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ATCF Ch 50 Part 2 – The Class Mascot… Or Rather, Guardian Beast (II)

After Bai Qiming left, Jiang Huai was so furious he destroyed several items in his office. Still strongly suspected that Bai Qiming had been poached, he ordered someone to watch him. But Jiang Huai soon discovered Bai Qiming had indeed returned to his hometown. Initially, Jiang Huai thought it was a pretense, but then learned Bai Qiming had not only returned himself but also taken his family with him. Furthermore, he transferred his son, Bai Guolin, to a county town school, meaning the boy would no longer study in Minjiang.

Bai Qiming’s actions left Jiang Huai baffled. But before he could ponder too long, he was soon overwhelmed by Feng Qi’s overt actions targeting his company. Following the banquet where the Feng family openly acknowledged Jiang Li and cut ties with the Jiang family, Jiang Huai’s business suffered a lot, but the Feng family did not blatantly attack him at the time. Thus, while many partners had promptly cut off partnerships and caused a massive loss, they still didn’t dare to take the opportunity to prey on the Jiang Group, so Jiang Huai still had room to breathe. However, Feng Qi, for some reason, suddenly started to openly suppress him. Although he wasn’t pushed to a dead end yet, others would certainly read Feng Qi’s intention and take advantage of the situation, making his future increasingly difficult.

It didn’t take long for Jiang Huai to figure out the reason behind Feng Qi’s attacks. Unsurprisingly, it was for Jiang Li again. Because Bai Guolin, influenced by Jiang Ruo, had targeted Jiang Li at school, Feng Qi sought to retaliate on behalf of his niece by openly suppressing Jiang Huai. It was then that Jiang Huai finally understood the real reason behind Bai Qiming’s resignation.

Bai Qiming was not a fool. He knew that the Feng family wouldn’t let it go after his son’s attempted attack on Jiang Li. If he stayed in Minjiang City, no major company would dare to employ him. Thus, Bai Qiming decided to resign and move Bai Guolin back to the county town school, leaving the mess for Jiang Huai to deal with.

Understanding this, Jiang Huai almost fainted from anger, but he had no choice but to brace himself and solve the problem. After a hectic day, he dragged his exhausted body home, totally spent.

As soon as he entered the house, Feng Yun approached him, her voice filled with concern, “Welcome back. Why are you back so late today?”

Jiang Huai, extremely irritated, pulled off his tie and threw it aside, retorting sarcastically, “Isn’t this thanks to your family? Do you really need to ask?!”

Feng Yun frowned slightly, “Didn’t you say a few days ago that our company, though not as prosperous as before, has stabilized, and all we need to do is to proceed steadily…”

“You know that was a few days ago,” Jiang Huai interrupted her angrily. “Did you never consider that Feng Qi would be like a rabid dog, biting me relentlessly?”

Feng Yun frowned slightly, “Although A’Qi has a bad temper, he wouldn’t target you for no reason. Did you…”

“You’re right,” Jiang Huai sneered. “It’s all because of the wonderful daughter you raised. She’s always causing trouble for me!”

Feng Yun, taken aback, asked instinctively, “What’s wrong with Xiao Li?”

“When have you ever raised Jiang Li?” Jiang Huai countered.

“You mean Ruoruo? What did she do?” Feng Yun was genuinely puzzled, unable to understand what the girl could have possibly done to anger the Feng family.

Mentioning this made Jiang Huai even angrier, “That girl actually instigated Bai Guolin to trouble Jiang Li. Does she really think the Feng family is dead?”

Feng Yun looked worried, “She targeted Xiao Li? Is Xiao Li alright?”

Jiang Huai sneered, “What do you think? If something happened to her, do you think Feng Qi’s actions would be so mild? He would have instantly pushed us to bankruptcy, and that would still not be enough to quell his anger!”

Jiang Huai knew well that Feng Qi had no affection for Feng Yun, his so-called sister, but he did dote on Jiang Li a lot. When Feng Qi suppressed the Jiang Group for Jiang Li’s sake, he still left some leeway, but that was out of consideration for his elderly father. Despite Old Master Feng’s apparent indifference, Feng Yun was still his biological daughter, and he would definitely be heartbroken if his only daughter had to live in hardship.

Jiang Huai understood this, but that wasn’t enough to quell his fury. Now that Jiang Ruo was not at home, he could only transfer his anger to Feng Yun.

“But… Ruoruo and Xiao Li aren’t even in the same school anymore. Why would she… Could it be Bai Guolin acting on his own?”

“Does it matter? As long as your brother believes it is true, do you think he’d listen to anyone’s explanation?”

Feng Yun fell silent, knowing her husband spoke the truth about Feng Qi’s temperament.

Yet, Jiang Huai was not ready to let it go, “When Jiang Li just came back home, you, as her mother, didn’t show any concern for her. You didn’t even give her living expenses. If it wasn’t for this, could she just watch Feng Qi target our company?”

Feng Yun’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Are you blaming me?”

“Is there something wrong with what I just said?” Jiang Huai asked back.

Feng Yun instinctively stepped back, her voice choked, “Before we took Xiao Li home, I was the only one in the family asking to reveal her identity. But you and A’Zhou refused. You were worried about Ruoruo’s life being affected, and about impacting the marriage alliance with the Qin family. Have you forgotten all this?”

“Yes, I said all those things. But why do you think did I do it? Wasn’t it all to give our family a better life?” Jiang Huai advanced toward Feng Yun. “I was busy with business matters, naturally I didn’t have much time to worry about the children. But what were you doing at that time? You had time to go shopping and get beauty treatments with your friends, but no time to care for your own daughter?”

Feng Yun was rendered speechless by Jiang Huai’s accusation, realizing she had indeed failed in her duties as a mother.

The last time they met, Xiao Li gave her a thousand yuan, signaling the end of their mother-daughter relationship. Since then, Feng Yun often dreamt of Xiao Li and frequently reminisced about the day she was brought home. Back then, Xiao Li’s cold voice addressing her as “Ms. Feng” should have been a warning, but she naively believed her husband’s words, thinking Xiao Li was just having a temper.

By the time Feng Yun understood the truth, it was already too late. After Xiao Li left, even though she redecorated Xiao Li’s room and filled the closet with clothes suitable for her, buying extra items for Xiao Li whenever she shopped for Ruoruo, Xiao Li never knew about these efforts and probably wouldn’t have forgiven her, anyway!

Now, faced with her husband’s accusations, Feng Yun was at a loss for words and couldn’t muster a single rebuttal.

Watching her melancholic state, Jiang Huai grabbed the car keys and left abruptly.

Feng Yun asked reflexively, “Where are you going?”

Jiang Huai didn’t respond. He slammed the door and left without looking back.

Stunned, Feng Yun stood frozen for a long time, then slowly crouched down and sobbed quietly.

After leaving home, Jiang Huai didn’t know where to go. Now that he was completely at odds with the Feng family, he felt agitated at the sight of Feng Yun and couldn’t bear to stay at home. He pounded the steering wheel in frustration and reached for his phone to contact Assistant Bai, only to remember that he had resigned.

Jiang Huai stared blankly at the dark world outside, feeling increasingly restless. Not wanting to drive while fatigued, he called his secretary to take him to a hotel. After hanging up the call, he still felt unsatisfied, so he angrily called Jiang Ruo and scolded her harshly.


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2 thoughts on “ATCF Ch 50 Part 2 – The Class Mascot… Or Rather, Guardian Beast (II)”

  1. They’re both at fault for what happened between them and Jiang Li. Jiang Huai is too selfish and only think of profit and Feng Yun the only thing in her brain is love and her husband. She’s so easily manipulated by him. All he needed was to say some sweets words and she’s a goner. I have a feeling he’s totally going to cheat on her (again) because of this incident. I really hope old master Feng won’t be so soft hearted towards her anymore. I know she’s his only daughter….but still she’s beyond help 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. I think Jiang Huai is most likely going to cheat on her again, too. What’s more disappointing, though, is when Feng Yun tried to defend herself by stating facts about Jiang Huai’s insistence of hiding the truth about Jiang Li’s birth, she still felt the reasons he gave were enough to excuse his actions, so continued to believe she was the only one at fault; she needs to understand that Jiang Li’s attitude was more than just her neglect, but was also greatly influenced by Jiang Huai’s initial actions toward her presence.

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