down the pen in her hand and asked curiously, “Third Uncle, you aren’t going to the research institute today?”

“Mm,” Feng Qi responded with a nod, “I’m off today. Do you want to go for a run together?”

In an instant, Jiang Li recalled the fear she had when she used to be dominated by the 800-meter run and suggested, “Can we try different sports?”

There was a smile in Feng Qi’s eyes. “We can go at a slower pace.”

After hesitating for a moment, Jiang Li finally made up her mind. “Then let me change into my workout clothes first.”

Feng Qi nodded, “I’ll wait outside.”

Leaving the study, Jiang Li went to her closet and changed into a white workout outfit, getting ready to head out.

Seeing her granddaughter was leaving in sportswear, Old Master Feng curiously asked, “Where are you going?”

Jiang Li replied, “Well, my physical fitness is not great, and Third Uncle said he would take me for a run.”

Old Master Feng nodded understandingly, but the next moment, he couldn’t help but furrow his brow. “If you run with him, you might not be able to keep up. How about running with me instead? Our pace should be similar.”

Looking at her grandfather’s expectant expression, Jiang Li inexplicably felt she had been underestimated.

Old Master Feng also realized that his words might have dampened his granddaughter’s enthusiasm, so he quickly changed his tune. “You should go running with him today. If it’s not suitable, we can change the plan later.”

Even if his granddaughter didn’t want to run with him, he could always wake up earlier and coincidentally meet them, then the three of them could run together. It seemed like a good idea.

Seeing her grandfather dismiss the idea, Jiang Li picked up two pears from the fruit basket and took a folding fruit knife before heading out to meet her uncle.

Feng Qi saw his niece return with a pear in each hand, pretty much like a little squirrel stashing food, and couldn’t resist teasing, “Are you bringing your lunch with you?”

Jiang Li was taken aback and quickly shook her head, “I brought two pears, one for each of us. We can eat some fruit to replenish sugar before running and avoid low blood sugar.”

Feng Qi had noticed that his little niece had a particular fondness for pears. When he visited her in the study just moments ago, he noticed her fruit plate filled with pears alongside snacks.

Seeing her responding so seriously, Feng Qi’s eyes twinkled playfully. He reached out and ruffled Jiang Li’s hair, “Then how about I call you ‘Xiao Lizi’ from now on?”

Jiang Li protected her head with the hand holding the pear, “If I go bald in the future, both you and Grandpa are to blame. Besides, don’t you think the nickname ‘Xiao Lizi’ sounds like the name of a eunuch?”

Feng Qi shook his head, pointing at the pear in her hand, “I meant this pear (li).”

Jiang Li: …

She thought it was quite outrageous, but her uncle still had a more whimsical idea for her.

“I think the name sounds nice. Feng Yang, Feng Song, and Feng Bai all have tree-related names. I’ll give you the nickname ‘Xiao Lizi’ (Little Pear). Then you four siblings will be like four neatly aligned trees.”

Jiang Li frowned, “But I feel like ‘Little Pear’ is a fruit that anyone can take a bite of.”

Feng Qi chuckled quietly, took one of the pears from her hand, and asked, “Did you bring the fruit knife?”

Jiang Li nodded and handed him the tool. She watched as her uncle skillfully rotated the knife, peeling the pear into thin, delicate strips. Each ring of the peel fell gracefully due to gravity but showed no signs of breaking.

Jiang Li gave him a thumbs-up, “Impressive.”

Feng Qi calmly replied, “I used to have anatomy classes in college, so I’m quite proficient with knives.”

Jiang Li: …

Her appetite suddenly disappeared. What to do?

But when Feng Qi handed her the perfectly peeled pear, she obediently accepted it.

After eating the pear, Jiang Li followed Feng Qi on a jog. Though they were running slowly, she quickly started sweating and her breathing became uneven.

Feng Qi matched her speed, leisurely jogging beside her, and suggested, “How about waking up half an hour earlier every day and running with me?”

Gasping for breath, Jiang Li weakly refused, “I’d better not.”

Feng Qi thought for a moment and said, “If you jog with me to work, you can stay in my research lab and learn something.”

Jiang Li’s eyes lit up, forgetting about her fatigue, “Really?”

From her perspective, the jog was for the sake of learning, but from her uncle’s perspective, it was jogging while learning.

Feng Qi seriously said, “Yes, you can do that, but it will take at least half an hour to jog from home to the lab. You should consider it carefully.”

With determination, Jiang Li said, “Waking up half an hour earlier is not a problem at all, but won’t it be troublesome for you to come home every day?” She knew her uncle mostly stayed at the research institute.

Feng Qi couldn’t help teasing her, “It will be quite troublesome, but if you accept the nickname ‘Xiao Lizi,’ I’ll reluctantly do it.”

Jiang Li: …

She suddenly felt that her third uncle was also quite childish.

What could she do? Of course, she had to agree.


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