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MSRV Ch 107 Part 2 – Because He Loves Them (II)

Fu Yunruo noticed that Si Yue had changed into a plain hospital gown, with both his hands firmly encased in casts and wrapped in elastic bandages.

Tears instantly welled up in her eyes.

“Doctor, how is he?” She couldn’t help but ask. She had felt relieved earlier when Si Yue had remained conscious, with the doctor also assuring her that he would be alright. But this… seeing him like this, it was difficult to believe his injuries were not severe.

With this appearance, how could she believe the injury was not serious?

The doctor solemnly explained, “His joints have been reset, but he needs a period of rest. He won’t be able to lift heavy objects or engage in strenuous activities for quite a while. The ribs have also been reset through surgery, but his organs sustained some injuries. He’ll require at least six months of rest to recover.”

Despite Si Yue remaining conscious throughout, it was all thanks to his incredible willpower. Both of his hands had four dislocated joints, severe ligament injuries, and, not to mention, significant internal injuries. If it were an ordinary person, they would have been in excruciating pain and might have long fainted.

But Si Yue had endured it all, in order to prevent Fu Yunruo and Wenwen from worrying about him.

The doctor had no intention of sugarcoating Si Yue’s condition. After slightly exaggerating the injuries, he sighed with admiration.

Listening to this, Fu Yunruo felt a mix of guilt, gratitude, and sadness. Her eyes reddened once again. If Si Yue hadn’t rushed in to take her place, he wouldn’t have been injured. Si Yue did it to save her, to save Wenwen…

Fu Yunruo realized, for the first time, that she had the potential to be a sprint champion. Looking back, she had no idea how she had covered the distance in just a second or two or how Si Yue, even faster than she, had arrived in the nick of time.

Wenwen was her child, so she had acted without hesitation to protect him. But Si Yue?

Fu Yunruo had no choice but to believe that, in Si Yue’s heart, both Wenwen and herself were important enough for him to disregard his own safety…

The unconscious Si Yue was wheeled to a VIP ward, and as Fu Yunruo looked around, she noticed it felt oddly familiar. When she recognized the medical staff in the room, she realized it was Wenwen’s ward.

This ward was spacious, covering over a hundred square meters, and it even had an adjoining room, probably intended for accompanying family members. It was this room that had been quickly prepared for Si Yue.

All things considered, the father and son were essentially sharing the same room. Fu Yunruo had no objections; in fact, she felt it was better this way, making it convenient for her to take care of both of them.

In the hospital ward, two figures, a child and an adult, lay on separate beds, both with IV drips, and medical staff silently monitoring their conditions. As Fu Yunruo shifted her attention between the two, she couldn’t help but notice that the ward was unlike a typical hospital ward, but more like a hotel suite. Instead of the usual sterile white, it featured a sophisticated shade of gray, complemented by warm furnishings, very cozy and comfortable. On one side of the wall, there was a large screen television, sofas, and a coffee table.

Fu Yunruo wasn’t aware that the hospital had such luxurious wards, but at least it made their stay much more pleasant, helping to ease some of the oppressive atmosphere often associated with hospitals.

That night, Wenwen wasn’t sleeping peacefully; it seemed like he had been transported back to his previous life. He stood on the edge of a rooftop, gazing downward with a heavy heart. The bustling cityscape below looked tiny, like ants, and the unrelenting wind threatened to push him over the edge.

During that time in his life, he had been like a rat in the gutter, a dirty being disgusted and hated by the world. With his reputation tarnished, he had nothing left and was thoroughly abandoned. A few friends who were unwilling to sever ties with him were ultimately dragged down. In the end, they had all met miserable fates — some dying, some suffering injuries, and some forced to flee abroad, never to return.

At that time, he had often wondered whether, by vanishing, he could protect his friends from further harm.

He resented the world’s injustices and hated those people who forced him to this point…

As the invisible wind whistled past his ears, a sudden sensation of weightlessness overcame him. He snapped awake, and his eyes opened.

Wenwen was panting lightly, and his gaze, dark with heavy gloom, fixated on something unseen.

“Baobao?” Fu Yunruo had just returned from checking on Si Yue when she heard movement coming from Wenwen’s bed. She rushed over. “Baobao, you’re awake!”

Fu Yunruo noticed the fine beads of sweat on her son’s forehead and gently wiped them away. “Did you have a bad dream? Don’t worry, Mom’s here. Mom’s here.”

Fu Yunruo cradled Wenwen carefully, offering soothing words and comfort.

Wenwen lay in his mother’s arms. Surrounded by her familiar scent, his eyes gradually cleared.

“Mom…” His voice sounded a bit hoarse. He looked up at his mother and couldn’t help but hug her tightly, burying his head in her shoulder. His lowered eyelashes concealed the emotions in his eyes as he murmured softly, calling for his mother.

Fu Yunruo patiently responded to his calls.

Wenwen clenched his tiny hand tightly around Fu Yunruo’s clothing. After being given this second chance at life, he no longer harbored resentment towards the unfairness of fate. He accepted the fact that all the calamities from his previous life had yet to occur, and he had the opportunity to prevent the disasters from happening.

In this life, even if those hateful people had come to disturb his life, they hadn’t done anything significant yet. That’s why, except for showing his displeasure, he never did anything to them.

He wanted to be a good child in this life. Living under his mother’s watchful eyes, he didn’t dare to do anything evil, because he didn’t want to disappoint the person who loved him the most.

Never had he imagined that they would still want his life!

They dared to, so don’t blame him for retaliating!

“Mom, what about… Uncle Yue?” After sorting out his emotions, Wenwen finally remembered Si Yue, who had been injured protecting him. His feelings were now extremely complicated.

He hadn’t expected Si Yue to risk his life to save him. The awkwardness he had felt because the person had never shown up in his previous life was now shaken. He had directed some of his resentment to Si Yue, yet he also knew that the man was not to be blamed. If Si Yue had been there, perhaps the outcome would have been different… maybe he could even have lived a happy life like now.

He kept thinking about the explanation his mother had given him. Si Yue hadn’t known about their existence before, which was why he had never appeared in their lives. Had he known, he would have definitely come looking for them much earlier.

It was just a twist of fate that separated them in his previous life…

In his previous life, he had been without parents, but in this life, he had a loving mother and a doting father. Wasn’t he happier now?

Did he have to wait until he lost everything to regret it?

Wenwen thought back to when he had raised his head and seen that glaring puddle of blood. His small body couldn’t help but shiver.

“He’s in the next room,” Fu Yunruo cradled his soft body in her arms.

Wenwen raised his teary eyes, “I want to see him…”


Fu Yunruo carefully picked up Wenwen and then walked to the next door. “Your Uncle Yue just had surgery not long ago, so he’s resting. Let’s go and see him carefully.”

Before Fu Yunruo could finish her sentence, she saw the person who had been sleeping on the bed sit up with the help of the medical staff and leaning against a cushion.

“Mr. Yue, you’re awake!” Fu Yunruo was overjoyed as she walked over and asked with concern, “Are you in pain? Do you need the doctor to come and give you some pain relief?” Looking at the plaster casts and bandages on Si Yue’s body, her heart ached.

“No need, I’m fine,” the effects of the anesthesia were slowly wearing off, and Si Yue felt the intense pain all over his body. However, he could bear it, and there was no change in his expression.

Si Yue’s eyes carried a smile as he looked at Wenwen, who seemed to be physically unharmed. He once again inquired about Wenwen’s condition after Fu Yunruo repeated the doctor’s words.

Fu Yunruo recounted the doctor’s explanation in detail.

Wenwen’s eyes remained fixed on Si Yue, and seeing the bandages on his body made him extremely uncomfortable.

Si Yue noticed his gaze and couldn’t help but ask, “Wenwen, can you come over and let me hold you?” Although the little guy was fine now, he really wanted to give him a hug.


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  1. The best story ever about how a father trying to make up and get into his reborn child’s life. Si Yue definitely the father of Wenwen even in last life as Fang Xuelian’s daughter had muttered that line about movie emperor and how Wenwen is little Si Yue in both life. They missed each other before leaving Wenwen’s heart jaded and wary over him.. putting blame and resentment despite happiness and joy he experienced this time. I am glad this hurdle and accident made Wenwen clear, he had to only see the current situation, be grateful with the present… to never regret anything anymore. Good job Si Yue! Your sincere heart finally touched both your loved one.

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