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MSRV Ch 108 Part 3 – A Single Guy’s Guide to Pursuing A Woman (III)

Si Yue didn’t feel guilty about making his old friend angry. After all, he had only stated the facts. It was quite audacious for someone single to offer relationship advice.

“I heard everything…” a childish voice faintly echoed in the room.

As soon as Si Yue lowered his head, he met with a pair of big, bright eyes. At some point, Wenwen had woken up and listened to their conversation.

Si Yue: “…When did you wake up?”

“When the doctor was teaching you his tricks.”

Si Yue: “…”

Wenwen’s gaze was complicated. In the past, he would have exploded on the spots. But now, looking at those plaster bandages on Si Yue’s body, he couldn’t bring himself to get angry…

Fu Yunruo returned with packed meals just as Dr. Meng left the room. “Dr. Meng, are you leaving now?” She greeted him.

Dr. Meng restrained his annoyance and smiled gracefully. “Yes, I have another surgery to attend to.”

Fu Yunruo said in gratefulness, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“No problem. It’s my duty.”

The two exchanged a few words before bidding each other farewell.

As Fu Yunruo entered the room, she saw Si Yue and Wenwen staring at each other.

Seeing Wenwen awake made Fu Yunruo delighted, and she thought it was quite a coincidence.

“Wenwen, are you hungry? Mom brought a lot of delicious food.”

There was a table next to the bed that could be opened up as a dining table. This way, they could have their meals right in front of Si Yue. Additionally, there was a movable table for the patient by the side of the bed. Fu Yunruo placed one package of food in front of Si Yue and another one on a separate table. She then carefully lifted Wenwen and sat down, preparing the cutlery.

She had consulted the cafeteria staff about the kind of food that would be suitable for the two of them. As for herself, she would just eat the same food.

After preparing the meals, Fu Yunruo looked a bit embarrassed as she said to Si Yue, “Mr. Yue, Wenwen is hungry. Let me feed him first…” No matter what, Wenwen was the most important person in her heart.

Si Yue understood this, but he couldn’t help feeling a little sour when he realized that his position was lower than Wenwen’s.

Still, what could he do? Wenwen was also his child.

Wenwen was quite happy. He used to feel a bit jealous of Si Yue. But now, knowing that he was still the number one in his mother’s heart, that bit of jealousy instantly disappeared.

Fu Yunruo fed her son first. The little guy was fragile now, and he needed his mom to feed him personally. Fu Yunruo, of course, was happy to accommodate his wishes.

Wenwen knew that his mother must have not eaten yet, so he said, “Mom, you should eat too!”

Fu Yunruo wanted to wait until both of them were fed before taking her meal, but Wenwen insisted, and even Si Yue said, “You eat with Wenwen first, I’m not in a hurry.”

In the end, under their insistence, Fu Yunruo ate together with Wenwen. She mostly focused on Wenwen, as he required special care at the moment. When Wenwen was full, Fu Yunruo tidied up her meal as well.

As expected of a high-end hospital — even their patient meals didn’t fall short of five-star chefs. Except for milder seasoning, the food had a unique taste that was quite appealing.

Initially, Fu Yunruo had planned to personally prepare meals starting tomorrow, but after tasting the delicious food available in the cafeteria, she changed her mind. Instead of spending extra time cooking three meals a day, she preferred to use that time to be with her son, and… with Si Yue.

Just after finishing their meal, Fu Yunruo immediately prepared to feed Si Yue. The food containers still had some warmth, just right for feeding. She was very careful at the beginning, diligently switching between spoon and chopsticks. After all, this was her first time taking care of an adult, which was not the same experience as taking care of Wenwen. However, she soon got the hang of it, and felt that there was no difference between feeding an adult and a child.

Wenwen watched from the side as his mother busy feeding Si Yue, who kept looking back at her with a soft and affectionate gaze. This scene made him a little upset inside, as if his mother was being taken away.

What a scheming guy! Hmph!

While Si Yue gazed at the delicate and beautiful face in front of him, her eyes fully focused as she was concentrating on feeding him, he suddenly had a thought — it seemed that Little Meng’s advice had some merit.

Inside the hospital room, the family of three was spending a warm and harmonious time together, but a turbulent storm was brewing outside.

More and more solid evidence emerged, exacerbating the rumor that Si Yue and Wenwen were injured on the set. As a result, an increasing number of fans began to voice their concerns.

Si Yue’s fanbase was already massive; combined with Wenwen’s and Fu Yunruo’s fans, the collective force they represented was overwhelming, virtually dominating the online world and silencing the fans of other stars.

In the end, Apple Entertainment could no longer withstand the growing pressure, and in an effort to appease the fans, they officially acknowledged Si Yue and Wenwen’s injuries, clarifying that there was no threat to their lives. Both of them were currently hospitalized, and the management hoped the fans would remain patient.

However, far from appeasing the fans, this statement only added fuel to the already burning fire. They continued to demand responsibility from the production team and pestered Apple Entertainment for more details regarding Si Yue and Wenwen’s injuries.

Some of the more level-headed fans tried to help calm down those who were losing control of their emotions, but they were equally firm in demanding answers.

After a while, the official account of a police station released a statement regarding a criminal case, igniting a huge explosion on the internet.

The official announcement of a criminal case did not directly mention any names, using terms like ‘a certain movie production’ and ‘a certain celebrity’ instead, and it stated that the case was still under investigation.

But who was it about if not Si Yue and Wenwen? They were the only celebrities getting injured on a set during this period of time.

The fans were furious — their beloved idols hadn’t been accidentally injured but had been deliberately harmed?

How was that possible? Internet sleuths rushed to investigate, and one piece of evidence after another was exposed.

The rig used in the filming had been intentionally sabotaged. Wenwen had fallen from a height, and Si Yue had been injured saving Wenwen as he used his body to bear the impact of the fall…

The direct perpetrator had been apprehended, but it was said that there was a mastermind behind the scenes, still under investigation. The motive behind the perpetrator’s crime was that he believed that Wenwen and Fu Yunruo’s appearance had ruined his goddess, Fang Xueruo.

Damn! Was that really a reason to harm a child?

Angry netizens flooded the police official account, demanding a thorough investigation. They also swarmed Fang Xueruo’s social media accounts to vent their anger.

Fang Xueruo’s fans were still defending her, claiming that it wasn’t her fault, that the one committing a crime was not her true fan, and that his behavior had nothing to do with their idol.

Some people felt that Fang Xueruo was just unlucky enough to be implicated by her fan…

But when a certain video was released, even the initially rational netizens’ strings snapped.


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