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MSRV Ch 109 Part 2 – Under Arrest (II)

“Miss Xueruo, Mr. Fu is looking for you downstairs.”

“Alright,” Fang Xueruo didn’t notice the servant’s nervousness. She responded and walked out of the room, heading downstairs. “Uncle…” She was wondering what Fu Zonghong was looking her for. As she descended the stairs and saw the police officers standing in the living room, her expression stiffened for a moment. There was a flicker of panic in her eyes, but she quickly regained her composure and walked over naturally.

“Uncle, are you looking for me?” Then her gaze shifted, and she added, “Who are these people?” Her expression showed just the right amount of confusion.

Fu Zonghong looked at Fang Xueruo with a mix of disappointed and scrutinizing looks.

“We’re from the city investigation team, here to investigate the Fu Wenwen case.”

“You’re under arrest.”

Fang Xueruo’s face changed drastically, looking fragile and pale. “I have nothing to do with Wenwen’s case. I’ve been at home all this time…”

Fang Wanping interrupted, “Officers, Xueruo has been at home these past few days and never left. We can vouch for her. How could she be involved in these matters?”

“She can’t go with you unless there is concrete evidence.” Fang Wanping’s expression turned ugly. If her daughter was really taken to the police station, her reputation would be ruined forever.

A young police officer couldn’t help but say, “She might not be at the crime scene, but she could have given instructions online. Communication is so advanced nowadays.”

A police wouldn’t arrest someone without reason; they must have some evidence.

The older police officer glanced at the young one, silencing the latter.

A policeman took out handcuffs, causing the already panicked Fang Xueruo to react violently, looking terrified.


Fang Wanping hurriedly ordered the servants to step forward to protect Fang Xueruo.

The servants exchanged uncertain glances but hesitated to intervene. They were just ordinary people; how could they confront the police?

Fang Wanping looked at Fu Zonghong with desperation in her eyes. “Old Fu!” she pleaded. Her daughter must not be taken away! Never!

Fu Zonghong’s eyes revealed no emotion. He looked at the chaos in front of him and sternly ordered, “Stop!”

He turned his gaze to the helpless Fang Xueruo. Facing her hopeful eyes, he simply said coldly, “Go with the police to assist in their investigation. If you are truly innocent, no one will dare say otherwise.”

However, if she really was related to the case…

Fang Wanping couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at Fu Zonghong. But under his cold expression, she eventually calmed down, slowly releasing her grip.

“Mom?” Fang Xueruo tearfully called for her mother.

Fang Wanping reassured her, “Don’t worry. Just go with them for a while. You’ll be back home soon. Your uncle won’t stand by idly.”

In the end, Fang Xueruo was taken away by the police. Fang Wanping followed them out, only to find a group of neighbors gathering outside, many of them whispering and casting strange looks in their direction.

Fang Wanping practically rushed back into the house, covering her face. She turned pale, having never felt so humiliated before. Her reputation, built over so many years, was ruined. Fang Wanping was overwhelmed, thinking about the mess her child had gotten into.

What had Xueruo done!

“Old Fu…” Fang Wanping turned to her husband; her voice trembled with anxiety.

“Xueruo must be innocent,” she began to say, but before she could finish, she saw Fu Zonghong getting dressed and ready to leave the house.

Light returned to Fang Wanping’s eyes. “Are you going to find your contacts to inquire?”

Fu Zonghong replied coldly, “I’m going to the hospital to check on Wenwen.”

“I’ll go too…” Fang Wanping’s words were cut short as Fu Zonghong said, “You stay at home and wait for updates.”

He then left without looking back.

The phone call he had just received informed him about Wenwen’s injury. If the assistant hadn’t emphasized that it was only a minor injury, he wouldn’t be able to remain so calm.

The assistant also reported about the rumors on the internet, some of which were probably released by Fang Xueruo herself. He wanted instruction on whether he should suppress the rumors.

Regardless of whether it was true or false, the fact that his stepdaughter had plotted against his daughter and grandson was already a scandal.

Fu Zonghong didn’t instruct anyone to suppress the news; he didn’t believe it, but he also didn’t have the energy to deal with the online chaos.

If Xueruo really was innocent, it would be fine to clarify it then.

But his hope was dashed when the police came to arrest Fang Xueruo soon afterward.

His status was there; Fu Zonghong believed that the police wouldn’t have come to arrest his stepdaughter unless they had gotten the evidence.

At that moment, he felt extremely disappointed.

That was his own grandson; even if he hadn’t been raised by his side, even if he only occasionally saw him, Fu Zonghong had genuine feelings for him.

He had already made up his mind to have the Fu family inheritance passed down to Wenwen, which would also serve as a guarantee for Yunruo.

Now, he was told that his grandson had almost been harmed, and the culprit might be his stepdaughter, whom he had loved over the past twenty years.

Fu Zonghong was filled with anger. That was an innocent child. How could someone be so cruel?

What made Fu Zonghong unable to shake off his thoughts was whether Fang Wanping was aware of this matter.

If she knew and could act so innocently in front of him…

Memories from the past twenty years seemed to rewind in his mind like a film reel. He suddenly remembered how Yunruo had cried and sought him out, complaining about Fang Wanping and her daughter bullying her, insisting that they shouldn’t stay in the house…

After being reprimanded time and time again, she stopped coming to him to complain. Her temper became increasingly volatile and strange, and in the end, her gaze towards him became sharp and piercing…

Fu Zonghong felt a throbbing headache, and he suddenly couldn’t understand why he had treated his only biological daughter this way. Before remarrying, his intention was clear—to give his child a complete family, to make up for the lack of maternal love. For this purpose, he had carefully chosen a divorced woman from an ordinary family with a gentle temperament. He even went as far as to undergo a vasectomy to ensure that he wouldn’t have more children in the future…

Why did it become like this later?

“Sir? Are you okay, sir?”

Fu Zonghong held his head, and after a moment, his eyes regained clarity. He looked up to see his driver, who appeared concerned and anxious.

“Sir, do you have a headache?”

Fu Zonghong’s complexion eased. “I’m fine. Have we arrived?” He glanced outside, and the car was already parked at the entrance of a hospital.

“We’ve arrived.”

Fu Zonghong got out of the car and went directly into the hospital. It was currently a little past seven in the evening, and the sky was just getting dark. The hospital’s bright white lights illuminated the entire place as if it were daytime.

The hospital lobby wasn’t bustling, with only a few people coming and going, but it wasn’t deserted either.

Fu Zonghong went straight to the front desk, showed his identification, and requested to visit Fu Wenwen.

After the receptionist made a phone call to confirm, she apologized, “I’m sorry, the patient doesn’t want to see you.”

Seeing Fu Yunruo’s expression change after receiving the call from the front desk, Si Yue immediately asks, “Chairman Fu is here?”

Fu Yunruo nodded in response.

“Would you like to see him?”

Fu Yunruo shook her head. “No.” Right now, she was even irritated with Fu Zonghong and didn’t want to see anyone related to the Fu family.

Moreover, she had just heard the news about Fang Xueruo’s arrest, and Fu Zonghong arrived right afterward. Who knew what he was coming for?

Si Yue didn’t press further.

Fu Yunruo looked at Wenwen, who was sitting on the bed and slowly regaining his liveliness. Her heart immediately softened.


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  1. At the end of the day, you still believe outsiders instead of you only biological daughter. It’s true, once there is a stepmother, you will become a stepfather. She gave up on you, sir.

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