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ATCF Ch 53 Part 3 – Pretend They Don’t Know Each Other (III)

The test papers were quickly distributed. Teacher Sun simply said, “Pay attention to time management,” then sat at the lectern, resting with his eyes closed.

As soon as Jiang Li got the paper, she quickly scanned it and noted that this test had more questions than the last, twelve in total, with the same time limit of an hour and a half.

Fortunately, most of the questions were variations on the content discussed that week. Looking at them, Jiang Li felt a sense of déjà vu.

After scanning the paper, Jiang Li wrote her name and settled down to start answering. She soon realized that her thought process was much smoother than before. Unless something unexpected happened, she was unlikely to get eliminated.

When the time was out, Jiang Li had just begun to form an idea for the last question and hadn’t had time to write down the steps. She sighed, handing in her paper, now determined to improve her speed; otherwise, if she kept leaving blank answers, she would be eliminated sooner or later.

After collecting the papers, Teacher Sun quickly marked them and called students up one by one for feedback. What he called feedback, in Jiang Li’s view, was more like scolding.

To Jiang Li’s horror, the scolded seniors actually seemed pleased, while those not scolded appeared mostly uneasy.

When Zhao Liang went to collect his paper, Teacher Sun immediately showed a mocking expression, then silently handed over the paper without saying a word.

Zhao Liang took the test paper, his face turning as white as the paper. He had felt confident while answering the questions but hadn’t expected to make so many mistakes.

Seeing him dazed, Teacher Sun frowned and said, “Take your paper and move along quickly. Other students are waiting for theirs.”

Then, Teacher Sun continued scolding each student in turn, and soon it was Jiang Li’s turn to collect her paper. He didn’t comment on her completion but instead asked, “Have you been practicing a lot recently?”

Jiang Li immediately nodded and explained, “My basics are weak, so for now, I can only improve by practicing more.”

Teacher Sun nodded slightly, muttering, “More reliable than your uncle.”

His voice was so low Jiang Li couldn’t hear clearly, “Excuse me?”

Teacher Sun shook his head, “Nothing. However, your speed is too slow. If you leave blanks again next time, I will definitely scold you.”

Jiang Li nodded quickly and returned to her seat with her paper.

Right after her were Qin Zheng and Wang Simin. Qin Zheng was criticized for carelessness, and Wang Simin for not paying enough attention. Teacher Sun added, “If you can’t change these little issues, roll out quickly and don’t waste my time.”

Suddenly, Jiang Li felt that Teacher Sun was too kind to her. She hadn’t managed to do the last question, yet he only reminded her.

After Wang Simin came down, Jiang Li noticed she had gotten four and a half questions wrong and couldn’t help frowning, “Weren’t these topics covered in class?”

Wang Simin made a face worse than crying, “Are you sure they were covered?”

Jiang Li nodded confidently, “They are indeed similar types.”

Wang Simin: …

Forget it, she’s just an ordinary student, not comparable to a prodigy god like Jiang Li!

Jiang Li took Wang Simin’s test paper, wrote down approximate solutions for three of the wrong questions, and handed it back.

After seeing the brief steps Jiang Li wrote, Wang Simin’s eyes lit up. Pointing to the last wrong question, she asked, “And this one?”

Jiang Li smiled mysteriously, “I got that one wrong too.” After saying this, she picked up her paper and continued studying the last question, trying to solve it while Teacher Sun was scolding others.

Teacher Sun scolded for about half an hour until his mouth got dry. He took a sip from his water cup and said calmly, “Look at your test papers. If I’ve crossed your name out with a black pen, don’t bother coming next time. The rest of you, go down and correct your mistakes. Write the steps in more detail and hand them in for me to check tomorrow.”

Tomorrow was Sunday, supposed to be a day off, but the competition class students had a morning session, cutting their holiday short.

Qin Zheng turned to Jiang Li and asked, “Which ones did you get wrong?”

Jiang Li pointed at her paper, “One fill-in-the-blank question, and I didn’t get to the last problem-solving question.”

“Want me to explain the fill-in-the-blank one?” Qin Zheng asked.

Jiang Li shook her head, “I’ll think about it myself. We’re going to review it tomorrow, anyway.”

After saying this, Jiang Li quickly packed up and left the classroom with Wang Simin. Along the way, Wang Simin couldn’t help complaining, “That Lin Tian looks like a sunny and handsome guy. I used to think he was pretty good, but his behavior today was just the worst.”

Jiang Li frowned, “Are you sure you’re not misunderstanding what sunny and handsome mean?”

Wang Simin thought for a moment and seriously replied, “His face is definitely pleasant to look at, but it’s a pity he’s so thick-skinned and doesn’t understand common sense. He totally can’t compare with Qin Zheng.”

Jiang Li burst into laughter, “I never knew you were so focused on looks.”

Wang Simin was shocked. “You just found out now? I thought I made it quite obvious.”

Just as she finished speaking, they saw Lin Tian walking in their direction.

His mood was visibly lower than before. Turning to Jiang Li, he said in a low voice, “Jiang Li, I didn’t think when I spoke earlier and caused you trouble. I apologize.”

Jiang Li was calm, “Rather than apologizing, I’d prefer you keep your distance from me.”

Lin Tian subconsciously pursed his lips and was silent for a few seconds before asking again, “If I make it to the provincial team and win a medal, I plan to give it to you. Would you accept it?”

Jiang Li sighed, “A medal isn’t worth much money. Don’t you think that’s quite dull?”

Lin Tian immediately asked, “Then what do you like?”

Jiang Li expressionlessly replied, “Instead of a gold medal, I’d prefer actual gold.”

Lin Tian said again, “Then I…”

Jiang Li didn’t let him continue as she added, “If someone gave me a few tons of gold, I might be quite moved.”

After Jiang Li finished speaking, Lin Tian was completely petrified.

Watching Lin Tian flee, Wang Simin couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “Jiang Li, you’re really the most unique girl I’ve ever met.”

Qin Zheng happened to hear their conversation and couldn’t help asking, “Is giving someone a medal really that dull?”

Jiang Li thought for a moment and replied, “As for gold medals, I prefer the ones I win myself.”

Qin Zheng nodded thoughtfully, “Hmm, you’re right. That’s what I think too.”

Jiang Li: …

No, you clearly don’t think that way. You’re the sweet male lead in a sweet love story who personally hangs the medal around the female lead’s neck!

Qin Zheng was puzzled. The way Jiang Li looked at him became strange again, and he couldn’t tell whether it was he who was odd or Jiang Li.

Jiang Li walked past Qin Zheng, pulling Wang Simin along as they left, chatting and laughing together. But as soon as they reached the dormitory building, Wang Simin suddenly exclaimed.

“Wow, look at those handsome guys, and there are two identical ones!”

“No, the one in the black shirt next to them is even more handsome, just a bit older. He’s probably graduated from college!”

After Wang Simin finished her remarks, she realized Jiang Li had already let go of her hand and was running toward the three handsome guys.

Wang Simin: …

So, Jiang Li doesn’t dislike handsome guys; she just prefers even more handsome ones!

But isn’t her behavior a bit too direct?

Is it too late now to pretend she doesn’t know Jiang Li?


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