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ATCF Ch 39 Part 2 – Two Students Who Did Well in the Exam (II)

The next day, Feng Yun got up early, had breakfast, and then immediately departed to the Feng family residence. However, because Feng Qi had specifically instructed them not to allow her in, the Feng family’s servants were too afraid to let her in.

Feng Yun could only look at the gatekeeper with pleading eyes and said, “I don’t need to go inside; I just want to see Xiao Li.”

Feng Yun was Old Master Feng’s own daughter after all, so the gatekeeper didn’t dare to treat her coldly. “Miss Jiang Li left early this morning and won’t be back until evening,” said he.

Feng Yun didn’t believe it, “It’s the school break now; where could she possibly go?”

After hesitating for a few seconds, the gatekeeper truthfully replied, “She left with the Third Master.”

Feng Yun was stunned for a moment, then returned to her car. She decided to wait at the Feng family gate so that she could see her daughter as soon as she returned.

The gatekeeper looked at the car not far away and sighed helplessly — she used to be the pampered young lady of the Feng family, but was it really worth it to cause such a rift in the family for someone like Jiang Huai?

As soon as Jiang Li arrived at the research institute, Fang Tong immediately inquired about her exam results. Upon learning that she had indeed become this year’s top scorer, Fang Tong couldn’t resist giving her a bear hug.

She even said, “Let me bask in the glory of the top scorer for a moment.”

However, when she noticed Zhao Qiang not far away, she quickly let go of Jiang Li and started discussing project topics with him.

Zhao Qiang still hadn’t figured out why Fang Tong had been angry yesterday. Seeing her seemed completely fine today, it left him even more perplexed.

Nevertheless, Fang Tong’s not being angry was a good thing; he was happy as long as their project kept going smoothly.

As usual, Jiang Li spent the whole day at the research institute before riding her bicycle home with Feng Qi in the evening. At a crossroads not far from the Feng family residence, she immediately spotted a roadside vendor selling scallion pancakes. Jiang Li squeezed the brakes and stopped to buy two of them. She then handed one of the scallion pancakes to Feng Qi and said, “Grandpa doesn’t allow me to eat from roadside stalls, but we can secretly try these.”

Feng Qi looked at her and gave her a teasing smile, “Why do you think I will eat with you and become an accomplice instead of going to tattle on you to your grandpa?”

Jiang Li: …

She paused for a moment and then responded with deliberate slowness, “We’re both young, so we should have some common ground, right?”

With a chuckle, Feng Qi accepted the scallion pancake she offered and didn’t press the matter further. Jiang Li finally let out a sigh of relief.

Even if Uncle did tattle, Grandpa would at most give her a few not-too-harsh words, but she would still feel guilty!

With a scallion pancake in hand, it would be a bit dangerous to continue cycling, so they got off their bikes and continued on foot. Noticing the lack of pedestrians around, Jiang Li began to elegantly savor the scallion pancake.

Seeing her uncle holding the bag without taking a bite, she reminded him, “You should eat now, Uncle. It won’t taste as good when it gets cold.”

Feng Qi let out a sigh. He finally resigned to his fate and began taking bites of the street food he had never tried before, musing inside how he had become increasingly more lax in front of his niece.

Feng Yun’s car was parked at the entrance of the Feng family residence. The gatekeeper had informed her that Jiang Li wouldn’t return until evening, so she waited patiently.

With water, snacks, and her phone to keep her occupied, the time passed unnoticed.

It was already late in the afternoon when she finally caught sight of Jiang Li returning home. Her eyes lit up immediately. However, upon noticing that her daughter was walking together with her younger brother Feng Qi, Feng Yun hesitated before opening the car door.

As the two of them approached, Feng Yun realized that both of them were holding street food in their hands. While it was typical for teenagers to enjoy such treats, she couldn’t comprehend why Feng Qi not only did not restrict Xiao Li’s behavior but also joined her.

Is that.. is that really A’Qi?

At this moment, Feng Yun’s expression was a mix of complex emotions. Initially, when Xiao Li had just arrived at the Feng family, she had been delighted at the prospect of her daughter’s improved life. However, occasional worries still lingered, fearing that Feng Qi might dislike the girl because she was her daughter.

Although her husband once told him that Xiao Li and A’Qi got along well, Feng Yun still didn’t quite believe it.

Now, it seemed that all her prior concerns were totally unnecessary.

A’Qi had always been the most unpredictable person in the family. If even he was willing to pamper Xiao Li, then she must be having the best life in the Feng family.

Glancing at the bank card in her hand, Feng Yun couldn’t help but feel her own actions rather pathetic in contrast.

Feng Qi and Jiang Li continued their leisurely stroll. After finishing their scallion pancakes, Jiang Li disposed of the packaging in a nearby trash can, completely destroying the evidence.

Watching her series of actions, Feng Qi chuckled in amusement. But when he noticed the car parked in front of the mansion’s gate, his smile turned into a slight frown.

Jiang Li had also noticed the car. She moved closer to Feng Qi and whispered, “It’s the Jiang family’s car.”

Her memory was exceptional; she clearly remembered this was the same car Assistant Bai drove when sending her to school on the first day.

The next moment, Jiang Li noticed Feng Yun stepping out of the car, appearing uneasy as she called out, “Xiao Li.”

Jiang Li faced her calmly and asked, “Are you here to see me?”

Feng Yun nodded immediately, “You did exceptionally well in the entrance exam. I came to congratulate you.”

Jiang Li nodded, “I see. Is there anything else?”

Seeing her cool reception, Feng Yun grew even more uneasy and awkward. She turned her gaze to Feng Qi, only to see her younger brother looking at her with mocking eyes.

Feng Yun walked up to Jiang Li and handed her a bank card, whispering: “This is a reward from Mom and Dad. Use it to buy whatever you like.”

Jiang Li suddenly looked surprised: “You think I need your money?”

Feng Yun bit her lips and responded in a low voice: “This is just a gesture from us. Xiao Li…”

With a hint of sarcasm, Jiang Li smirked, “But I don’t care about your gesture now. When I just transferred to a new school and was poor enough that I had to borrow my desk mate’s meal card just to have something to eat, I never saw your ‘gesture’ anywhere.”

Feng Yun hurriedly explained: “No, no. I’ve asked your brother to deliver the money to you. But he…”

“Sorry,” Jiang Li interrupted her, “I only have three brothers.”

Feng Yun was speechless. The three brothers Jiang Li mentioned, of course, referred to Feng Yang, Feng Song, and Feng Bai. In other words, she did not consider Jiang Zhou her brother.

But when she thought of her son’s past actions, Feng Yun couldn’t say anything in his defense. After everything he had done… it was only natural for Xiao Li to not think of him as a brother.

Seeing Feng Yun’s ashamed expression, Feng Qi finally broke his silence. He looked at her and asked, “Are you leaving on your own, or should I have someone escort you off?”

Feng Yun knew that Feng Qi always meant his words, so she had no choice but to turn around and leave.

“Please wait a moment.” Jiang Li suddenly spoke up.


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  1. again, i kinda pity the mom, she made bad choices, but … i really hope she gets a chance to redeem herself. even if its just a little.

    1. It would be nice if she had the chance to redeem herself, but with Jiang Li’s personality and decisive mindset, and Feng Yun’s lack of appropriate care and concern for Jiang Li and choosing not to acknowledge their parent-child relationship at the beginning, Feng Yun essentially cut off all possibility of that.

      Her only “daughter” is Jiang Ruo until she learns she’s the daughter from her husband’s affair, and even then, she’s only left with her son, Jiang Zhou, who clearly doesn’t respect her or seem to have much affection for her. I feel pity for her at times, but she clearly only puts her husband first in all matters and doesn’t consider the consequences others will face as a result, so she brought it upon herself.

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