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ATCF Ch 38 Part 2 – High School Entrance Examination Results (II)

Jiang Li was surprised, “You play games too, Uncle?”

Feng Qi sighed, “I also went through the student phase.” He wasn’t resistant to new things, so whenever something became popular among his peers, he would also give it a try. His roommates were quite surprised when they found out he didn’t know how to play games and seemed astonished for quite a while.

After listening to Feng Qi’s response, Jiang Li silently nodded. She knew very well that her young uncle wasn’t just a bookworm.

The two of them rode their bicycles back home and discovered that the house was lively with guests.

The group of old men quickly introduced themselves to Jiang Li, who responded with a smile and politely addressed each of them with ‘grandpa.’ Her attitude was remarkably well-behaved, but she didn’t offer many words beyond that.

After Old Master Ma finished introducing himself, he looked at Jiang Li with a twinkling smile, “Xiao Jiang Li, your entrance exam results must be out by now, right?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “It won’t be out until ten o’clock.”

Feng Qi frowned and looked at Old Master Ma. But when he saw his own old man looking quite complacent, he knew things weren’t as simple as they seemed. He glanced at the old housekeeper, who immediately explained in a hushed voice: “Old Master invited them over for a fishing party.”

Feng Qi: …

Back when he had won numerous awards, Dad hadn’t boasted about it to anyone. Now that he was older, how had he become so vain?

Thinking this, Feng Qi lowered his gaze and looked at Old Master Ma, who was sitting on the couch with a smile. Suddenly, he felt some sympathy. When the truth was revealed, would this person still be able to laugh?

Well, he also wanted to see these old men’s reactions, so in order to expedite the inevitable, let’s make a call to check Xiao Lizi’s grades in advance. After all, if they really waited until ten in the evening, Xiao Lizi would be sleepy by then.

Before Feng Qi could take action, the phone in Jiang Li’s pocket rang, and she pulled it out to see that Director Li was calling. As soon as the call was connected, the unusually gentle voice of Director Li came through, “Jiang Li, did you have your family check your entrance exam results in advance?”

Jiang Li paused for a moment, puzzled, “Wasn’t it said that the results would only be available at ten tonight?”

“That’s when official public results are out. The actual scores are usually available earlier. In fact, the rankings are usually posted in the morning of the same day,” Director Li patiently explained. He was somewhat taken aback that the Feng family hadn’t preemptively checked Jiang Li’s results.

Hearing this, Jiang Li quickly inquired, “So, I must have done well, right?”

Director Li couldn’t resist a teasing tone, “You seem pretty confident.”

Jiang Li responded honestly, “If I didn’t do well, Teacher Li, I think you wouldn’t be personally calling me.”

Director Li: …

Was he really that obvious?

Seeing that this line of conversation wasn’t leading anywhere, Director Li stopped talking around the bush and directly announced, “You scored 676 points, and you’re this year’s top scorer. Are you happy?”

The total score for the high school entrance examination in Minjiang City was 700 points. Jiang Li’s score of 676 not only secured her the top spot this year but also put her into the overall list of high scorers!

“Really?” There was obvious joy in her voice.

Director Li couldn’t help but smile to himself—this was the kind of reaction he expected from a normal student. “Absolutely true. Even if I were to play a joke, I certainly wouldn’t pick something like this,” he assured.

Jiang Li laughed, “So, I’ve outscored my second brother’s score by ten points.”

Each year’s exam varies in difficulty, so there was little meaning in comparison. However, this did not prevent Jiang Li from being pleasant about herself.

Director Li: …

In other words, Jiang Li’s happiness did not come from being this year’s top scorer, but from outscoring Feng Song?

“You’re quite skilled at selecting your benchmarks,” Director Li said helplessly.

Being in a good mood, Jiang Li was chattier than usual, “I used to be the only ordinary person in my family. But now, I think I can manage to excel a bit.”

Director Li tapped his own ear, “Jiang Li, do you have a misunderstanding of the term ‘ordinary’?”

“But I’m telling the truth!” Jiang Li retorted.

Director Li: …

“Even though I’m this year’s top scorer, I’m definitely not the highest-scorer in history, am I?” Jiang Li displayed great humility.

Director Li concurred with a nod, “Do you want to know what the record for the highest score among all the top scorers is?”

Curiosity piqued, Jiang Li asked, “What is it?”

After a few seconds of silence, Director Li said slowly, “I’m not telling you.”

Jiang Li: …

When did Hades Li suddenly become so childish?

However, before Jiang Li could voice her protest, Director Li added, “You can ask your third uncle for this. He would know better than I do.”

Jiang Li immediately looked up at Feng Qi, “Third Uncle, how many points did you score in your high school entrance examination?”

Facing his niece’s admiring gaze, Feng Qi cleared his throat and helplessly replied, “That was so many years ago, how could I possibly remember?”

Jiang Li shifted her gaze to her grandfather, “Grandpa, do you remember how many points it was?”

Old Master Feng hesitated for a moment and truthfully said, “I don’t remember.”

Jiang Li didn’t believe it, “But Third Uncle was the top scorer, wasn’t he? And he also broke the historical highest score records. Surely you would remember?”

Old Master Feng defended himself, “He has broken too many records. How could I have the time to remember all of them?”

But seeing the disappointment in his beloved granddaughter’s expression, he quickly added, “It’s okay, I will definitely remember your achievements. You can come to me in a few years and check if I’ve forgotten anything.”

On the other end of the phone, Director Li listened to the Feng family’s conversation and sighed, “Jiang Li, let me tell you. Your third uncle scored 691 points in his high school entrance exams, with only 9 points deducted on the Chinese subject.”

Jiang Li: …

Well, it seemed she truly was an ordinary Jiang Xiao Lizi.


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