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ATCF Ch 42 Part 3 – Choose Someone To Spar With (III)

Shen Mian’s retort had finally silenced Zhang Qingqing. She realized that Shen Mian was not someone to be messed with and turned her gaze to Pang Ju. “Fatty Ju, I think you should try on the military training uniform early. If it doesn’t fit, you can change it sooner.”

Wang Simin was surprised, “Isn’t her name Pang Ju? Why are you calling her ‘Fatty’?”

Zhang Qingqing pointed at Pang Ju and casually said, “She looks plump. Don’t you think it’s quite fitting?”

Pang Ju softly responded, “I’m not that overweight.” She was a bit chubby, but her weight was still within the healthy range. However, her round face gave the impression of plumpness.

Zhang Qingqing chuckled and said, “Well, you’re not very fat, but it’s just a nickname anyway — not a big deal. You’re not being so petty, right?”

“I… I… I…” Pang Ju hesitated multiple times but couldn’t find the right words.

Jiang Li couldn’t stand it anymore. She looked at Zhang Qingqing and said, “How about we all start calling you ‘Bugs Bunny’ from now on?”

Zhang Qingqing was stunned: “Why?”

Jiang Li’s tone was dead serious. “Because of your two big front teeth. I think they look quite like Bugs Bunny. Don’t you think it’s quite fitting?”

Zhang Qingqing frowned and said, “You don’t have to speak so harshly, do you?”

Jiang Li looked puzzled. “What did I say wrong?”

Wang Simin smiled, “Nothing. You just repeated what she said about Pang Ju.”

Zhang Qingqing finally realized that Jiang Li was speaking up for Pang Ju, and her face turned cold. She said, “Pang Ju and I have been deskmates for three years. We have a good relationship, and joking around is fine. There’s no need to escalate things.”

Although Pang Ju has a soft temper, she understood that Jiang Li was defending her. If she didn’t speak up now, the nickname ‘Fatty Ju’ might stick with her throughout her high school years. Gathering her courage, Pang Ju looked at Zhang Qingqing and said, “I really don’t like the nickname ‘Fatty Ju,’ just like you don’t like ‘Bugs Bunny.'”

Zhang Qingqing couldn’t believe it. “I gave you that nickname during our first year in junior high, and you’re only saying you don’t like it now after three years?”

Pang Ju’s voice remained low. “I’ve said it many times, but you never took it seriously.”

Zhang Qingqing: …

Back in junior high, she was the class president, and whatever she said was immediately agreed upon by many. But now, no one stood with her. Feeling cornered and isolated, Zhang Qingqing grabbed a basin and a towel to go to the bathroom for a shower to clear her mind.

This incident didn’t bother the rest of the girls except for Pang Ju, who was somewhat unsettled. She truly disliked the nickname Zhang Qingqing gave her, but she also didn’t want to have a conflict.

Jiang Li continued organizing her things, categorizing and storing them neatly in the cabinet. A few of her roommates who hadn’t picked up their supplies went downstairs to collect them. Pang Ju hesitated for a moment before standing up and went to help them.

To everyone’s surprise, Zhang Qingqing had good emotional control. After her shower, she returned to the room and resumed chatting with everyone as if nothing had happened. The only difference was that she finally stopped using the nickname ‘Fatty Ju’ and started calling Pang Ju by her name.

After tidying up their luggage, they girl took the meal card they had obtained during the registration and went to recharge it before heading to the cafeteria for lunch. During the meal, Shen Mian complained more than once about the quality of the food, which couldn’t compare to the standard she had gotten used in Minjiang International School. She also pointed out that there were too few options.

“Public schools have lower fees, isn’t that normal?” Wang Simin couldn’t stand it anymore.

Shen Mian sighed but eventually stopped complaining. She then turned her attention to Jiang Li and asked, “Are you okay with this food?”

Jiang Li nodded and said, “I’m not a picky eater.” If the food didn’t suit her taste, she could always eat more snacks.

After lunch, they returned to the dormitory to rest for a while before attending the first class meeting. The homeroom teacher was a middle-aged man who seemed amiable. He first introduced himself and then had the students introduce themselves.

During Jiang Li’s self-introduction, everyone was impressed, and there was even some whispering among the students, which only quieted down after the teacher reminded them.

When it was Qin Zheng’s turn to introduce himself, the girls in the class became excited once again. Sitting in front of Jiang Li, Zhang Qingqing couldn’t resist turning around and whispering, “Do you know this Qin Zheng?”

Jiang Li nodded and reminded, “The teacher is watching you.”

Zhang Qingqing didn’t want to leave a bad impression on the teacher, so she quickly turned her head back.

After everyone finished their self-introductions, the homeroom teacher started assigning temporary class committee positions. Much to Jiang Li’s surprise, the teacher actually wanted her to be the Academic Affairs Committee member.

Jiang Li asked hesitantly, “Can I decline?”

The homeroom teacher was puzzled. “Why?”

“Because… I prefer not to deal with troubles,” Jiang Li honestly admitted.

The homeroom teacher didn’t get angry; he just smiled and said, “Your duty is simply to promote a good study atmosphere in the class. It won’t be too troublesome, and this position is temporary. After a month when you all get to know each other better, we can hold an election.”

Jiang Li: …

Well, since that was the case, she had no choice but to take the role! Becoming a passive committee member shouldn’t be too difficult, and if the teacher ever thought she was not doing a good job, he might remove her!

After the class meeting ended, everyone returned to the dormitory. Zhang Qingqing couldn’t help but complain, “Our homeroom teacher only cares about grades when appointing the roles! I have no objection having Jiang Li as the Academic Affairs Committee member, but for the class president position, shouldn’t they consider the students’ management abilities?” For the same reason, she was also dissatisfied with Wang Simin’s appointment as the Youth League committee member, but since Wang Simin was also here, she didn’t voice her dissatisfaction alone.

Shen Mian immediately retorted, “Qin Zheng has been the class president since kindergarten. He’s been doing it for over ten years, so his management skills are definitely not a problem. Honestly, I am more used having him as a president.”

Zhang Qingqing, who was already preparing for the upcoming class president election campaign:…

Jiang Li wasn’t surprised by this at all. After all, Qin Zheng was the male lead from a novel. Naturally, he couldn’t be without a male lead halo.

After the class meeting, it was time for a five-day military training session. Jiang Li had no problem standing in a military stance; her physical fitness was in excellent shape. Although the sun was scorching, she had sunblock carefully prepared by her second aunt, so there was no issue.

Military training wasn’t just about standing in formation and marching, however. The instructor also taught the students to sing military songs, and he even formed a circle to select students for various talent shows.

Unexpectedly, when the instructor learned that Jiang Li was the top scorer in the entrance examination, he started cheering and asked her to perform a talent show.

Jiang Li thought for a moment and said, “I can only perform martial arts, but I need someone to spar with.”

The instructor pointed to the circle of female students and said, “Choose anyone.”

Upon hearing this, everyone immediately fell silent, afraid of being chosen by Jiang Li. They couldn’t do martial arts and would only get beaten if they went, so they preferred not to be selected.

But Jiang Li didn’t even glance at the female students and instead looked at the instructor with eager eyes. She had sparred with her uncle and her second brother before during her martial arts training, but the instructor probably wouldn’t give her a handicap like them, right?

The instructor noticed her determined look and asked in disbelief. “Little girl, do you want to spar with me?”


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