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ATCF Ch 43 Part 2 – Outrageous and Exaggerated Rumor (II)

Realizing this, Jiang Li looked at Instructor Qin and sincerely thanked him, “Thank you, Instructor Qin.”

Instructor Qin had an idea and pointed to the other instructors, who were enjoying spectacles at his expense, “If you want to spar, you can also find them, especially Old Zhu. If you spar with him, you’ll quickly discover your true level.”

Before Jiang Li could turn around to look at him, Instructor Zhu quickly declined, “I’m not going to spar with her. We have so many instructors, and letting Old Qin lose face is enough.”

Instructor Zhu’s attitude surprised the students because his statement was essentially an acknowledgment that he couldn’t defeat Jiang Li. Now, everyone’s perception of Jiang Li started to change. They had known her as a top student who was also exceptionally beautiful, but now they understood that Jiang Li had the strength to be a school boss.

Such an outstanding presence! An all-rounded genius!

Meanwhile, Shen Mian secretly glanced at Jiang Li and felt goosebumps all over her body. Once again, she regretted her past actions of provoking Jiang Li. That was clearly asking for trouble! When Jiang Li had locked her out on the balcony on the first day, she had thought Jiang Li was too hot-tempered, but it was only now she realized that Jiang Li’s past actions had been quite gentle.

Sitting next to Shen Mian, Zhang Qingqing was also greatly shocked. “You said yesterday that Jiang Li was good at martial arts, I didn’t believe it. But from what I just saw, isn’t she more than just ‘good’?” She whispered.

Shen Mian smiled awkwardly, “Well, Jiang Li and Qin Zheng both ranked first and second in the entrance exam. Our school boasted about them for ‘doing well in the exam.’ So, being good or doing well has a new meaning for me now.”

Wang Simin also nodded boldly, “Right, I now have a new definition for ‘not bad’ too.”

Zhang Qingqing:…

City kids were really something! Unlike them, small county kids like herself had to work harder just to get themselves into a better school. How could there still be time to develop hobbies or interests? In fact, if one could stand on stage and sing a song without getting stage fright or going off-key, they would be considered artistically talented by local standards!

Zhang Qingqing looked at Jiang Li with envy, then nudged Pang Ju on the other side with her elbow. “If we were born in Minjiang City, would we be just as talented as Jiang Li?”

Pang Ju thought for a moment and replied honestly, “I don’t know.”

Listening to the conversation between the two, Shen Mian suddenly felt a slight sense of superiority. When she was at Minjiang International School, many of her classmates came from well-off families, while her parents, in contrast, were just ordinary employees in a state-owned enterprise, making her very ordinary in comparison.

However, once she entered high school, she realized that some of her classmates came from rural areas and received less than 1,000 yuan in monthly living expenses. When she compared her situation, she suddenly felt that she had more than enough with her monthly allowance of over 2,000 yuan.

After the military training on that day, a few girls went to the cafeteria together for lunch. As they ate, Shen Mian couldn’t help but sigh, “Jiang Li, if you had shown this kind of combat power from the beginning, our classmates would definitely not dare to talk back to you.”

Jiang Li gave her a glance, “Not necessarily.”

Shen Mian looked surprised, “Why not? Everyone didn’t dare to provoke you before because Tong Yi protected you, but if they had known that you were so adept in fighting, who would still dare to make trouble with you?”

“Although they can’t beat me in a fair fight, playing tricks is still possible. For example, suddenly sticking their leg out to trip me during long-distance running.”

“…” Shen Mian once again reflected on herself and thought she must have gone mad when she allowed Jiang Ruo to manipulate her back then.

Jiang Li, however, looked at Shen Mian with a curious gaze and asked, “Between me and Tong Yi, who do you think is stronger in a fight?”

Shen Mian put on a tearful expression, “How am I supposed to know?”

“You were all so afraid of Tong Yi, weren’t you? Wasn’t it because you heard about him getting into fights?” Jiang Li asked, puzzled.

Shen Mian immediately shook her head, “None of us actually have seen him fighting, but everyone knows about him sending vocational school students to the hospital. Oh, and later he also sent that lunatic Jiang Zhou to the hospital. Now I know he is a hero who rids society of troublemakers, though I never dared to dream of being one myself.”

“Do you know why he sent the vocational school students to the hospital?” Jiang Li asked again.

Shen Mian shook her head once more, “I have no idea.”

Jiang Li raised an eyebrow, “So you’re all afraid of him without knowing why he fights people?”

Shen Mian nodded and then weakly said, “Yes, and I think after what happened today, no one in our grade would dare to provoke you either.”

Jiang Li shrugged, “That’s fine. It can help avoid a lot of trouble.”

As Shen Mian predicted, on the day Jiang Li challenged the instructor, news of her actions had already spread like wildfire. Especially in the boys’ dormitory, discussions about Jiang Li never stopped. There were even some guys who had previously declared their intentions to pursue Jiang Li but were now keeping quiet.

Frustrated by all the teasing, one guy broke down and said, “If you want to go after her, go ahead, I don’t want to be the one she pins down and rubs against the ground.”

As a matter of fact, pursuing someone as extraordinary as Jiang Li must be a difficult task, and trying to win her over by pestering her was almost impossible. Back in junior high, there was a smart and beautiful girl in their school who received many love letters on a daily basis, but simply ignored them. To everyone’s shock, she later started dating a guy from a vocational school.

The vocational school guy would ride a motorcycle to their school gate every day, bring flowers and gifts, and sometimes even bring a group of friends to back him up. No matter how many times the girl rejected him, he would always wear a cheerful face and return the next day.

To put it simply: stubborn, persistent, undeterred.

At the time, everyone treated this matter as a joke because they thought a goddess like her would never be interested in such a punk. But to everyone’s surprise, the girl actually agreed to date the vocational school guy. Even when the school called her parents, she continued to do as she pleased, secretly meeting and dating her boyfriend.

This goes to show that persistence can sometimes work in pursuing a girl. However, this approach clearly wouldn’t work with Jiang Li. Ignoring blatant rejections was the easy part, but in the case of Jiang Li, those who annoyed her probably wouldn’t end up with just verbal scoldings. If Jiang Li had a good temper, they might end up with black eyes, and if she had a bad temper, they could end up in the hospital for a week or more.

Seeing that the guys gave in so easily, everyone couldn’t help but mock them, but after a while, they found it boring, and the teasing gradually subsided.

The matter of Jiang Li challenging the military training instructor initially spread only among the new students, but it took no time for the story to reach every corner of the school, becoming increasingly exaggerated.


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