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MSRV Ch 106 Part 2 – Accident (II)

“Mom…” Wenwen murmured softly.

With a sudden jolt, Fu Yunruo slowly regained her senses. She reached out her trembling hand, wanting to touch but did not dare to.

How could this happen? She had been so careful, even having everything double-checked. Why did this accident still occur?

Wenwen… Si Yue…

Fu Yunruo couldn’t stop trembling all over.

“Ruoruo, don’t be afraid. We’re okay…” Si Yue knew that Fu Yunruo must have been terrified and tried to reassure her.

Fu Yunruo tried to keep her composure. “A-Ambulance…” She wanted to do something, but she also knew that people with internal injuries should not be moved casually, so she didn’t even dare to touch them.

“We’ll be fine… we will…” Si Yue assured her.

A moment later, Yuan Xin arrived with the other bodyguards. He happened to be nearby, and the bodyguards on site had contacted him immediately.

At the same time, an ambulance arrived. About a dozen medical personnel rushed over with stretchers and began providing immediate first aid to Si Yue and Wenwen. Accompanying them was a doctor who, after confirming that the patients weren’t in life-threatening condition, sighed in relief.

However, the situation was still dangerous. The highly trained medical team carefully moved Wenwen onto a stretcher, then did the same for Si Yue, and quickly carried them away.

Fu Yunruo finally found strength returned to her body and quickly stood up to follow the stretchers.

Before leaving, she looked at Yuan Xin, “Brother Yuan…”

Yuan Xin assured her, “Leave the rest to me.”

After confirming that neither Si Yue nor Wenwen’s life was in danger, Yuan Xin stayed behind to deal with the aftermath.

First of all, he had to confirm whether it was an accident.

The director was worried, “I don’t know why this accident happened. But don’t worry, I will definitely give you an explanation.”

Yuan Xin said nothing, his face remained icy.

The bodyguards were professionally trained, and it didn’t take long for them to discover that the wires had been sabotaged.

Then they quickly sorted out the relevant personnel who had been in contact with the contraption.

The man in charge of the wire-flying rig was still in disbelief. His face was pale with shock, “How could this be? How could this be?” He had checked the equipment several times!

The bodyguards interrogated him and quickly identified the suspect, who was the man’s assistant. After a cross-check, they determined he was the only one who had been alone with the equipment just before it was used.

When the person in charge returned after fetching water, the assistant claimed he had a stomachache and went to the bathroom.

But the bodyguards had already checked the bathroom and found no one there. Obviously, the assistant had run away beforehand.

When the director learned about this, his expression turned extremely dark. Their production had been smooth sailing, and then this kind of thing suddenly happened!

Yuan Xin’s coldly said: “Call the police.”

When the director heard this, he bitterly pleaded, “But… having the police involved will negatively impact the movie. Why don’t we solve it privately?”

Yuan Xin was not impressed, “There is an attempted murder here, and you still want to solve it in private? Both Si Yue and Wenwen are lucky to still be alive. If something went a bit wrong, we would have two corpses now!” If something happened to those two… he didn’t dare to imagine it!

“Don’t worry, we will keep the news from leaking.” Yuan Xin assured.

The director smiled bitterly, knowing that it was futile.

Sure enough, despite Yuan Xin’s precaution, where was there an impermeable wall in the world? Even though the news of Si Yue and Wenwen was blocked online, rumors about an accident that happened in a certain production still caused a huge stir.

People clamored online, but no team came up with a clarification, which only flamed the rumor.

Fans of Fu Yunruo and Wenwen were aware that both of them were currently on a set, filming for Wenwen’s newest role. When such a rumor came out, they naturally would be worried.

What happened? Who was in an accident? How come there is no clarification?

Various rumors went ablaze on the internet, some even made it to trending topics.

But there was no news about Wenwen.

Of course, Fu Yunruo had no time to pay attention to the internet. The ambulance that came to pick up Si Yue and Wenwen was from a private hospital, which paid great attention to confidentiality. Fu Yunruo also followed into the ambulance and accompanied them.

The ambulance was spacious inside and had a lot of equipment, enough to resemble a small operating room.

All this time, Si Yue’s face remained calm. If not for his pale complexion, others wouldn’t know that he was a patient.

“How is Wenwen?” He asked.

“The child is fine.” The doctor wearing a mask seemed to be familiar with Si Yue. After performing a few checks, he clicked his tongue, “You should care about yourself first.”

When the doctor said that Wenwen was fine, Fu Yunruo sighed in relief. But his next sentence made her panic again, “H-how is Mr Yue?”

Wenwen, currently strapped to a bed and unable to move around, also turned his head aside and waited for the doctor’s answer.

The doctor looked at Si Yue, then at the anxious-looking young woman whose eyes were still wet with tears. Intrigued, he sighed, “Actually…”

Before he could exaggerate the diagnosis, he met Si Yue’s warning glance.


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