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ATCF Ch 40 Part 3 – A Well-Matched Pair of Grandfather and Granddaughter (III)

Seeing Tong Bingran’s speechless expression, Old Master Feng shrugged, unfazed. “My handwriting seems lacking, so it’s understandable if you didn’t recognize it.”

Tong Bingran hurriedly spoke up, “No, no, you’re too modest. Your handwriting is truly exceptional. When I saw the ‘Book of Songs,’ it simply reminded me of…” He intended to mention ‘love poems’ and transition smoothly to discussing his nephew’s interest in Jiang Li.

But Old Master Feng interrupted him once again, “Well, it’s not surprising that you were reminded of Tong Yi when you saw this poem. He is also someone who left his hometown, correct? I thought he was going abroad on his own will, but it turned out that he had no choice but to do so?” He looked puzzled.

Tong Bingran: …

He was careless! Feng Ding, this old raccoon, was even more difficult to deal with than Feng Qi!

Nonetheless, Old Master Feng continued sighing in melancholy, “This child, Tong Yi, is quite young, and he has lost both of his parents. Must you force him into going abroad?”


“But don’t worry, Tong Yi is a generous child. Even if you did influence his decision to go abroad, he will feel reluctant and sad at most. He won’t hold any grudges,” Old Master Feng reassured with a smile.

Tong Bingran: …

Who is he?

Where is he?

Why did he come today?

After finally composing himself, Tong Bingran realized he couldn’t let the opponent steer the conversation. “Is Xiao Jiang Li not at home today?” He proactively changed the topic.

Old Master Feng raised his eyebrows. “Do you need something from her?”

Tong Bingran nodded promptly, “Since Tong Yi went abroad, I, as his uncle, have maintained regular contact with him. But this child often asks about Xiao Jiang Li, and I cannot help feeling concerned!”

From the moment Tong Bingran entered the study, he kept mentioning Tong Yi’s name repeatedly. Jiang Li could see that he had an ulterior motive for coming today, but because her grandfather had previously left him speechless, she was content to just watch from the sidelines. Now that she noticed Tong Bingran was getting to the point, she set aside her book, slowly stood up, and asked, “What does my nephew Tong Yi ask about me?”

A head suddenly popped out next to Old Master Feng, startling Tong Bingran. He patted his chest in surprise and said, “You are here too, Xiao Jiang Li?”

Jiang Li nodded, “Yes, I’ve been here the whole time.”

Tong Bingran helplessly said, “Just now, your grandfather said that he would pass the gift I prepared for you, so I thought you weren’t at home!”

Jiang Li turned to her grandfather, “Grandpa, can you pass Brother Tong’s gift to me?”

Old Master Feng immediately smiled and said, “Of course! Here you are!” He placed the brush he held onto the brush stand and then picked up the gift box from the desk. As he handed it over to Jiang Li, he said to her, “Since we have a guest, it wouldn’t be appropriate to open the gift in front of him. But don’t worry; he’ll be leaving soon.”

Tong Bingran: …

He’s still here! How’s it polite to say that in front of his face?

At this point, Tong Bingran had already realized that this granddaughter of the Feng family was as hard to handle as the rest of her family. He knew that his plan to sow discord was destined to fail today.

But Jiang Li did not intend to let him go just like that. With a look of innocence, she asked lightly, “By the way, Brother Tong. Didn’t you say that Big Nephew Tong Yi often asks you about my affairs? What exactly did he ask about?”

Tong Bingran mumbled, “It’s nothing much, just some everyday matters.”

Jiang Li sighed emotionally, “Well, it’s nice to see that Big Nephew Tong Yi is so filial to his aunt.”

Tong Bingran: …

“However, I used to think that you and Tong Yi didn’t get along. I never expected him to be in frequent contact with you.” Jiang Li said again, this time with a sincere-looking puzzlement.

Tong Bingran immediately put on the appearance of a concerned elder and said, “We’re all family. He often makes mistakes, so I occasionally give him some admonishment. If he has some opinions about me, that’s quite normal.”

Jiang Li nodded thoughtfully, “That’s great. Big Nephew now has another family member.”

Tong Bingran furrowed his brow. “What do you mean?”

Jiang Li explained: “Tong Yi told me before that he only had one family member, his aunt. But after getting to know me, he gained another aunt. However, I’ve just found out that he has other relatives as well.”

Tong Bingran: …

That kid really said that?

Well, it did sound like something Tong Yi would say. Over the past couple of years, that kid had grown quite arrogant and unreasonable.

That being said, Tong Bingran looked at Old Master Feng helplessly, hoping that the old man would rein in his granddaughter’s ‘innocent remarks.’

However, Old Master Feng, at some point, had picked up his brush from the desk and resumed practicing calligraphy serenely.

Those worm-like characters he produced… Tong Bingran couldn’t fathom what this person had been practicing all these years.

Old Master Feng seemed to sense Tong Bingran’s gaze and lifted his head slowly. “Xiao Tong, what do you think of this poem?”

Tong Bingran immediately replied, “It’s written very well, with a unique style.”

Old Master Feng nodded in satisfaction, “Yes, this poem portrays the essence of youth. However, given your age, you probably wouldn’t understand.”

Tong Bingran: …

He couldn’t take it anymore!!!!

Tong Bingran politely took his leave, then exited the Feng residence under the guidance of the servant. The moment he stepped on the gas pedal, he swore to himself, “I won’t set foot in the Feng family’s residence again unless they invite me!” He was still young, and he refused to be pissed to death by those people!

After Tong Bingran left, Jiang Li immediately opened the gift box in her hands. Upon seeing its contents, her eyes lit up. “This guy with the surname Tong sure knows how to give gifts.”

Old Master Feng also glanced at the contents of the box and asked curiously, “You like these?”

Jiang Li shook his head, “Not really, but I just thought these gadgets were quite expensive.”

“Are you short on pocket money?” Old Master Feng said in amusement.

Jiang Li immediately shook her head. “Not at all. But since he sent these over, I can save some money!”

Well, she would donate that money to an orphanage later. Just consider it an act of goodwill for Tong Yi’s uncle!

That evening, Tong Yi saw that Jiang Li had posted a social media update, but that wasn’t unusual. What surprised him was that under Jiang Li’s post, her phone model was displayed as the latest model from a popular fruit-named brand.

Tong Yi messaged her: [Did you get a new phone?]

He quickly received a reply from Jiang Xiao Li.


[Brother Tong gave it to me today]

[I mean your uncle]

Tong Yi: …

What on earth happened today?

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