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ATCF Ch 38 Part 3 – High School Entrance Examination Results (III)

On the opposite couch, the group of old men invited by Old Master Feng exchanged glances, each regretting to have come to the Feng family today.

How on earth was this just a ‘simple gathering for fishing’? It was more like they were called here to watch a whole family bragging about their achievements.

With a sigh, Old Master Ma gazed at Old Master Feng enviously. “I’m genuinely curious. How do you raise your children and grandchildren? How is every one of them so exceptional?”

From childhood until now, Feng Qi has always been the standard of excellence. This was an undeniable fact. The acquaintances of his parents had long been used to this and thus had nothing to say.

But it now turned out that even the granddaughter of the family actually won the top scorer?

Old Master Feng smiled modestly in response, “A’Qi has always been an independent-minded child. I can’t really control him. As for Xiao Jiang Li…” He paused for a moment before continuing, “How long has she been home? I haven’t had a chance to guide her!”

Seeing all his guests giving him stinky eyes, he sighed again, “Actually, sometimes I envy all of you. You have the opportunity to worry about your children’s and grandchildren’s affairs, but I never even had the chance. I thought I could worry about Xiao Jiang Li, but this child… alas!”

The old men: …

Someone was talking nonsense without batting an eyelid!

They were certain now. This old fellow surely had already checked his granddaughter’s result in advance. That’s why he suddenly invited them over!

The next moment, they heard Jiang Li speak up: “Grandpa, I’m actually quite ordinary. You can worry about me.”

Jiang Li was telling the truth. Compared with her third uncle, she was still far behind. It was not an exaggeration to say that she was just an ordinary Xiao Jiang Li.

Old Master Feng immediately responded, “Well, then you should work hard and strive to be better.”

The old men: …

Would it be impolite if they left now? Outrageous, truly outrageous!

After learning about her entrance exam scores and ranking, Jiang Li enjoyed dinner with her grandfather and happily returned to her room to get ready for bed. As she settled in for sleep, she had a nagging feeling that she had forgotten something, but she couldn’t quite recall it.

Well, forget it! She could wait until tomorrow!

Meanwhile, at the same time in the Qin family’s house, Qin Zheng had been locking himself in the study. His worried parents knocked on the door, but he only responded with a low voice: “I’d like some quiet for a while.”

This morning, he had received his own exam results. What’s more, he had also requested the scores of all his classmates from their homeroom teacher, Teacher He.

The teacher, though taken aback, had eventually provided him with the score sheet.

Qin Zheng’s result was, by all means, excellent. He had scored 665. With a little more luck, this score could have made him the top scorer in this year’s high school entrance examination.

But Jiang Li’s score was 676 points, a substantial 11 points ahead of him. If she hadn’t been tripped by Shen Mian during the PE exam, this difference might even be 13 points.

If that were the extent of it, Qin Zheng would have felt disappointed but accepted the fact.

What truly shocked him was learning about Tong Yi’s score: 627 points.

In the Minjiang International School’s honors class, this score wasn’t particularly high. The scores wouldn’t be enough to enter the honors class of Minjiang First High School, but should be passable for the experimental class.

But there was one glaring detail that Qin Zheng couldn’t overlook: Tong Yi hadn’t even participated in the PE exam.

In other words, if Tong Yi had taken all the exams normally, his scores would be as high as 677 points.

And such scores were obtained by someone who spent all his time dozing off during classes. If Tong Yi managed to get a full score in PE, he would have surpassed Jiang Li’s score by one point, taking over the title of this year’s top scorer.

As for himself… he had nothing to say!

Qin Zheng also checked on Jiang Ruo’s score — 632 points. For Jiang Ruo, this result was within expectations. He wanted to give her a call, but when he took out his phone, he realized she had blocked his numbers long ago.

Putting down his phone on the desk, Qin Zheng rested his head on his arms — he was determined not to let this setback deter him.

The path ahead was long, and he promised himself to eventually surpass Jiang Li and Tong Yi.

It was a little past ten in the evening when Jiang Li was rudely awakened by the sound of her ringing phone. She groggily reached for her device and saw that it was a call from Tong Yi. Suddenly recalling what she had forgotten earlier, her mind instantly became fully awake.

After a pause of almost ten seconds, Jiang Li reluctantly answered the call, pretending to be calm and nonchalant, “The website seems to be overloaded. I cannot get in. Did you manage to check your result?”

Tong Yi was surprised: “Didn’t Hades Li call you?”

It was unthinkable — Hades Li even called him, so how could he miss Jiang Xiao Li, the top scorer of this year’s high school entrance examination?

Jiang Li cleared her throat and replied, “Yes, he did call, but he only informed me of my score. Hold on, let me keep refreshing the webpage; maybe I’ll find yours soon.”

Tong Yi didn’t doubt her explanation, “No need. Mine is 627 points. Counting the PE score, I’m one point ahead of you. Now, hurry up and call me Big Brother!”

Jiang Li was taken aback for a moment, but quickly realized, “But didn’t you agree that we should just compare the written scores?”

Tong Yi: …

“Taking away the PE scores, you’re one point lower than me, Big Nephew!”

Tong Yi: …

Couldn’t Jiang Xiao Li react just a bit slower?

“Jiang Xiao Li, if I had taken the PE exam normally, I would undoubtedly have scored one point higher than you, right?” Tong Yi argued.

Jiang Li, however, remained unbudged, “If I didn’t get tripped by Shen Mian, my scores would still be one point higher.”

“Are you sure you could get to the finish line in time?” Tong Yi asked.

Jiang Li immediately countered: “Are you sure no one would trip you over?”

“No one dares to trip me.” Tong Yi asserted confidently.

“Oh, you might trip yourself or step on a small stone; those are all possibilities, right?” Jiang Li pushed on.

Tong Yi: …

“Just accept your fate, Big Nephew!”


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  1. As long as Qin Zheng isn’t overly obsessed with surpassing Jiang Xiao Li and Tong Leifeng, he’s a promising character with great character development. I actually didnt expect him to be so accepting of his results. Banzai!! ᕙ༼ ≖ᴥ≖༽ᕗ  ᕙ༼ ≖ᴥ≖༽ᕗ 

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