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ATCF Ch 53 Part 2 – Pretend They Don’t Know Each Other (II)

Jiang Li kept a cold face the whole time. When she loudly asked Lin Tian if he couldn’t understand Human language, the students around burst into laughter, as they also thought that Lin Tian was too thick-skinned.

Lin Tian was embarrassed by the ridicule. In a fit of anger, he glanced at Qin Zheng sitting ahead of Jiang Li and asked, “Are you rejecting me because you like Qin Zheng?”

Qin Zheng was caught off guard, never expecting that Lin Tian would drag him into the mud. Like Jiang Li’s roommates, Qin Zheng also found Jiang Li’s notes extremely useful and wanted to borrow them from her. Obviously, he would hate to see Jiang Li distance herself from him just because of this one crazy guy and was about to argue with Lin Tian when Jiang Li spoke again.

“If all you can think about is love, maybe you should join a biology competition class and ask the teacher if your hormone secretion is problematic and needs early treatment,” Jiang Li’s voice was not loud, but she spoke calmly but firmly, drawing laughter from the surrounding students. Even senior students, who sat further away and were busy reviewing, cast curious glances in their direction.

High school students were just teenagers. After figuring out the whole thing, everyone couldn’t help but look at Lin Tian with mocking eyes. It is normal for adolescent boys and girls to have someone they like, but if you are so thick-skinned and keep harassing others after repeated rejections, you deserve to be humiliated.

Lin Tian might be thick-skinned, but he wasn’t shameless enough to bear so many mocking glances. He felt humiliated, yet he was reluctant to speak harshly to Jiang Li, putting himself in a miserable state.

Just then, a tall, skinny boy resembling a bamboo pole stood up, frowning. “Quiet! We’re here to compete and win prizes, not to bicker about love. Please take your quarrel outside.”

The boy who spoke was Zhao Liang, a third-year senior. Although he had the right to be angry over the commotion, what he just said made many people frown. It was obviously Lin Tian who was harassing Jiang Li until she couldn’t endure it anymore and verbally retaliated. But when Zhao Liang spoke, it was as if the two were flirting openly in class, which was far from the truth.

Jiang Li naturally understood the implied meaning in his words and quickly nodded, saying, “You’re right, senior. If you like Lin Tian, you can go out and flirt with him. We can’t control that.”

Zhao Liang widened his eyes, “What do you mean?”

“What you mean is what I mean!” Jiang Li retorted without backing down.

Zhao Liang angrily said, “We’re here to study, not to watch your couple’s quarrel!”

Compared to Zhao Liang, Jiang Li was much calmer, speaking at a steady pace and appearing quite composed. “Lin Tian’s ears clearly have a problem, so he can’t understand human speech. As for you, Senior Bamboo Pole, you must have a vision problem that makes you unable to see the situation clearly. I think you two are quite a match.”

The surrounding students started laughing again, but they restrained themselves a bit due to Zhao Liang’s seniority.

Zhao Liang’s face turned red with anger, and his words turned vicious, “Isn’t it your fault for attracting boys? They say flies do not crowd an intact egg.”1

Jiang Li immediately replied, “If I am like you, reeking of foulness, all creatures would flee upon sensing it.”

“Are you performing a comedy skit?”

An aged voice suddenly interjected, instantly quieting the entire classroom.

Teacher Sun, holding a stack of test papers, walked into the classroom. “Each of you, rather than studying, is either arguing or listening to others argue. You all seem quite leisurely!”

Zhao Liang immediately complained, “Teacher Sun, I didn’t want to argue with her. Everyone else is studying, and only these two are flirting. I couldn’t stand it and had to say something.”

Jiang Li refused to bear the injustice and immediately retorted, “Which eye of yours saw me flirting?”

Zhao Liang snorted and pointed at Lin Tian, then at Qin Zheng, “Just now Lin Tian asked you if you are rejecting him because you like Qin Zheng. If it’s not flirting, then it’s jealousy.”

Jiang Li showed a look of realization, “Your ears are quite sensitive, but your brain doesn’t work well. Don’t you know that making assumptions is a disease?”

“Jiang Li, this is where you’re wrong,” Teacher Sun suddenly spoke.

Jiang Li: …

“This guy… whatever his name is, he clearly looks ill and can’t distinguish between flirting and one-sided harassment. Since that’s the case, we must be more tolerant, understand?” Teacher Sun said with a kind expression.

Jiang Li paused for a couple of seconds before slowly nodding, “Teacher Sun, you’re right. I was being narrow-minded.”

Teacher Sun smiled, “No problem, no problem. You seem quite clever. How about we make a bet?”

Jiang Li was taken aback, “What bet?”

“A bet on whether you can make it into the provincial team. If you don’t, you cover a month’s breakfast for all the teachers in our math department. How about that?”

Teacher Sun’s sudden proposal seemed a bit abrupt, but Jiang Li couldn’t help being curious, “And if I make it?”

“If you do, I’ll arrange for someone to cover your breakfast for a month. Whatever you want to eat from our school canteen, as long as they have it, you can have it. How’s that?”

Jiang Li instinctively said, “The math department has quite a few teachers, right?”

Teacher Sun stroked his chin, murmuring, “It is a bit unfair. Alright then, if you win, I’ll also give you a personal study gift package.”

Jiang Li: …

This Teacher Sun really doesn’t like to lose!

But she had heard from the upperclassmen that Teacher Sun was rehired after retirement. Although he has a peculiar temperament, his professional capabilities were top-notch. If he promised a study gift package, it definitely wouldn’t be a bluff.

“How is it? Will you accept?” Teacher Sun asked with a pleasant expression.

Jiang Li nodded, “Deal!”

Teacher Sun’s expression became even more amiable, “Then let’s high-five to seal the promise.”

Jiang Li: …

Truly as eccentric as rumored. This childishness was quite peculiar.

Still, Jiang Li extended a hand, stiffly high-fiving Teacher Sun before returning to her seat.

The first-year students looked at Teacher Sun with indescribable expressions, but the second and third-years were utterly shocked. This old teacher’s quirky temperament was well known, and his pleasant demeanor towards Jiang Li today proved his high regard for her. Jiang Li was the top scorer in this year’s entrance examination, undoubtedly exceptional, but she hadn’t participated in competitions before. Why did Old Man Sun value her so much?

Just as Jiang Li settled back into her seat, Teacher Sun’s gaze shifted to Zhao Liang, “You there, the one whose name I don’t know. Can you roll back to your seat?”

Zhao Liang was baffled. However, thinking about Teacher Sun’s differential treatment, he mustered the courage to ask, “Teacher Sun, don’t you think… don’t you think this is somewhat unfair?”

Teacher Sun snorted coldly, “Did you know I’ve been here for quite a while?”

Zhao Liang: …

“A grown man, not focusing on studying, but full of romantic fantasies. Even a biology teacher couldn’t save you.”

Zhao Liang: …

“Why don’t you and that other student whose name I also don’t know team up and go to the hospital for a good CT scan? It’s not too late to see if there’s something wrong with your brains.”

Under Teacher Sun’s merciless attacks, Zhao Liang was left speechless, regretting meddling in other people’s business.

No, he couldn’t concede so quickly, nor let Teacher Sun affect his mood.

Last year he managed to participate in October’s league, but he didn’t win any awards. This year, he was determined to study hard and earn Teacher Sun’s acknowledgment.

As Zhao Liang silently returned to his seat, Teacher Sun scoffed silently. Such temperament, such a mindset, and still participating in a math competition? If people like this kid won awards, it would mean the people in charge were half-asleep when they wrote the questions. Fortunately, today’s test questions were his own. Unless something unexpected happened, this kid would likely be eliminated.


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  • My Whole Family Are Villains
  1. Flies do not crowd an intact egg: An idiom that more or less means ‘troubles won’t come to you unless you are problematic.’ Basically, victim blaming.

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    It seems to me that second guy did all that to get rid of the two top scorers in class. He saw an opportunity to weed out the competition, but it backfired. And the only way someone could confuse harrasment for flirting is a creep.

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