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MSRV Ch 105 Part 1 – Wire-Flying (I)

“Mom!” The moment Wenwen saw Fu Yunruo, he jumped off the chair and ran to her side with delight.

Fu Yunruo bent down to meet his eyes, making sure not to bump into him.

Like a little puppy, Wenwen followed behind his mother everywhere, showing boundless liveliness and joy.

Fu Yunruo placed the bowl on the table, then picked up her son and gently seated him before taking her own place on the opposite side.

The waitstaff uncovered each dish and then exited the private room.

Wenwen swung his little legs and looked up at Fu Yunruo, saying, “Mom, it’s all my favorite meat dishes! Thank you, Mom!”

“You’re welcome, Mom’s Baobao! You’ve worked hard!” Fu Yunruo replied with a warm smile.

Si Yue, on the side, arranged the dishes and casually remarked, “These are my favorites too.”

Wenwen immediately turned his head to look at him, pouting, “Mom made these for me!”

Fu Yunruo suddenly felt a bit embarrassed. When they used to live together in the countryside, she hadn’t asked about Si Yue’s food preferences, as he didn’t seem picky about it. All she knew was that he seemed to like meat dishes just like Wenwen. But seeing Wenwen’s proud demeanor, she decided to go along with it. “Yes, they’re all for Baobao.”

Wenwen looked triumphant.

Si Yue just smiled softly in response. His gaze was exceptionally warm and gentle.

Wenwen became vigilant all of a sudden. What was he up to?

But the boy soon forgot his vigilance. Today, he enjoyed a level of care that usually only reserved for toddlers and babies! His Mom paid full attention to him, feeding him and even wiping his mouth with a tissue if he got oily. It was a real treat!

Fu Yunruo directed all her attention to Wenwen, ignoring Si Yue’s presence. Si Yue didn’t mind; while Fu Yunruo looked after Wenwen, he looked after her. He ladled soup for her, and occasionally served her some dishes, ensuring she didn’t just focus on the child.

Wenwen, not to be outdone, stretched out his little hand to help Fu Yunruo pick up some food. “Mom, eat too!”

“Of course, Mom will eat too.”

Fu Yunruo, seeing Si Yue being left out, felt a little embarrassed, so she gestured to him as well.

Despite only three people being present, the atmosphere was lively.

After finishing all the food on the table, all three were stuffed. The adults still maintained a bit of decorum, though they looked relaxed. Wenwen rubbed his belly, as delighted as a purring cat.

They rested for a while before finally getting up and returning to their rooms.

Si Yue chatted with Fu Yunruo, “Are you heading back home after finishing filming tomorrow?”


“How about going on a trip? To escape the summer heat?” Si Yue glanced at Wenwen, who was walking slowly with a stuffed belly, “He hasn’t been to a beach, right?”

Beijing’s weather was currently at its hottest. In previous years, if Si Yue wasn’t filming, he would usually go back to his parent’s home for a while and take the opportunity to escape the heat.

Fu Yunruo hesitated. Wenwen had spent the first four years of his life living with her in the countryside. This year, they had come to Beijing, but they had only explored the nearby areas. They hadn’t even visited the tourist spots in nearby cities, let alone the seaside. She really wanted to take her son out to explore and experience new things.

Wenwen was excited about the idea of going on a trip with his mom. However, when he saw that Si Yue seemed intent on coming along, he quickly said, “It’s only Mom and me.”

Si Yue calmly remarked, “A young woman traveling alone with a child can easily become a target for bad people.”

Wenwen was not convinced. “I can protect Mom.”

“You?” Si Yue gave him a skeptical look.

Wenwen glanced at his small stature and realized he didn’t look very convincing. He suddenly felt disheartened and huffed, “I’ll grow up soon!”

Fu Yunruo didn’t immediately agree. “We’ll see,” she said. Going on a trip requires planning. Where would they go, for how long, and how would they get there? These were all questions that needed to be addressed, and they couldn’t rush into a decision.

“The movie will be coming out next week,” Wenwen added, looking up at Fu Yunruo with bright eyes. While he was happy to go on a trip, he believed that they could do it anytime. However, missing the opportunity to watch his first movie on its release was a one-time chance. When comparing the two, watching the movie naturally took precedence!

Upon hearing this, Fu Yunruo remembered the movie release as well. They had been looking forward to seeing it as soon as it came out. A week’s time wouldn’t allow them to travel very far, after all.

No, wait a minute — there should be movie theaters even in coastal cities in China, right? She had almost been swayed by Wenwen’s argument!

“Mom, we can go next time!” Wenwen whined. He made a face at Si Yue, clearly expressing: You’re not welcome!

In response, Si Yue smiled and said, “Indeed, I didn’t consider it thoroughly. Wenwen has just started learning, and yet he has taken a long break. We have to increase his class time so he can catch up with previous lessons.”

Wenwen was not happy with this assessment. He wasn’t a goldfish; how could he forget what he had learned? He didn’t study in vain!

Seeing Wenwen’s reaction, Fu Yunruo stopped mentioning the matter of the trip.

Just as they exited the elevator, Si Yue received a phone call. After listening to what the other person said, he calmly remarked, “I’ll have a video conference in five minutes.”

Fu Yunruo looked at him curiously.

Si Yue hung up the phone and said to Fu Yunruo, “There are some problems in the company that I need to attend to. I’ll go deal with it first.”

Fu Yunruo nodded.

Afterward, Si Yue returned to his suite, while Fu Yunruo and Wenwen entered theirs.

Fu Yunruo was quite curious. She only knew that Si Yue had always been a pillar of Apple Entertainment and had never established his own studio. She had no idea that he had his own company. Did he start it himself?

She finally knew what Si Yue did when he wasn’t acting—he must have been involved in entrepreneurship.

In the original plot, there was no further information about Si Yue after he withdrew from the entertainment industry. From this perspective, he must have been successful in his entrepreneurial endeavors, perhaps becoming a CEO when he left the entertainment world behind.


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