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MSRV Ch 102 Part 1 – Charity Auction (I)

“Don’t mind her. She is nothing.” Chang Zhuyou was delighted with Fang Xueruo’s little tantrum. In his eyes, her attitude showed that she cared for him and liked him.

“She’s just a secretary. Her father is one of the company’s shareholders. If you don’t like her, you can have her transferred to another position and avoid seeing her,” In the past, Chang Zhuyou would have no qualms about not giving face to anyone and would have directly ordered the secretary to leave. But recently, Chang Group’s stocks plummeted, their investments failed, and they suffered heavy losses. He had to appease those shareholders, and so he couldn’t just dismiss people at will.

Chang Zhuyou held Fang Xueruo’s hand, walked over to the leather chair behind the office desk, and put her down.

When Fang Xueruo heard that Chang Zhuyou would only transfer the secretary rather than dismiss her, her eyes darkened slightly. As she sat down on the chair, she looked down and saw the cup of steaming coffee placed on the desk.

She immediately figured out that it was left behind by the woman who had provoked her just now.

Seeing Fang Xueruo’s gaze on the coffee, Chang Zhuyou hurriedly touched the cup’s rim with his fingers and then handed it to her, “Have some coffee. It’s the perfect temperature.”

Fang Xueruo took the cup from his hand, took a sip, and put it down, saying, “It’s too bitter.”

Chang Zhuyou indulgently said, “Let me brew you a cup.” He then took the coffee and went to the pantry to personally brew a cup of coffee for Fang Xueruo. He knew her favorite coffee flavor by heart and had practiced it countless times.

Along the way, many people saw this but didn’t dare to speak in front of Chang Zhuyou. After he finished brewing the coffee and returned to the office, they whispered among themselves.

“Mr. Chang is really good to Miss Fang,” someone said enviously.

“Yes, he even personally brewed coffee for Miss Fang…”

“Mr. Chang is so doting! Miss Fang is really lucky…”

“Miss Fang came to visit Mr. Chang. They are so loving…”

Suddenly, someone blurted out, “Even if they’re loving, they’re still a scumbag and a slut, right?”

The chatter stopped abruptly, and they looked at each other, no one dared to investigate who the bold one was. They fell silent and dispersed awkwardly.

Chang Zhuyou had no idea about what happened outside the office, nor did he care. He only had Fang Xueruo on his mind. He handed the coffee to her, “Try it. I brewed it for you.”

Fang Xueruo’s lips curved with a smile, “Brother Chang, the coffee you brewed suits my taste the best.”

Chang Zhuyou said proudly, “Of course.”

“Xue’er, why did you come over? Is there something you need?” Chang Zhuyou looked at Fang Xueruo with tender affection.

Fang Xueruo looked back at him. Her beautiful eyes shone like a tranquil spring, but her tone was chilly, “Do I have to have a reason for a visit?”

“Of course not, I’m happy that you came to see me.” Chang Zhuyou held Fang Xueruo’s hand lovingly, “I wish you could come every day.”

Fang Xueruo turned her head slightly, but she didn’t look too pleased.

“What’s wrong? Did someone bully you?”

Fang Xueruo shook her head.

Chang Zhuyou felt heartache, “Xue’er, don’t worry, I will definitely give you justice!” He knew very well about Xue’er’s current predicament, as her agent had already informed him. Those low-quality and substandard jobs didn’t match Xue’er’s status, and he couldn’t bear to let her suffer grievances, so to prevent Xue’er from being treated unfairly, he had instructed the agent not to arrange any projects for her during this period.

As for the company, there were heaps of troubles recently, and they couldn’t provide good projects at the moment. He was even held accountable by the company’s other shareholders as a result. He couldn’t help feeling angry at times. When Xue’er created significant profits for the company in the past, everyone adored and protected her. But now that she encountered trouble, they treated her like a burden, even suggesting to block her.

If he had absolute authority, he would have dismissed all those people without hesitation. However, his current constraint didn’t mean it would be the same in the future. Once the Chang Group recovered, he would settle all accounts.

Chang Zhuyou was very distressed. Seeing his Xue’er enduring so many grievances, swallowing her bitterness, and always smiling even when bullied, he couldn’t bear it.

“I used to be busy all the time, but now I have some free time to spend with my family.” Fang Xueruo said softly. She paused, a smile forming on her lips, “And also to accompany you.”

Chang Zhuyou was naturally delighted that Xue’er could spend more time with him, but he didn’t want to see her wronged.

It’s all because of that vicious woman, Fu Yunruo!

Fang Xueruo took a few sips of coffee and said with distress, “I actually wanted to stay at home and be with my family, but Uncle started pressuring me to get married, so I had to come out.” Her voice was a little playful, “I can only come to you to hide. Let’s be quiet, so uncles and the others won’t rush me.”

When Chang Zhuyou heard the words marriage, his eyes lit up, “Xue’er, did you agree to get married?!”

Fang Xueruo realized her slip of the tongue and blushed slightly with embarrassment, “Of course not!”

Chang Zhuyou excitedly assured her, “Xue’er, don’t worry, I will give you the best wedding in the world and make you the envy of every woman!”

Hearing Chang Zhuyou describe a beautiful future together, a rosy hue spread across Fang Xueruo’s fair cheeks, and her long, curled eyelashes veiled her emotions.

Chang Zhuyou had wanted to marry Xue’er a long time ago. Since their engagement, he had occasionally proposed, but Xue’er seemed to have reservations and was reluctant to agree. Chang Zhuyou didn’t want to force her; he would occasionally ask for her hand in marriage and wait for the day she accepted.

After a long wait and patience, he finally saw a slight change in Xue’er’s attitude. Chang Zhuyou was naturally ecstatic, and he couldn’t wait to set a wedding date so he could bring his beautiful bride home.

However, his rationality held him back.

Now was not a good time. If there hadn’t been so many issues with the Chang Group lately, he would have held their grand wedding as soon as possible.

But no matter. After this difficult phase had passed, he would be fully devoted to preparing the most magnificent wedding for his Xue’er!

“Speaking of which, it has been a while since I visited your parents. Are they doing well? As a future son-in-law, it’s impolite that I haven’t been able to visit them regularly.” Chang Zhuyou’s face showed a moment of discomfort, then he continued, “Father has been busy with company matters and went on a business trip. Mother also went on a trip to relax.” What he didn’t tell was that it was he who forced his mother to go. Since this year, his mother has been somewhat distant towards Xue’er, feeling that she caused trouble for the Chang family.

Even if Chang Zhuyou was dissatisfied, he couldn’t change his mother’s attitude. So, he kept her away from Beijing to avoid giving Xue’er a hard time. Once the company crisis was settled, he believed his mother will return to her previous attitude.

On the other hand, Fang Xueruo noticed Chang Zhuyou’s momentary unease, and a hint of suspicion flashed in her eyes.

At first, the head of the Chang family and his wife praised her for being a suitable wife and were very satisfied with her, hoping she would marry into the family soon. But now, she was only a hindrance to their reputation, and they became cold towards her…

Fang Xueruo pretended not to notice and smiled, “It’s nice for Aunt to go on a trip to relax.” Then she showed concern, “Are the company matters difficult to resolve?”

“Not difficult at all, you can rest assured,” Chang Zhuyou said confidently.

Fang Xueruo believed him. Over the years, the Chang Group had prospered under Chang Zhuyou’s management, and he had successfully completed numerous major projects. His achievement as the future successor had gained the respect of everyone in the company.”Brother Chang, you’re really amazing!” There was pure admiration in her eyes.

Chang Zhuyou’s vanity instantly swelled, and in front of his beloved woman, he felt incredibly confident.

“There’s a charity gala tomorrow night. Will you come with me?” He asked.


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