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ATCF Ch 54 Part 2 – Feng Qi, You Already Have a Daughter? (II)

Feng Qi opened the trunk and took out the bag filled with clothes, shoes, socks, and snacks for Jiang Li, “Hurry up and go in. Wash up and rest early, don’t stay up late.”

Jiang Li nodded, waved goodbye to her family, and as they were leaving, she suddenly leaned over to the car window, “Third Uncle, your birthday is coming soon!”

Feng Qi was silent for a moment, “Are you planning to give me a birthday present?”

Jiang Li smiled, “Your birthday is during the National Day holiday, and we’ll definitely have a day off. I will not only give you a birthday gift but also spend the day with you.”

The Clueless Feng Bai interjected, “Third Uncle once said birthdays are a waste of time, and he never celebrates them.”

Immediately afterward, he received Feng Qi’s death glare. Feng Bai didn’t even realize what he said wrong and wanted to cry injustice!

Feng Qi was too lazy to pay attention to his silly nephew. “A thirtieth birthday should indeed be celebrated properly.” He said to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li immediately nodded, “Then you have to let me think about how to celebrate it properly.”

“Take your time thinking, we’re leaving now.” Feng Qi’s voice was gentle.

After the car drove away, Wang Simin finally regained her senses. “He’s really your uncle?” She looked incredulous.

Jiang Li nodded, “Who else would he be?”

As soon as the handsome guys left, Wang Simin immediately relaxed, leaning on Jiang Li’s shoulder, “I thought he was your other brother. He doesn’t look thirty!”

“My eldest brother is abroad and won’t be back for a while,” Jiang Li said.

Wang Simin’s eyes sparkled, “Then he must also be very handsome.”

Jiang Li thought for a moment and replied seriously, “Well, my eldest brother is more of the cute type. He has dimples when he smiles, but he’s already engaged, so you better not swoon over him.”

Wang Simin waved her hand, “Handsome guys are eye candies. I’ve never thought about owning them, but you probably wouldn’t understand this feeling.”

Jiang Li nodded, “I really don’t.”

Wang Simin helped to carry one of the bags in Jiang Li’s hand. As they climbed the stairs, she continued to muse with an emotional sigh, “I always wondered why you didn’t find Qin Zheng handsome. Now I finally know why.” Before Jiang Li could respond, she continued, “Your family’s standards are simply too high. Being surrounded by handsome guys all the time, you must be immune to them by now. That Lin Tian who’s chasing you, compared to our third uncle, is just an annoying brat!”

“What do you mean ‘our’ third uncle?” Jiang Li was puzzled.

“We’re not just classmates but also comrades fighting on the same front, practically sisters. Your brothers are my brothers, and your uncle is my uncle,” Wang Simin declared confidently.

“…” Jiang Li was speechless. She was sure that if his uncle and brothers all looked like Senior Brother Zhao Qiang, it would be absolutely impossible for Wang Simin to say that.

After returning to the dorm, the girls prepared to study for half an hour as usual. But everyone else quickly noticed that Wang Simin was unusually energetic tonight, as if she had just consumed a great tonic.

When they finished studying and started to prepare for bed, Zhang Qingqing circled around Wang Simin a few times, “I think you’re not quite normal tonight.”

Wang Simin nodded, “Yeah, I saw a handsome guy.”

“Are you talking about Qin Zheng or Lin Tian?” Zhang Qingqing asked.

Wang Simin frowned, “Qin Zheng being handsome, I can agree with, but Lin Tian? He’s just ordinary!”

“…!!!” That’s quite a statement! Zhang Qingqing, smelling a gossip, quickly moved a small stool over and made herself comfortable, “Did you really see a handsome guy today?”

Wang Simin nodded, “I did, and not just one, but three.”

“These three handsome guys, are they related to the competition problems you’re solving?” Zhang Qingqing was completely confused.

“Of course, the competition problems were gifted by the handsome guys for Jiang Li!” Wang Simin spoke the truth.

Hearing this, Zhang Qingqing realized the handsome guys Wang Simin was talking about were Jiang Li’s brothers, so she poked her hand and asked, “Do you have a photo of the handsome guys? Show me.”

Wang Simin shook her head, “I’m not close to them, where would I get their photos?”

“You didn’t take the chance to snap one?” Zhang Qingqing clearly didn’t believe it.

Wang Simin frowned, “It’s enough to admire a handsome guy, it’s not nice to sneak photos.”

Zhang Qingqing immediately turned her gaze to Jiang Li, “You must have photos, right?”

Jiang Li also shook her head, “No group photos, and they never post selfies.”

Zhang Qingqing: “…”

Uh-huh, this gossip was dead. She might as well continue watching her TV dramas, where she can see all angles of the handsome guys as much as she wants.

The next day’s competition class was taught by Teacher Sun again. As soon as he entered the classroom, he collected the students’ corrected test papers to check their work. During the process, his sharp tongue never stopped moving, mostly scolding and criticizing.

Jiang Li noticed that the class had visibly decreased in size. Presumably, last night’s test had eliminated quite a number of students.

Qin Zheng saw her gaze and whispered, “Last night’s test eliminated six people in total. One from the third year, two from the second year, and three from our first year. Now there are only 30 people left.”

Wang Simin lamented, “Our first year got hit hard. We started with only eight people, and three were eliminated last night, almost half!” She looked around and continued, “That crazy Bamboo Pole senior got eliminated too, I’m quite happy about that.”

Jiang Li smiled, “He’s already in the third year, and yet Teacher Sun doesn’t remember his name. It’s quite normal for him to be eliminated!” If he truly had talent, he would have made a deep impression in the first or second year.

Just then, Teacher Sun called Jiang Li’s name, and she immediately took her test paper to him.

After reviewing it, Teacher Sun frowned, “You corrected it earnestly and even used two methods, but the steps are too cumbersome.” He tapped her test paper with his knuckle, “This step, and this one, don’t you think they are redundant?”

“…” Jiang Li couldn’t say anything in response. She initially wanted to keep it simple, but thinking about her third uncle being called ‘lazy’ by this peculiar teacher, she decided to be more diligent. Now, it seemed that even diligence couldn’t be excessive, or else she’d still be criticized.

Fortunately, Teacher Sun didn’t say much and let her go. Compared to the students who were scolded until they couldn’t tell left from right, her situation was pretty good.

After reviewing everyone’s corrections, Teacher Sun began to discuss the questions themselves. During this process, he called out several students, criticizing one for a foolish method and another for rigid thinking.

Wang Simin, who was called out twice, couldn’t help but grumble to Jiang Li in a low voice: “I think this old man is just nitpicking. He can’t be comfortable without scolding.”

Jiang Li, while organizing her notes, replied, “Just filter out his scolding. His teaching is very good. He explains well and his criticisms are right to the point.”

But the very next second after Jiang Li spoke, Teacher Sun called, “Jiang Li, what were you saying?”

Jiang Li thought she was going to be scolded, but to her surprise, Teacher Sun calmly said, “Come up and share your solution to the last problem with everyone.”


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