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ATCF Ch 43 Part 3 – Outrageous and Exaggerated Rumor (III)

The matter of Jiang Li challenging the military training instructor initially spread only among the new students, but it took no time for the story to reach every corner of the school, becoming increasingly exaggerated.

Some said that the instructor had no chance to fight back under her hands, while others claimed she had pinned the instructor down and made him beg loudly. There were even rumors that she had caused internal injuries to the instructor, leaving the instructor in agony.

Although some people stood up to refute the rumors and recounted the situation at that time, no one believed it at all. In their own words: “Jiang Li said that the instructor let her, but do you believe it? I think she is lying to give the instructor some face.”

As it was always easier to spread rumors than to debunk them, even fellow new students who had been present at the scene couldn’t help but ask Jiang Li if she had deliberately said those things to save the instructor’s face.

Jiang Li replied indifferently, “The military training isn’t over yet, so you guys can go challenge the instructor if you want to. Then you’ll find out about his abilities.”

Everyone quickly shook their heads in unison. For Jiang Li to challenge the instructor, she must have been incredibly confident, and if they were to challenge the instructor, it would be a rookie courting death.

Jiang Li treated the whole debacle as an amusing joke and shared it with her family. As a result, her family unanimously praised her for handling the matter well, satisfied because now no one would dare to provoke her.

Knowing that her family always stood by her side unconditionally and would not objectively evaluate her actions, Jiang Li mentioned this matter to Tong Yi.

To her surprise, Tong Yi burst out laughing after hearing this, and said, “So Jiang Xiao Li, you’ve become invincible in the whole school right at the beginning of the school year? Good, good. Now, no boys will dare to pursue you.”

Jiang Li furrowed her brow, “I’m not going to date while in school.”

Tong Yi casually replied, “You may not have the plan, but others don’t know that. There were probably people who wanted to pursue you before, but now, at least ninety percent of them have backed off.”

Jiang Li shrugged, “That’s fine. It’s better this way, saving me from having to deal with those boring people.”

The five-day military training quickly came to an end. Because of the interactions over the past few days, most of the students felt a sense of attachment to their instructor, and the more sensitive ones even secretly shed tears.

On the last day, Instructor Qin approached Jiang Li and asked if she planned to attend a military academy after graduating from high school.

Jiang Li shook her head without hesitation, “I plan to study medicine.”

Instructor Qin commented, “If you become a doctor, all the combat skills you’ve learned will go to waste. But being a military doctor wouldn’t be a bad idea either!”

Jiang Li still shook her head, “I won’t become a doctor. I plan to join a medical research institute in the future.”

Instructor Qin nodded, “That’s a good plan. With your excellent grades, you’ll certainly succeed. Keep up the good work!”

“You too, Instructor. Do your best and good luck.”

Seeing her earnest expression, Instructor Qin couldn’t help but want to laugh. Even knowing how ruthless she was when fighting an opponent, this cute girl made people want to take extra care of her.

Still, life has its comings and goings. After waving at Jiang Li for the last time, Instructor Qin left the school.

After the military training ended, the school gave students a day off to adjust their state, as regular classes were about to begin. The holiday schedule at Minjiang First was completely different from that of Minjiang International School. Instead of a two-day weekend, there was only one day off each week on Sunday, and then a three-day monthly break at the end of the month.

“Why is there only one day off per week? I have to attend supplementary classes for half of that day, and the remaining half will be spent doing homework. So irritating! It would be so much better if we had one and a half days off per week without the monthly break.” Shen Mian grumbled incessantly.

Unlike locals like Shen Mian, out-of-town students like Zhang Qingqing and Pang Ju were quite satisfied with the schedule that allowed them to go home once a month. If they had one and a half days off every week and no monthly break, they wouldn’t be able to go home for the entire semester.

For Jiang Li, the holiday schedule didn’t matter to her. She just wanted to pack her things and go home because she hadn’t been home for five days.

Back at home, Jiang Li received royal treatment. Although she felt that she had not changed at all, her grandfather insisted that she had lost weight.

Because they only had one day off per week, Jiang Li no longer had time to follow Feng Qi to the research institute on weekends. Fortunately, she could bring some materials to school and read them during her free time.

The one-day break passed quickly, and Jiang Li packed her things and returned to school. The transition from junior to senior high school did not faze Jiang Li, but her roommates Zhang Qingqing and Pang Ju seemed to find it very challenging to adapt.

Zhang Qingqing complained in the dormitory several times about the teachers covering the syllabus too quickly and the English teacher’s teaching style is confusing. Pang Ju, on the other hand, didn’t complain but stayed up late studying with a desk lamp after lights out.

After lights out, the students in the dormitory usually tried to secretly use their phones for a while, so no one objected to her behavior. However, what everyone didn’t expect was that the homeroom teacher and the dormitory teacher would conduct surprise inspections during class time and confiscate their phones.

Jiang Li’s room had a total of six people, and except for Zhang Qingqing and Pang Ju, the other four students’ phones were all confiscated.

Jiang Li had two phones, and the teachers only confiscated her fruit-brand backup phone hidden under her pillow. Her other phone, a domestic brand which she had placed under her blanket, was luckily left untouched. However, the other three were left out of luck since they each had only one phone and those were confiscated.

Initially, the girls thought they were just unlucky, but soon they realized that theirs was the only room in the dormitory that had been inspected.

After learning of this, Shen Mian immediately raised a question, “Could it be that someone in our room snitched?”

As she said this, her gaze kept shifting between Zhang Qingqing and Pang Ju, since these were the two students who hadn’t brought phones with them to school.

Zhang Qingqing immediately said, “I didn’t snitch. I have a phone myself, but it was well hidden, so the teacher didn’t find it.”

Pang Ju also defended herself, “It wasn’t me either. I actually have an old model that can only make calls and send texts, and the teacher probably noticed, but they didn’t confiscate it.” As she spoke, Pang Ju took out her phone, which indeed looked very basic.

Shen Mian pursed her lips and didn’t say anything more. As there was no evidence, she couldn’t accuse anyone without proof.


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