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MSRV Ch 119 Part 2 – Verdict (II)

The verdict was about to be announced. Fu Yunruo sat upright, anxiously staring ahead. Si Yue reached out to hold her hand, offering her strength. The two silently watched the judge, waiting for the verdict to be read.

Soon, the court announced the verdict. Given the widespread social attention the case attracted and the horrible fact that the victim was a minor, the court decided to impose a severe sentence. The main perpetrator was sentenced to fifteen years of imprisonment and Fang Xueruo, although not a co-conspirator, was proven guilty for her role in instigating the crime and received a three-year sentence due to the severity of her actions.

That was enough.

Fu Yunruo was glad to see justice served. Three years wasn’t particularly long or short, but time flies. She knew that by the time Fang Xueruo was released, the world would have long forgotten her, and she wouldn’t be able to return to the entertainment industry. Following Fang Wanping’s divorce, the mother and daughter also no longer had a place in the Fu family. Chang Zhuyou still seemed deeply committed to Fang Xueruo and might be determined to wait for her, but it was uncertain whether the rest of the Chang family would accept her..

For the proud Fang Xueruo, these consequences were her real punishment.

It’s enough.

After the trial, the audience gradually dispersed, and Fu Yunruo and her group also left quickly. Many media personnel who had been waiting outside rushed forward to interview them. Electronic devices, including those belonging to the press, were not allowed inside the courtroom, but this trial had attracted significant attention and many journalists had managed to get a seat as an audience member. They were all eager to be the first to break the news.

Si Yue had anticipated this and arranged for bodyguards to keep the crowd at bay.

Fu Yunruo was startled to see so many people rushing towards them.

Si Yue held her hand tightly, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Fu Yunruo nodded. She wasn’t afraid of the scene, just unaccustomed to dealing with so much media attention.

With the bodyguards keeping the crowd at a distance, Fu Yunruo breathed a sigh of relief, glad they weren’t overwhelmed, especially since Si Yue was still recovering from his injury. It would be a disaster if he was injured again.

“Miss Fu, do you agree with Fang Xueruo’s sentencing?”

“Miss Fu, it’s rumored that Chairman Fu and his wife divorced because of you. Is that true?”

“Miss Fu…”

“Mr. Yue…”

Fu Yunruo stood firm, and the reporters quieted down, waiting for her to speak.

“I appreciate everyone’s interest in the case, and I have no objections to the official verdict…” Fu Yunruo answered some questions in a formal tone, expressing her true feelings. “Please maintain order and don’t push. Mr. Yue’s injuries haven’t fully healed yet.” She concluded.

Finally, escorted by the bodyguards, they quickly left the scene.

At the same time, the internet was abuzz with trending topics, almost all related to this case. Fans who had been eagerly awaiting an outcome were finally able to share the news with each other.

Fang Xueruo’s social media accounts were losing followers by the second. Her entertainment company swiftly announced the termination of her contract, severely disassociating themselves from her without any regard for the Chang family. Businesses that had previously collaborated with Fang Xueruo swiftly removed all promotional material associated with her. In almost an instant, the previously public darling became a persona non grata in the entertainment industry.

In addition to this, another trending topic rapidly climbed to the top three.


It started with a passerby capturing them holding hands in public, very intimate!

[Did Brother Yue and Yunyun make it official?]

[Actually, didn’t you guys notice how Brother Yue was overly nice to Wenwen? It must be planned! He was after the child’s mother all along…]

[I’ve always wanted to say, Brother Yue’s intentions towards Wenwen and Yunyun certainly weren’t pure!]

[So, did we ship them correctly?]

[I’ve brought the Civil Affairs Bureau here, please get married right now, thank you!]

As for comments like Fu Yunruo being an unwed mother and not deserving of Si Yue, these were drowned out in the sea of public opinion, not causing even a ripple. If they could marry a beautiful and gentle woman like her, gaining an adorable child like Wenwen in one package, they would wake up laughing every day.

Many people envied Si Yue. He would not only marry their goddess, but also legitimately raise their cub! Woohoo, how envious!

Even most of Si Yue’s fans had nothing to say, as they had sensed this development coming and were not surprised. The thought of Wenwen soon being part of their family excited them!

Thus, the Little Moons, as Si Yue’s fans were known, confidently switched sides, flooding into Wenwen’s social media and openly expressing their doting.

[Woohoo, how can our cub be so cute!]

[Our child is so talented, his acting skills are 10/10!]

Wenwen had been browsing social media on his phone, knowing that the case’s conclusion would immediately become a hot topic online.

As expected, he quickly saw the results.

Everything had come to an end, and his life was taking a completely new direction. With Fang Xueruo locked in prison for three years, that woman would definitely not be born.

Could Chang Zhuyou possibly want to sleep with Fang Xueruo even in prison? Even if he did, the state wouldn’t allow it!

If he remembered correctly, that woman was supposed to be born within these few years. Now she had no chance of being born, haha!

Wenwen was overjoyed. When he thought he wouldn’t have to share the world’s air with such a disgusting and annoying woman, the future seemed incredibly bright!

Ah, he hadn’t even done anything yet, and all his troubles had already disappeared.

Wenwen was basking in his happiness when suddenly a new trending topic caught his attention, and his smile gradually faded.

Someone wanted to steal his mother!

Even though Wenwen was confident in his mother’s love, seeing the video of them holding hands made him feel both angry and upset, with a hint of jealousy.

Was he still going to be his mother’s most beloved?

Wenwen puffed up his chubby cheeks and continued scrolling, but suddenly he couldn’t open the page anymore—the server had crashed!

This made him even more upset.

So when Fu Yunruo and Si Yue returned, they were greeted by a sulking little figure. His plump little body and every strand of hair seemed to express, “I’m angry, come and coax me.”

Fu Yunruo immediately rushed over and hugged her angry son, “Baobao, don’t be angry, Mom loves you the most.”

Fu Yunruo thought Wenwen was upset because they had left him behind this morning. But she had no other choice — a court was no place for a child, not to mention she was afraid seeing those people would bring back Wenwen’s trauma. Thus, they firmly decided not to take him along.

Thinking that the child had been sulking since morning, she quickly tried to appease him, “That place wasn’t fun at all. In the future, Mom will take you to very, very fun places, okay?”

Although Wenwen’s reason for being upset was different, his mother’s words incidentally hit the mark. His sullen mood improved, and his huffy little face visibly brightened with joy. He glanced triumphantly at Si Yue: See, he is still Mom’s most beloved baby!

“I love Mom the most, too!” Sigh, he was already so big, yet he had to keep expressing his love like this. It was quite embarrassing, but he had to keep Mom happy, or else what if she cried?

The mother and son were instantly warm and affectionate, chatting with their heads close together.

“Mom will tell you, the bad people who hurt Wenwen are all locked up by the police uncle now, and no one can hurt Wenwen anymore.”

Wenwen tilted up his little face, “I’m not afraid!”

“Yes, yes, Wenwen is the bravest!”

“Mom is also very brave…”

Si Yue watched the two of them with a smile on his lips. Tender warmth filled his eyes, almost overflowing.


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