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DDDV Ch 136 Part 1 – Do You Know Lu Yuandao? (I)

Li Dazhuang watched as his friends carefully planned to bring him into the inner sect. They even considered all the possible situations he might encounter inside and were afraid he might be bullied after entering the inner sect.

“Thank you, but you shouldn’t do this far. People will say things about you,” Li Dazhuang was deeply moved. His friends cared about his well-being, and he also wanted to consider their standing.

“No, you won’t be taking anyone’s opportunities,” Chao Muxue reassured. They weren’t trying to have Dazhuang take someone else’s spot in the inner sect. All they did was give him a recommendation and bring him in, so he wouldn’t hinder anyone else.

If they had just joined the sect, they wouldn’t have dared to suggest this. But one month had passed. Having become familiar with the sect, they had gained confidence.

Even if others found out, it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, Dazhuang was still an outer disciple. They had no intention of making him an inner disciple without going through the regular assessment.

“…” Seeing this development, Wen Zixing fell into a great dilemma. He had worked hard to keep his friends away from this dangerous spy, but now they were actively planning to keep him closer!

“No! Let him come to me! Nobody should try to steal him from me!” Wen Zixing suddenly shouted.

His sudden loud voice startled Lu Yaoyao. “Why are you shouting so loudly? Can’t you speak normally?” Her ears were ringing from the noise!

Wen Zixing didn’t care: “Whoever tries to steal him is my enemy!”

Feeling puzzled inside, Lu Yaoyao looked at Wen Zixing, who was shouting with a red face. She had thought that Xiao Xingxing didn’t like Dazhuang, but it seemed she had been mistaken. Xiao Xingxing was actually quite fond of him!

Chao Muxue said, “We won’t steal him, but don’t we need to consider Dazhuang’s opinion?”

They all looked at Li Dazhuang.

“Dazhuang, think about it. Do you want to go to Muxue’s main peak, my fifth peak, or Xiao Xingxing’s seventh peak?” Lu Yaoyao said earnestly, “You’re already very amazing. Even without spiritual roots, you managed to get into the sect. Who can compare to you?”

“We’re friends, and friends should help each other, right?” Chao Muxue smiled.

Li Dazhuang scratched his head. “Well, since it’s like that, you guys decide for me. I’m fine anywhere.” He grinned, “Any place with you guys must be a good home.”

In the end, Li Dazhuang’s final destination still had to be thought over carefully, so they skipped that discussion for now.

“We have been on the sect for so long and haven’t gone down to the town yet. When are we going out to play?”

“We have so many lessons. Our schedules are packed; when do we have time to go out?”

“Yeah, with all the homework, I have to stay late every day and can barely get any sleep at night.”


Lu Yaoyao suddenly had an idea. “How about we go to the Mission Hall and see if there are any suitable tasks for us? We can play while doing tasks.”

The Mission Hall was open to all sect disciples. Here, anyone could freely commission tasks or take one themselves, with the reward for completing tasks could be redeemed for various cultivation resources. Lu Yaoyao’s second senior brother had mentioned it before, and she had recalled it just now.

“We’ve just started our cultivation; can we even take on tasks?”

They looked at each other and sighed together.

“In a couple of days, I have to go to the town,” Lu Yaoyao said, “I need to visit my brother.”

Among their group, Chao Muxue, Wen Zixing, and Li Dazhuang were orphans with no family. Du Qianshan’s family lived in another city, too far away to visit frequently. Only Lu Yaoyao had a distant relative living in Tianyan City.

Lu Yaoyao thought about the pile of letters in her small pouch. If she didn’t send them soon, they would only pile up even more.

Wen Zixing’s eyes instantly lit up. “I want to go too!” Yaoyao mentioned that she had a house in Tianyan City. He wanted to visit too!

“How about we skip class?” Wen Zixing’s eyes gleamed mischievously as he made the suggestion. Life without skipping class was not complete. They had been attending the classes diligently for over a month, and some disciples had already started skipping class here and there, but the teacher didn’t say much.

Lu Yaoyao immediately agreed with enthusiasm. “Sure!”

Du Qianshan had no objections. The classes were only assessed every three years, so missing one or two days of lectures wouldn’t matter; they could catch up later when they had the time.

Chao Muxue hesitated a bit. “Is skipping class a good idea?”

Lu Yaoyao looked at her. “Don’t you want to go out and have fun?”

“I want!” Chao Muxue nodded without hesitation.

“Then it’s settled!”

They discussed the time to skip class and arranged a meeting point. Lu Yaoyao suddenly looked at the sky and exclaimed, “It’s getting late!” She hadn’t even started her homework for the day.

The others also realized the time and couldn’t sit still. “Let’s wrap it out for today. We’ll discuss it another time.”

“Dazhuang, you get ready too!”


The group bid farewell and went their separate ways to their respective peaks.

Lu Yaoyao hurried towards the South Fifth Peak. She headed for the nearest teleportation array, but before she could step inside, she heard an argument in the square.

“Sister Yunsi, are we really leaving?”

“What else can we do? His Venerable has been in seclusion for a month and twelve days, and he still doesn’t want to see me. I don’t have the face to stay here any longer…”

“No, Guiyuan Sect must give you an explanation!”

“Shuang’er, please stop…”

Lu Yaoyao found the voices familiar and immediately recognized them. Um? What a coincidence! Wasn’t it the number one beauty Fairy Yunsi and her loud sidekick?

Lu Yaoyao knew they had come to the Guiyuan Sect, but she didn’t expect them to still be here after so long. More important, one of them was also… Father’s rotten peach blossom!1

Sang Yunsi and Mo Shuang’er were talking as they walked toward the teleportation array. They soon noticed Lu Yaoyao standing in front of it.

Mo Shuang’er was briefly puzzled before recognizing the little girl. “It’s you!” Her tone was hostile, and she instinctively frowned, but when she saw that Lu Yaoyao was wearing the inner disciple’s attire, the words she was about to say stopped in her throat.

“Little girl, it seems we have fate.” In contrast, Sang Yunsi’s attitude was much better. She wasn’t wearing a veil now, revealing her stunning face.

No wonder she’s known as the number one beauty — Lu Yaoyao thought to herself. With a face like that, even her surroundings seemed brighter.

In front of such a beautiful face, Lu Yaoyao’s attitude was also very pleasant. “Hello, beautiful sister.”

Sang Yunsi still had that aloof, distant aura on her.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t exchange many pleasantries. When she saw the teleportation array starting to activate, she said, “I’m leaving.”

Sang Yunsi and Mo Shuang’er also approached, “We are also going to South Fifth Peak.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded in response and said nothing. The three of them stepped into the teleportation array together.

The next moment, they appeared at the teleportation array in South Fifth Peak.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Sang Yunsi and Mo Shuang’er, curious about their purpose for coming here. For a split moment, she was torn between the desire for gossip and the pile of unfinished homework. Her curiosity easily prevailed, Lu Yaoyao smiled at the two guests and said, “Sister, are you here to find my Master? I’ll take you to him.”

Lu Yaoyao led the two of them to Hall Master Mo and stood beside him.

Hall Master Mo glanced at his youngest disciple but didn’t ask her to leave. He then turned his gaze to Sang Yunsi.

Sang Yunsi and Mo Shuang’er cupped their hands and politely made their greetings. “This younger generation is here under my Master’s order to congratulate Martial Uncle Mo for successfully refining the divine-level pill and advancing in cultivation.”

“I appreciate it.” Sang Yunsi was the most highly regarded disciple among the current generation of the Biyun Sect. Hall Master Mo could ignore these junior disciples based on his seniority, but Sang Yunsi’s Master was his old friend, so he couldn’t simply reject her visit.

Lu Yaoyao watched from the side, feeling disappointed that their conversation was only polite greetings instead of the juicy gossip she had imagined.

Before long, Hall Master Mo asked casually, “Is there anything else?”


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  1. Peach blossom: romantic debt.

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