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THDP Ch 145 Part 2 – Closest Kin… or A Dao Companion (II)

The room became extremely quiet. Meng Qi skimmed through the jade slips for a while, then took out a blank one and began scribbling. She was completely immersed in her own world, seemingly forgetting where she was and that there was another person in the room.

After a long while, Yun Qingyan slowly raised his hand and gently tapped three times in the air. The gate of the courtyard they were in opened, and a handsome youth in a white robe walked in.

“My Lord.” Before he had time to assess the situation, Su Junmo respectfully saluted Yun Qingyan, “We have received news that the Devil Realm is trying to use the Starfallen Sea entrance on their end to connect to the Three Thousand Worlds and the Demon Realm.”

“Um.” Yun Qingyan nodded slightly, showing no emotions, “They certainly want to take advantage of the grand opening of the Ten Absolutes Mountains and the reappearance of the Demon Monarch’s Order to launch a surprise attack on both realms.” He paused and then asked, “Is that all? Any movement in the branch of the Ten Absolutes Mountains in the Devil Realm?”

“Master Tuoba said that someone has been watching the Ten Absolutes Mountains since a month ago and there has been no change so far,” Su Junmo replied.

Yun Qingyan nodded, “Tell him to keep a close watch.”

“Yes.” Su Junmo quickly responded. He stood up straight and looked up at Yun Qingyan. If his guess was correct, several special treasures might appear at today’s auction, and those items… Eh?!

Su Junmo’s eyes suddenly widened in disbelief as he finally noticed the blue-robed figure sitting beside Yun Qingyan.

T-that…Isn’t that Meng Qi?!

How could she be here?!

And she was also… sitting right next to the Lord. Not only that, she didn’t seem to notice him coming in at all and was entirely focused on whatever she was doing.

He had speculated about the relationship between Meng Qi and the Lord, especially since she possessed a manifestation of the Demon Monarch’s Order. But… but… to see her sitting side by side with the Lord in broad daylight like this was… was too…

Even Su Junmo was momentarily lost for words, not knowing what to say. After a moment of shock, he blurted out reflexively, “My Lord, Meng Qiqi, she…”

“Oh?” Yun Qingyan interrupted Su Junmo before the latter could finish. His slender figure casually leaned back on the recliner, his lips revealing a cold smile, “You said… Meng Qiqi?”

“N-No…!! I-I mean… yes…” Su Junmo was startled and quickly lowered his head. His thoughts were racing, and he did not dare to speak casually again.

Yun Qingyan glanced at him again and patted Meng Qi’s shoulder, “Meng Qi, you can continue later. The auction is about to start.”

“Ah? Okay.” Meng Qi quickly put away the jade slip, “Is there anything special about today’s auction?” She asked as she turned her gaze, finally seeing Su Junmo standing in the courtyard. It was the first time she had seen the talkative fox looking so solemn and restrained, so she couldn’t help but smile, “Su Junmo, you’re here too?”

“Ah, yes.” Su Junmo sighed in relief. Thankfully, Meng Qi didn’t call him with some weird nickname — although it was nothing strange considering their usual interactions, he had just been reprimanded by the Lord, so…

“Sit down,” Yun Qingyan told Su Junmo. He swept his robe sleeve, and a wooden table slowly landed before Meng Qi and him. Like magic, several food boxes materialized on the table. When the lids were lifted, inside were various candies, delicate snacks, and a box of fresh fruits.

Su Junmo cautiously chose the farthest chair to sit on, not daring to look directly at the two. He was feeling extremely uneasy as if sitting on pins and needles. Unfortunately, he could avoid eye contact, but there was no way to ignore the other party when they were talking to him.

“Su Junmo, what would you like to eat?” Meng Qi asked.

“I… I am alright, thank you,” Su Junmo stuttered.

“How about some tea?” Meng Qi didn’t think much of it. During her last visit to the Heaven Auction House, these snacks and candies were also present. The delicacies from Beyond The Heaven were hard to come by in the Three Thousand Worlds and had excellent taste. She noticed Su Junmo sitting alone, far away, with nothing in front of him, so she simply picked up the teapot, poured a cup of tea, and brought it over to him.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist Meng,” Su Junmo quickly stood up to take the teacup, thanking her in a low voice.

Meng Qi: “???”

Fellow Daoist Meng?

It had been so long since Su Junmo had addressed her that way!

Meng Qi didn’t return to her recliner but pulled up a chair to sit opposite Yun Qingyan. The valley had gradually quieted down. She realized Yun Qingyan’s courtyard must be at the highest point of the Heaven Auction House. The last time she visited, she was almost level with the auction stage and the auctioneer. Now, she was looking down upon the entire valley.

She poured a cup of tea for Yun Qingyan, then focused intently on the central valley. Since he had brought her to this auction, there must be something special about it — perhaps something useful for her?

Thinking this, Meng Qi turned to ask Yun Qingyan, “Sovereign Qingyan, I’ve been to the Heaven Auction House before. Each room had a bidding plate for convenience. If I want to buy something today, what should I do?”

She knew from her previous experience that many items were priced in profound-grade spirit stones. She now had several thousand of such stones. Sometimes, with good luck, she could bid on items cheaply, just like the last time she acquired an unknown spell for a few hundred grade-eight spirit stones, which was still in her storage pouch.

“Just bid if you need anything,” said Yun Qingyan.

“Alright,” Meng Qi nodded. Since Yun Qingyan had said so, there would be no problem. He certainly had a way to let her participate in the auction without any identity mix-up.

To Su Junmo, Yun Qingyan’s words meant something else entirely — the Lord’s intention today must be to spend lavishly in order to win the beauty’s smile! Su Junmo suddenly felt a bit sorry for those participating in the auction. Anything Meng Qiqi fancied would likely end up in her hands. After all, in terms of financial power, none of the sects present could compare to the owner of Beyond The Heaven.

Soon, a female cultivator, looking about mid-twenty in appearance, stood in the center of the valley. She was quite beautiful and greeted the guests with grace before getting straight to the point, “This auction is specially held for jade slips.”

Her announcement stirred up the valley.


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