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ATCF Ch 39 Part 1 – Two Students Who Did Well in the Exam (I)

With Jiang Li calling ‘Big Nephew’ this and ‘Big Nephew’ there, Tong Yi was instantly knocked out. Never one to give up, he still wanted to struggle until the end, but the other party heartlessly cut the conversation off: “I’m sleepy. Good night, Big Nephew.”

Tong Yi: …

Jiang Xiao Li must have been influenced badly by the twins!

Still, it was remarkable to find someone who continued maintaining an orderly daily schedule even after passing a big exam.

After hanging up the call, Tong Yi put down his mobile phone and continued with his work.

—At the same time in the Jiang family’s house.

When Jiang Ruo saw her exam result, she was pleasantly surprised. Her condition before the exam was not that great, so she was already satisfied with a score of 632.

“With this score, you probably wouldn’t be guaranteed to enter the honor class in Minjiang First. But we can explain to the school that you applied for the PE exam exemption and ask them to consider your placement.”

The maximum score for the PE part of the Minjiang City high school examination was 50 points. Because she applied for an exemption, Jiang Ruo only got a passing grade of 30 points. If she took the exam normally and scored 48 points like Jiang Li, her total score would be 650 — more than enough to join the honors class of Minjiang First High School.

“Even if the school doesn’t cooperate, you can always try to get into the honors class when they split the classes between science and humanities.” If it was in the past, as long as Ruoruo met the cutoff to enter Minjiang First High School, it wouldn’t be a problem even if her scores were a bit low, as Dad’s connection would ensure that she is assigned to the honors class. But everything had changed ever since the Feng family expressed their stance. With the company’s situation worsened day after day, their father was too busy to even mind his own health, and he had no time to handle Ruoruo’s class placement.

Jiang Zhou thought that Jiang Ruo would be upset, but she just said indifferently: “I’m not going to Minjiang First. Minjiang International School is actually not bad, and I can also be in the same school as you, Brother.”

Jiang Zhou was surprised: “But didn’t you say before that getting into Minjiang First’s honors class was your dream?”

Jiang Ruo didn’t seem to care, “That was in the past. Circumstances change, and I now feel that the Minjiang International School is more suitable for me.”

Jiang Zhou furrowed his brows, “Ruoruo, are you doing this because you don’t want to trouble the family?”

“No.” Jiang Ruo interrupted him, and after a while, she added softly, “I originally wanted to go to Minjiang First because… because of Qin Zheng.”

Before Jiang Li transferred to Minjiang International School, Qin Zheng had always been the top student in their grade. For higher education, he was definitely going to Minjiang First High School’s honors class, a nationally renowned program that offered the best educational level in their province. If Jiang Ruo wanted to follow in Qin Zheng’s footsteps, she naturally had to study hard. Otherwise, even if she could get into the honors class with family connections, she would stand out as lagging behind her classmates.

But after watching the video sent by Zhou Li, Jiang Ruo decided to give up on Qin Zheng and wanted to uproot him from her world.

And so, her original goal of entering Minjiang First lost its meaning.

After listening to Jiang Ruo, Jiang Zhou sighed, “Alright, then you can choose Minjiang International School. As long as I am there, no one can bully you.”

Jiang Ruo replied coquettishly: “Of course! You always treat me the best, Brother!”

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom of the Jiang family, Jiang Huai looked at the stream of congratulatory messages on his phone and felt a complex mix of emotions. His daughter, whom he once disregarded, had scored 676 points and became this year’s top scorer in the high school entrance examination.

With all said and done, Jiang Li was his own daughter, so Jiang Huai never actually hated her, and choosing not to reveal her identity was simply because he was worried about issues with the Qin family’s cooperation.

And for ignoring her afterward — it was because the girl had a stubborn personality. Furthermore, she and Feng Qi were very similar, both in appearance and character.

—Especially when Jiang Li spoke mocking words in a calm tone; she reminded him too much of Feng Qi, which upset him.

Before Jiang Huai learned that Jiang Li had become this year’s top scorer in the high school entrance examination, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with his thoughts and actions. Even though things hadn’t been going well lately, he only blamed the Feng family.

But now, he started to regret it. If he had known how outstanding Jiang Li was, he would have definitely revealed her identity to the public from the beginning.

Of course, he also would never yield so easily when Feng Qi came demanding her custody!

If, from the beginning, he had handled the matters of Jiang Li and Ruoruo’s identities in a different way, the Qin family might have had objections initially. However, once they realized how talented Jiang Li was, they might have given up on Ruoruo and chosen Jiang Li instead.

This way, he would have had complete control.

Unfortunately, it was too late to say anything now.

After a prolonged silence, Jiang Huai shifted his gaze to his wife and said, “Give Jiang Li a call and congratulate her on her outstanding performance on the entrance exam.”

Without waiting for Feng Yun to respond, he added, “Actually, don’t call her. Go see her in person tomorrow and take some money for her.”

Feng Yun looked somewhat disheartened as she replied, “She’s staying with the Feng family now, so she won’t be short of money.”

Back when Xiao Li was in need of money, she had asked A’Zhou to deliver her some, but A’Zhou hadn’t given her any at all. Now that Xiao Li no longer needed money, would she even accept it if they gave her?

Jiang Huai sighed helplessly, “I know she’s not short of money, but giving her money is just a gesture of our goodwill. If she’s willing to accept it, that’s good; if not… it’s up to her.”

Feng Yun finally nodded, “I’ll go see her tomorrow.” Although she had her daughter’s phone number, she had always been afraid to make a call. Xiao Li had already blocked her husband and son; if she called, she might get blocked too. Besides, she hadn’t seen Xiao Li in a long time and wanted to visit her in person.


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  3. I like the development of both Jiang Ruo and Qin Zheng not wallowing in self-pity and instead becoming more determined to better their lives through their own efforts; by not focusing on external factors that negatively affect them emotionally and mentally, and putting more consideration and effort into their own futures, I think they each might be more successful than in the original storyline.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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