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ATCF Ch 54 Part 1 – Feng Qi, You Already Have a Daughter? (I)

Seeing her uncle and two cousins unexpectedly at the dormitory, Jiang Li was surprised and ran over without even explaining to Wang Simin. “Third Uncle, why did you suddenly come? You didn’t even tell me in advance,” she pulled at Feng Qi’s sleeve affectionately.

Feng Qi ruffled her hair as usual, explaining, “I brought some spare clothes for you. As for why they’re here, I don’t know.”

“…!!!” The twins felt indignant. They were here because Grandpa asked them to bring clothes and snacks for Xiao Jiang Li, who wouldn’t be coming home this week. That Third Uncle insisted on coming was one thing, but to even steal their reason!

“But I usually just switch between two sets of uniforms, I don’t need extra clothes.” Jiang Li was puzzled.

Feng Bai laughed exaggeratedly, “Grandpa said it’s been windy these days and asked us to bring you long johns.”

Jiang Li was even more puzzled. It was only late September; even if the temperature dropped slightly, surely no one would wear long johns yet?

Feng Bai patted her shoulder, taking pleasure in her misfortune, “There’s a kind of cold called ‘your grandfather thinks you’re cold.’ I think you’d better just accept your fate.”

Jiang Li was speechless. Well, it’s Grandpa’s thoughtfulness, so even if I don’t wear them, it’s okay to just keep them.

Meanwhile, Feng Song took out a small notebook from his pocket, “Here you are. These are competition materials, take them back and look over them when you have time. It might save you from a few scoldings.”

Jiang Li curiously asked, “Second Brother, why do you think I’ll be scolded?”

Feng Bai interjected, “As long as Old Sun is leading the competition class, it’s impossible not to be scolded. We have experience with this.”

Jiang Li was surprised, “Teacher Sun scolded you too?”

Feng Song and Feng Bai nodded together.

“How did he scold you?” Curiosity filled Jiang Li’s eyes.

Feng Song honestly said, “He called Feng Bai both stupid and careless, and said although I’m not obviously stupid, I’m not particularly smart either.”

“Ah?” Jiang Li was shocked.

Feng Bai laughed, “That old man’s hobby is scolding people. You just have to ignore him. Even our eldest brother was scolded by him.”

Jiang Li also burst into a laugh, asking, “What did he say about Eldest Brother? Was it ‘you are not smart enough’?”

Feng Bai shook his head, “He said, although Eldest Brother is smart enough, he is too stubborn and not truly passionate about math. Just seeing Eldest Brother annoys him.”

“…” Jiang Li was amazed. There’s such a way of scolding too! She then turned her gaze to Feng Qi, “Third Uncle, I think if you were Teacher Sun’s student, he definitely wouldn’t scold you.”

Feng Qi’s smile held a trace of irony, “I was indeed his student.”

“Did he ever scold you?” Jiang Li asked expectantly.

Feng Qi nodded, “He scolded me for being lazy.”

“Why did he call you lazy?” Jiang Li asked.

Feng Qi explained, “Because when I solved problems, I usually only wrote the final answer.”

“Don’t you write the proofs for long questions?” Jiang Li was curious.

Feng Qi smiled, “I’d draw the auxiliary lines and jot down a few brief notes.”

Jiang Li: “…” Okay, that’s indeed quite lazy.

Feng Bai looked at Feng Qi in shock, “Third Uncle, you never mentioned this before?”

Feng Qi’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, but he calmly replied, “I was too lazy to mention it.”

Feng Bai: “…” That’s really the epitome of laziness!

“Then, did you change after Teacher Sun scolded you?” Jiang Li was curious about this.

Feng Qi honestly replied, “He started by reminding me, then resorted to scolding later.”

“…” Jiang Li was stunned. She suddenly remembered what Teacher Sun had said today, that if she left blanks in her tests again, he would scold her. To avoid being scolded, she must increase her speed quickly. She couldn’t leave the last question blank again!

Meanwhile, Wang Simin finally caught up with Jiang Li. Seeing Jiang Li having a lively chat with the three handsome guys, Wang Simin realized, a bit belatedly, that not only did Jiang Li know those people, but she was also very familiar with them. Just from the way the man in the black shirt ruffled Jiang Li’s hair and she showed no resistance, it was clear they were very close.

Wang Simin remembered Jiang Li had mentioned having three elder brothers, with the second and third being twins currently in university. She rarely mentioned the eldest, but he must be the handsome guy in the black shirt, as the age seemed right.

“Jiang Li, are you not staying in the dorm today?” Wang Simin walked over with small steps and called out.

Jiang Li turned around, “No, I’m staying. We still have competition class tomorrow!” Otherwise, her uncle and brothers wouldn’t have come to bring her clothes.

Seeing Feng Qi and the twins looking at Wang Simin, Jiang Li introduced her, “This is Wang Simin, my classmate and roommate. We’ve been attending the competition class together recently.”

Feng Bai, being quite outgoing, greeted first, “Hi Wang Simin!”

Wang Simin was not shy either, “So you guys are Jiang Li’s three brothers? I often hear her mentioning you, saying you all are very handsome.”

“…” Jiang Li was dumbfounded. When did she say they were handsome? She never!

However, the next second, she met Feng Qi’s deep, dark gaze.

“All three brothers are handsome?” He asked slowly.

Jiang Li: “…”

Wang Simin hurriedly added, “Yes, not only handsome but also accomplished at a young age.”

At that moment, Jiang Li really wanted to cover Wang Simin’s mouth. When a person who loves handsome faces meets handsome guys, it’s a disaster!

“I see. Her three brothers are not only handsome but also young and accomplished, what about the uncle?” Feng Qi asked leisurely.

Wang Simin remembered Jiang Li’s uncle, the one who worked in medical research, and after pondering for a couple of seconds, finally said, “Jiang Li’s uncle is gentle and steady, intelligent and wise, and also a big shot in the research field.”

Feng Qi looked at his niece with an amused expression, teasing, “Didn’t say he’s handsome?”

Wang Simin hesitated. She hadn’t seen Jiang Li’s researcher uncle, so it was hard to say! But… people who worked in the research field were prone to hair loss, and Jiang Li had mentioned that her uncle was still single despite his age, so he probably wasn’t very handsome… right?

Jiang Li was now wearing an expressionless mask, “Wang Simin, let me introduce him. This person right here is my gentle, steady, intelligent, and wise researcher uncle. I think he is very, very handsome. What do you think?”

Wang Simin: …

Ignoring the petrified Wang Simin, Jiang Li turned her attention to Feng Qi, “Third Uncle, are you going to the institute tomorrow?”

Feng Qi nodded, “Yes, I have a project to work on.”

“But you’re going back home late today. Wouldn’t it be difficult to wake up early tomorrow?” Jiang Li frowned in concern.

Feng Qi smiled, “I’ll go directly to the institute tonight so I don’t need to wake up as early.”

“…” The twins wanted to protest; they had hitched a ride here with Third Uncle, and if he was going straight to the institute, they’d have to take a taxi back home!

Sure enough, their third uncle only had enough patience when dealing with Xiao Jiang Li. To him, only his niece is precious, while nephews are probably just bonus gifts from topping up phone credit!


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