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ATCF Ch 41 Part 3 – New Students Enrollment (II)

The two-month summer vacation quickly passed, and Jiang Li was about to begin her high school life. The new students at Minjiang First High School were scheduled to start on August 25th, but classes wouldn’t begin immediately and would be predated by a five-day military training for the new students.

As soon as he heard the words “military training,” Old Master Feng couldn’t help but furrow his brow. “Our Xiao Jiang Li is so delicate; she probably isn’t suitable for military training. Shouldn’t we request an exemption from the school?”

Jiang Li smiled in response, “No need, Grandpa. I’ve been running with Third Uncle regularly lately, and on weekends, I even do spars with my second brother. I’m in pretty good shape now.”

Old Master Feng mumbled quietly, “Isn’t your second brother going easy on you?”

Feng Song:…

No, he never. He didn’t dare!

Seeing Jiang Li’s determination, Old Master Feng didn’t say anything more and began to prepare the things she would need for school. The most considerate person in the family was naturally her second aunt. She had prepared a bunch of sunscreens and toiletries for Jiang Li and reminded that she shouldn’t keep using products opened more than two months ago and should just throw them away.

Feng Bai playfully approached, “When my brother and I were in military training, you never reminded us to pay attention to sunscreen.”

Professor Tan was unconcerned. “What does it matter if boys get a little tan?”

“Actually, it does matter. Nowadays, many girls like the sweet, fair-skinned type.” Feng Bai argued with his mother as he helped Jiang Li pack up.

Professor Tan shook her head. “I still prefer tough guys, especially those with muscles, and naturally, their skin should be tanned.”

Professor Feng happened to enter the room at this moment and had only heard half of the conversation. He couldn’t help but be curious and asked, “What are you talking about tan skin?”

Feng Bai looked at his mother with a smug expression, curious to hear her explanation. His father, the only weak scholar in the family, had nothing to do with tan skin and tough muscles!

However, Professor Tan remained calm and didn’t even bat an eyelid as she answered, “I was talking about Xiao Bai. I want him to build some healthy muscles and tan.”

Professor Feng turned to look at his younger son and added, “I think your mother is right.”

Feng Bai:…

Fine! Who made him have such an unreliable mother!

On the day Jiang Li started school, Old Master Feng decided to personally accompany her. Feng Song and Feng Bai’s term hadn’t started yet, so they also joined with great fanfare. However, when the family arrived at the school gate, they realized that parents weren’t allowed to enter the campus under the reason of fostering the students’ independence.

Previously, parents had to accompany their children to pay the fees during new student registration. However, now that everything was paid online, parents had no excuse to enter the school.

Old Master Feng felt displeased, but rules were rules, so he couldn’t even protest. He could only turn and look at his granddaughter with a reluctant expression.

Jiang Li quickly comforted him, “It’s alright, Grandpa. I’ll be back home after the military training is over.”

Old Master Feng sighed and watched his granddaughter enter the school gate with her backpack and suitcase. Then, he turned to his two grandsons and said, “Why don’t you two try pretending to be freshmen and help Xiao Jiang Li move her stuff into the dormitory?”

The twins looked helpless. “We don’t have admission notices, so the school won’t let us in.”

Old Master Feng snorted, “I was just joking,” and had the driver take them home.

Jiang Li carried a large backpack and a suitcase all the way into the office building without feeling tired. After bringing her admission notice to collect the dormitory key, she quickly found her room and pushed over the door.

She had set off early this morning and thought she was the first to arrive at the dormitory, but after opening the door, she discovered that two of her roommates had arrived earlier and already set up their beds.

Seeing Jiang Li enter, the two female students were delighted because their new roommate was incredibly beautiful. One of them, a girl in a white blouse, stood up and introduced herself, “Hello, I’m Zhang Qingqing, and I came from Cangcheng County First Middle School.” She then pointed to the other slightly chubby girl in a black tracksuit inside the dormitory and said, “This is Pang Ju. We were classmates before, and we call her ‘Fatty Ju’ as a nickname. Her grades are really excellent; she was the top student in our county.”

When Zhang Qingqing said ‘Fatty Ju,’ Jiang Li noticed a momentary look of disappointment on Pang Ju’s face, showing that she didn’t like that nickname. Jiang Li put down her luggage, smiled, and introduced herself, “Hello, I’m Jiang Li.”

Zhang Qingqing immediately asked, “Which middle school were you from?”

Jiang Li replied honestly, “Minjiang International School.”

Zhang Qingqing looked surprised, “You are a local?”

Seeing Jiang Li nod, she sighed in envy. “That’s really nice. You don’t even need to take an intercity bus to go home for breaks. Fatty Ju and I arrived yesterday because we were afraid of missing the registration time. Fortunately, the school allowed us to check in early; otherwise, we would have had to find a hotel.”

Jiang Li had already noticed that Zhang Qingqing was quite sociable. She smiled politely during the conversation and waited for Zhang Qingqing to finish speaking before saying, “You two continue chatting; I’m going to find the teacher to get the dormitory supplies.”

Zhang Qingqing immediately offered, “There’s quite a lot of stuff to collect; we can go with you and help you carry some of it.”

Jiang Li didn’t refuse her kind offer, nodded, and expressed her thanks.

The three girls went downstairs to see the dormitory teacher. Jiang Li noticed that Minjiang First High School didn’t provide a wide range of dormitory supplies. Apart from washbasins and buckets, they only gave out beddings for all seasons, military training uniforms, and school uniforms.

The bedding was of standard size. The military training uniforms and school uniforms weren’t sized according to the usual method; the dormitory teacher took a quick look at Jiang Li’s figure and gave her a roughly suitable size.

Jiang Li was about to go and get the bag of bedding when Zhang Qingqing preemptively said, “You take the uniforms. Fatty Ju can take the basins and buckets, and let me handle the bedding. They are quite heavy.”

Jiang Li decided to follow her suggestion and asked with a smile, “You were the class president, weren’t you?”

Zhang Qingqing immediately nodded, “Yes, I was the class president before. Fatty Ju was a member of the class committee. She doesn’t talk much but is great at academics. You can ask her if you have any questions.”

While Zhang Qingqing was chatty and outgoing, Jiang Li noticed that she was also quite polite. Unfortunately, she also had the habit of giving classmates nicknames, which often did not go well. Jiang Li thought she would remind Zhang Qingqing about it later to see how she’d react.

Never one to owe people, Jiang Li then turned to Zhang Qingqing and said, “My grades are also pretty good. You can ask me if you need any help.”

Zhang Qingqing nodded with a smile. “Since we’re roommates, it’s natural to take care of each other. Let’s not be too polite.”

The girls chatted as they went upstairs. As soon as they returned to the room, Jiang Li noticed that there was another person inside.

Shen Mian was in the middle of unpacking her suitcase when she heard the door open. She immediately turned around and, the moment she saw Jiang Li, her eyes lit up, “Jiang Li? Are we living in the same room? That’s too coincidental!”

Jiang Li: …

No, she didn’t like such coincidences at all.

Zhang Qingqing curiously asked, “Do you two know each other?”

Shen Mian immediately nodded, “Yes, we were in the same class, but… I offended Jiang Li before.”

Zhang Qingqing furrowed her brow, “I see. How about you ask the teacher for a room change?”

Shen Mian:…

Jiang Li was also dumbfounded by Zhang Qingqing’s frankness. “It’s not that serious,” she said helplessly.

Zhang Qingqing patted her chest and sighed in relief, “That’s good, that’s good. In our previous dorm, two girls had a fight, and one of them lost, but the one who lost was upset, so she got up in the middle of the night and cut the other girl’s hair. It was horrifying!”

Shen Mian glanced at Jiang Li, concerned that she might be inspired by this story to do something irrational. Although the phrase “one’s body, hair, and skin were given by one’s parents” was already outdated, anyone would be distressed when losing hair. Looking at Jiang Li with a skeptical and timid look, Shen Mian pleaded, “I… I’ve already apologized. Please, even if you don’t accept my apology, don’t get any ideas about cutting my hair.”

Shen Mian believed that Jiang Li was capable of doing such a thing. After all, Jiang Li had previously locked herself out of the dorm in front of the dormitory teacher. At this moment, Shen Mian couldn’t help but curse Jiang Ruo a thousand times in her heart. If it weren’t for this hypocritical person, she wouldn’t have offended Jiang Li!!



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